Thursday 26 July 2012

NW: Owyhee Hallowed Weenies Basecamp Moved

We've lost some trail access for the October 27-28 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies near Oreana, Idaho out of Regina's place (to Birch Ck Canyon) so we're going to do the ride out of the Teeter base camp.

The 30/55/75 on Saturday will leave from Teeters, have out vet-checks at Regina's place, and return to Teeters for the finish. Ride the rim trail above the badlands in Birds of Prey, and loop around Wildhorse Butte.

***!!! Start times might change from those listed on the website once we figure out the logistics. Stay tuned.

Sunday 25/50 will loop out of Teeter Ranch - maybe over to Sinker Canyon, or Booby Rock - we'll figure that out after Canyonlands. But it won't be too tough.

Friday 20 July 2012

NW: Pacific Crest Endurance Ride

Dear Endurance Riders,
     The Rogue Riders Club of Southern Oregon is sponsoring the scenic Pacific Crest Endurance Ride scheduled for August 25, 2012 near Ashland, Oregon.
     The Rogue Riders are going out of their way this year to make this a very special event forEndurance riders and their horses. If at all possible, please add the Pacific Crest ride to your event calendar this year.
     30 & 50 Mile Sanctioned Rides
     10 Mile Fun Ride ( No time limit for completion award for Fun Ride competitors).
     Lily Glen, scenic & easy access ride camp located right off Dead Indian Memorial Rd.
     Your horse will smile; Lots of grass
     Scenic trails
    Top Ten, Mid Pack and Tail End Awards for the 30 and 50 mile events.
   Completion awards for everyone!
   For further details check out the AERC website calendar, PNER website calendar or contact Ride Manager;
   Diana Aldridge at: (541) 899-8351 or Email:
Additional Award: Pacific Crest Ride Photos Shoot Sunday morning of you and your horse for Top Ten finishers, Mid Pack finishers, Tail End Competitors, and last but not least, Junior competitors. Note: This special award is in addition to the regular Ride photos that will be taken of everyone.

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CT: Camp Prague

July 18 2012

Camp Prague, the final ride of the Summer Camp Series, is quickly approaching, at Prague Lake in Prague, Oklahoma. July 21 will be warm but the humidity will be lower.  Please let me know if you are coming and what distance you will be riding (30 or 50 miles). 

Each camp site has a faucet so bring your water hose.  There will be tubs from which to sponge near the vet check and you are encouraged to bring additional tubs and sponges to set out at the VC.  You may also set up a canopy in or around the VC area.  It’s really nice in the shade!

There will be hot dogs before awards this time!!!  Health issues caused our “best laid plans” to be canceled so this time we WILL have hot dogs!  Bring the beverage of your choice.  Awards will be in the covered pavilion. 

Link and I will haul water and tubs to points on trail.  There will be water about every 2 miles. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at Camp Prague next weekend.  If you have any questions or just need to let us know you are coming, please e-mail me at or call 918-685-0072. 

Thank you to all who have supported the Summer Camp Ride Series!  So far you have donated $500 to the Oklahoma Service Dogs’ therapeutic program that provides highly trained service dogs to disabled American Veterans with PTSD.  With your support, we will also have a nice donation to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation’s Breast Cancer fund.

Happy and Healthy Riding!
Link Mock and Susan Young, Ride Managers

Tuesday 17 July 2012

W: Tahoe Rim Ride

August 25 2012

We still have openings for the Tahoe Rim Ride on August 25 2012 available at this time, however we ARE limiting the ride to 30 trailers total, so find a buddy and rideshare!  You'll both get $10 off your entry if you share a rig.  This is really going to be an incredibly beautiful ride.  The views are amazing in the Lake Tahoe Backcountry and we've done our best to ensure the ride has some of the best there are to offer.  The majority of the trail is single-track, with a few technical sections to negotiate and some dirt roads just to mix it up a bit.  There's plenty of natural water and grass available on the trail.  Both distances will be loop rides with an away vetcheck (single location), only returning to camp upon completion.  You can find pictures of the trails here:
Tahoe Rim Ride - LD-Loop
Tahoe Rim Ride - Red House - Tunnel Creek Loop (this will be the additional trail the 50's will cover on their return to base camp)
You can find out more information about the ride, including an entry form, at either of our webpages below.!/EnduranceTrax
We're receiving generous donations from a variety of sponsors and truly plan to make this a memorable event.  You won't want to miss out!