Thursday 17 May 2012

CT: Jo Tate Memorial I & II


Here's another reminder that the 20th Anniversary of the Jo Tate Memorial I & II , 15/25/50/100 miles is less than 2 weeks away. Please note that we've gone back to a 25 instead of the 35 miles so that you can enjoy both days riding these beautiful trails. This ride is sanctioned by AERC, MOTDRA and OCER.

Average temperature's for Memorial weekend are 77 high and 58 low. Price of fuel has been dropping so fill those tanks up and head to Southwest Missouri for a great celebration. We will be remembering both Jo Tate and Bud Crothers who has been a part of this ride since it's beginnings in the early 90's. Bring photo's, stories and something for the potluck dinner Saturday and Sunday evening and let's all share a good time.

I've had some issues with Conservation on whose land we ride and I don't want to say that this might be the last year for this ride because I am willing to continue putting it on, but Conservation may not feel the same way so.......if you've been putting off coming to this ride, don't do it any longer. Make it this year!!!!

Please RSVP as soon as possible. Let me know the day and distance you will be riding. Do we have any 100 milers interested yet. I need to know. Any volunteers are welcome!!

I will be out of the house and out of phone range this next weekend and then will be gone again by May 23. My daughter, Allison will be checking emails and will be helping me out from home. Cell phone reception is off and on but I will try to respond when and if I get your message. Thank you so much and see you soon.

For more information or entry forms contact Jodi Hess-Schlup 417 850-9589 or

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