Thursday 31 October 2013

NW: Last Ride of the NW Season! Owyhee Chills No Frills

Owyhee Chills No Frills

One more Owyhee Ride coming up November 9.

25, 50 and 75 mile distances.

Footing will be excellent, ride around Wild Horse Butte. Might be a little chilly, but rain/snow unlikely. Food provided, indoor arena for vetting if needed.

Ride will be held at Regina's place on Wees Rd. Contact me or ride manager (Regina, ) for info and start times.

SW: Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way ride is around the corner

Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way ride is around the corner on Nov 16, in Fountain Hills AZ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way Rides at McDowell and Bumble Bee.

1. Can I vet Saturday morning?

Unfortunately no, you must vet in Friday by 5:00 PM. We have too many local riders to accommodate everyone who would like to do this. In order to give everyone the same opportunity we can not offer vetting on Saturday.
Fun riders because you don't vet you can show up Saturday to ride in the fun ride but make sure to register beforehand so we know you are coming.

2. Is there awards Saturday evening?

Historically we have only been able to get a handful of riders to come to awards. Most riders leave soon after finishing their distance. So no we do not do a formal awards after the ride. To bring back the camaraderie that is sometimes lacking we encourage everyone to attend our provided diners on Friday night along with the ever important ride meeting. We hold a horse's name drawing for fun prizes that you must be present to win. Each horse's name is automatically entered. The Renegade boot raffle will be held as well so make sure you buy your tickets before diner. We will post the ride results by the check-in area 1 hour after completion of each distance.

3. When do I get my completion award?

Please pick up your completion award after you finish. If you are in the top ten please pick up those awards as well before leaving. We will not mail these awards out.

4. Is the ride full?

As of October 30, we are not full. Make sure you get entries in by November 8 to avoid a $15.00 late fee. You can cancel up to November 12 and receive a full refund. After November 12 you will get a refund minus a $20.00 administration fee. Your entry is not considered complete until we receive your filled out entry and payment. We will then send you a confirmation email.

5. Should I ride the 50 miler or the 75 miler?

We would like to see more entries in the 75 to justify the cost and volunteers needed to have this distance. This is a perfect chance to try a longer distance. It has beautiful, well marked (by the ride and McDowell park) safe trails. Trail loops back into camp for easier crewing. Water every 7-10 miles. Cell phones work at least 90% of the trail. We will not be able to continue offering this distance if we can't get the entries. It is only 1 more 25 mile loop longer than the 50 on trails that you will already be comfortable on. Because you can! Come on, get out and ride, really ride!!

We appreciate your support and attendance to our rides. Without riders and volunteers we would not be able to continue having these rides. If for some reason you can not ride this year we are still looking for a couple of volunteers to help man the P.M. shift at check points. Let us know if you can help.

If you have any other questions go to for the entry and flyer.

Also for any last minute updates like us on facebook at!/LeadFollowOrGetOutOfMyWayEnduranceRide

We hope to see you soon,
Jodie Dukerich
& Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss

Thursday 17 October 2013

MT: Moab - Last Year!

This is the last year of the MOAB ENDURANCE RIDE, October 24-26, 2013. SO, don’t miss out on this beautiful place!

Moab is only a week away. The Government shut down has not touched us and we are READY TO RIDE !!!

We are flagging trails as you read this. Takes us over a week. 6 colors of ribbon, 10 people, 6 horses, 4 jeeps, 2 ATVs, are busy on the trails. The conditions are fantastic.

Incredible Canyon Scenery

NEW TRAILS EVERYDAY!!! This is Big Canyon Country and we take you there. One big scenic loop everyday. No backtracking or repeat trails. Begin each day’s ride surrounded with incredible rock formations. Ride into canyons with dramatic canyon walls towering overhead. Gradually climb out of the canyons and trot along the canyon ridge with incredible views of the wind sculpted crevasses below. Lots of variety of scenery and trails. Open canyon country.

This was John Wayne Country. Many of his films (and lots more) were made right here in the Moab Canyons. There will be a little film history at camp.

Good footing

Sandstone and sand (not deep) trails. A few short sections of rocks (true story). The trails vary. Two track good footing sand, then some Outlaw Trail style sandstone. Horses should be shod or booted. Experienced barefoot horses will do fine (bring boots esp for multi-days). We support barefoot horses and we assist with trail descriptions regarding terrain. Rocks are minimal.

For more information:

Friday 11 October 2013

NE: Fort Valley is on

The Ft Valley Endurance ride is ON for Oct 25th & 26th NO MATTER WHAT.

Ride management with the help of Valerie Kanavy, have rerouted a new 16 mile loop on ALL private property, in case the federal government is still closed down in late Oct.

IF the government resolves the shutdown we will use the usual forest service trails, with one exception. We have rerouted around Indian Graves because it has become too eroded to safely climb that trail.

So get your ride entries in, and plan to come to Ft. Valley Oct. 25th and 26th no matter what the government does.

MT: Moab is a go

The Moab Endurance Ride is a "GO"! The Utah State and District BLM has given the Green Light. It's probably because they know we can outrun them. The Lone Ranger was filmed here last year so we've learned about a posses and masked men too.

Thursday 10 October 2013

NW: 2014 Mt Adams

The Mt Adams ride is ON!!  We can't wait to see everyone next May in beautiful Trout Lake, WA!

We'll again have a trail ride, 25, 50 or 55, 75 AND 100 milers! 

The lovely and talented, Jessica Anderson, is in charge of awards, the Best Good Trail Gang in the NW will again be on the job, my Girl Friday and mom to be, Veronica will again be taking care of our permits, insurance and portapotties, the amazing Anna Sampson will be Queen of all that is registration and vet check and I will be along for the ride, well not to ride, but the ride.  Our favorite vets, Dr Mike Foss, Dr. Gordon Bunting, and Dr. Melissa Esser, will be in attendance. 

It's gonna be another good'un! 

See ya'all there!

Darlene Anderson
Ride Manager