Friday 29 April 2011

W: The WSTF 100-Mile One-Day Trail Ride WILL proceed as originally planned on July 16, 2011!‏

A Message from the 2011 WSTF Ride Director, Chuck Stalley:

As we enter spring, Mother Nature has left us near-record snowfall on the Tevis trail. If it's not snow in the high country, it's high water in the low country at the river crossing. Warm spring weather usually takes care of this, but in case we have unusually cool spring weather which would prevent us from crossing the high country, an alternate trail is being researched which would bypass the worst of it.

(4/8/11 - Looking north to Squaw Valley from Alpine Meadows)

Bob Suter heads a committee of experienced Tevis specialists who are surveying the best route possible should the need arise. Only one other year was such a trail necessary, and that trail started near Soda Springs and went to French Meadows before tying back to the original trail.

WSTF has the use of a new trail machine, compliments of Vice President, Greg Kimler of Echo Valley Ranch, Inc., and our trail committee is excited to put this equipment to work dressing the trail. Another focus of this year's ride is an adjustment in the finish. We are working on bringing the finish trail right into McCann Stadium so that we may see the finishers come in under the Tevis banner for their official finish time. Our new trail machine will be a big part of getting us there.

These are just some of the efforts being made with horse and rider safety in mind for the 2011 event. The ride committees work on the trail and the volunteers work the stops all in an effort to bring you and your horse the experience of a lifetime.

For more information see:

In Memorium

Longtime Tevis rider and friend of the Tevis, Barbara Bellamak passed away recently after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Barbie earned a thousand-mile buckle (72, 73, 76, 80, 82, 86, 87, 88, 89, 91) and was always on the scene even when she wasn't riding. So many of us who knew her marveled at her spirit and courage. Our deepest sympathy to her life partner, Bob, and to her family. Vickie Greene, Jeff Herten and Debby Lyon have reserved a mile of trail in Barbara's honor between Volcano Canyon and Foresthill. If you would like to contribute to Barbie's Mile, please send your donation to the Adopt-a-Trail program, c/o the Western States Trail Foundation office, 1216-C High Street, Auburn, CA 95603

W: 2011 Fireworks 25/50 - California

The Santa Cruz County Horsemen's Association Presents


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Please join us for the 28th Anniversary of the Fireworks 25/50 Endurance Ride in beautiful Santa Cruz County. Our trails run from the majestic redwoods over rolling coastal meadows and out towards the ocean. Views are dazzling as you ride through Henry Cowell and Wilder Ranch State Parks, Pogonip City Park, the upper lands of
UC Santa Cruz, and, new this year, one of the county’s loveliest private properties.

The route includes single track trails and roads, and a river and several stream crossings, hill climbing – some short and steep and others longer and more gentle – while encountering hikers, bikers, and wildlife. Come prepared to take your time and enjoy it. Both the 25 & 50 mile rides are AERC sanctioned.

We consider the ride moderate in difficulty. It is technical in places, but the footing is generally good. We require some kind of hoof protection, as portions of the trail can be rocky. We will have plenty of water on the trail. The weather can range from cool and foggy to hot; please plan for both. This ride will take place regardless of weather. The 50-mile ride begins at 6 a.m. and the 25-mile ride begins at 7 a.m. Both have a controlled start.

Need more reasons to join us? We are planning a wine tasting, an art show and a blue grass band Saturday night, and clinics on Friday evening for beginners and more advanced riders. We will have tack vendors, saddle fit experts and a farrier to make sure you have everything you need.

Ride Camp is located at the SCCHA Graham Hill Showgrounds - 1145 Graham Hill Road in Santa Cruz. Camp will be open at 12 noon on Friday through 12 noon on Sunday. We have plenty of parking and lots of open space for big rigs. Water, showers & toilets are available. See Map with Location & Directions.

Camping for Friday and Saturday nights is included with your entry. If you want to come early or stay longer please indicate which days to add on your ride application and include the extra fees. We will mail you camping passes for these extra days. We have a number of paddocks available on a first-come-first- serve basis. Dogs must be on leash at all times. See our Grounds Rules for Campers.

Pre-ride Vetting starts Friday afternoon when the vets arrive (about 3 p.m.), and continues until 7 p.m. The pre-ride meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Friday evening.

Entries must be postmarked by 7-30-11 to avoid a $20 late fee. All fees must be included with entry to avoid late charges. NO FAXED ENTRIES ACCEPTED. We will take entries on Friday at check-in, but sure appreciate getting them earlier so we are
sure to have enough food and vets. Download Ride Entry.

Mentor a friend on their first endurance ride or someone who has been out of the sport for three years or more, and receive a $10 discount on your entry. The new rider can be any age, and a mentor can be both a mentor and a sponsor for a junior. A mentor must be an experienced endurance rider.

Meals will be sensational as usual. Saturday’s Awards Dinner is included with your ride entry fee and begins at about 4:30. Extra dinner tickets are $15. We are offering dinner on Friday between 5-7 p.m. for an extra $10. You can also order a bag lunch for $5.

Awards will be plentiful. We will recognize the first rider in each weight class and the first Junior, Best Condition for the 50 mile ride and Horse Excellence for the 25 mile ride. And we have lots more!

Ride Managers are Debbie Boscoe and Liz Maitoza. The ride secretary is Donna Stidolph. For inquires you may contact:
- Debbie at 831- 423-8848 / (limited availability 5/15 through 7/19)
- Liz at 831-763-7885 / (between 5/15 and 7/19)
- Donna at

Download Ride Entry
See Map with Location & Directions
Ground Rules for Campers

USEF 2011 North American Endurance Team Challenge - California

USEF 2011 North American Endurance Team Challenge
CEI 3*
September 24, 2011 Greenville, CA

The North American Endurance Team Challenge is a CEI3* 160km FEI Competition. The FEI will only recognize the overall order of finish. The Team Competition is a friendly Team Competition, organized by the Organizing Committee and open to teams from the USA, Canada and Mexico.

I. INVITATIONS - Invitations will be extended to the following zones: USA Northeast, USA Southeast, USA Central, USA Mountain, USA Pacific North, USA Pacific South, Canada East, Canada West, Mexico. There will be a Non-North American Division for countries other than USA, Canada and Mexico.

TEAM INVITATIONS- Each Zone may enter 3 teams of no less than 3 and no more than 4
members each.

INDIVIDUAL INVITATIONS- Individual invitations will be extended in accordance with

II. ELIGIBILITY – All entries must be qualified according to Article 816 of the FEI Rules for Endurance 7th edition.

USA ZONES - Invitations to compete for the respective Zones will be extended by the North American Endurance Team Challenge (NAETC) Organizing Committee, and will be based upon the Endurance Rider Ranking List and the riders’ Ranking as of August 1, 2011. Riders from each Zone in the USA who are current members of the Endurance Rider Ranking list and have active points on the list as of August 1, 2011 are eligible to receive an invitation. The Top 12 riders from the Zone who accept the invitation are eligible to compete on a Zone Team. If a rider declines to compete, replacement of the vacant team position will be offered to the next listed qualified rider from the Rider Ranking List for that zone. Riders who are current members of the Endurance Rider Ranking List and have active points on the list as of August 1, 2011 who do not qualify as team members may compete as individuals. Information pertaining to the Endurance Rider Ranking List may be found at the USEF Website USEF Zone membership will be determined by their domicile on the date that their application is received by USEF. This process to establish Zone Teams will be accomplished by September 15, 2011

CANADA EAST, CANADA WEST, AND MEXICO – Invitations will be sent to the National
Federations, inviting the Federations to send 3 teams of no less than 3 and no more than 4 members each. The Canada East, Canada West, and Mexico Teams will be established by September 15, 2011.

from USA, Canada and Mexico as well as entries in the Non-North American Division may be replaced up until the final date for replacements established in the Definite Schedule. The declaration of Teams will be made by the Chef d’ Equipe within 2 hours following the First Inspection, in accordance with FEI rules. Team members with horses that do not present for the first inspection, or that do not pass inspection may be replaced with individuals from the Zone. Replacements for USA Zones must be by order of rank on the Endurance Rider Ranking list.

IV. TEAM CHEF D’ EQUIPE – USA ZONES - One Team Chef d’ Equipe will be recommended from each zone by the AERC I Zone Representatives via AERC International by June 1, 2011 and approved by the USEF High Performance Committee. The Chef d’ Equipe must be a current member in good standing of AERC International and USEF at the time of approval by the USEF High Performance Committee and remain current until the conclusion of the event.

CANADA EAST, CANADA WEST, AND MEXICO - These Zones are encouraged to send a
Chef d’ Equipe.

V. TEAM VETERINARIAN – USA ZONES - The Team Veterinarian will be recommended from each zone via AERC International by the Zone Chef d’ Equipe no later than July 1, 2011 and approved by the USEF High Performance Committee. The Team Veterinarian must be a current member in good standing of AERC International and USEF at the time of approval by the USEF High Performance Committee and remain current until the conclusion of the event.

CANADA EAST, CANADA WEST, AND MEXICO – These Zones are encouraged to send a
Team Veterinarian.

VI. ENTRIES FROM FEDERATIONS OTHER THAN CANADA, MEXICO AND THE USA - Federations may enter individuals and /or teams to compete for Non-North American Division awards. Federations are encouraged to send a Chef d’ Equipe and Team Veterinarian. The declaration of Teams will be made by the Chef d’ Equipe within 2 hours following the First Inspection, in accordance with FEI rules.

VII. SCHEDULE OF THE COMPETITION - The Competition Schedule will be made
available to all Zones/Countries upon approval by the FEI, and will be posted on the USEF Website

For information regarding AERC and its programs see the AERC Website at
For Information regarding FEI and its programs see the FEI website at
For information regarding the USEF and its programs see the USEF website at

Any questions regarding the NAETC should be addressed to Vonita Bowers, Director of
Endurance and Reining Activities, United States Equestrian Federation, 4047 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511; Email:

Thursday 28 April 2011

27th Annual NASTR Endurance Rides - June 4 2011

Hosted by the Nevada All-State Trail Riders, Inc.
AERC Sanctioned / AHA Region #7Local Rides
30/ 50 / 75 miles - June 4, 2011

LOCATION: Dayton Valley Rodeo Grounds, 500 Schaad Lane, Dayton, Nevada located approximately 11 miles east of Carson City on Highway 50 East. Turn EAST at the stop light in Dayton onto Dayton Valley Rd. Immediately after crossing the Carson River bridge turn RIGHT onto Ricci Road (you will see the sign to Rodeo Grounds). Follow 1⁄2 mile, turn LEFT into the Dayton Rodeo Grounds. Horse water will be available.

TRAIL: The rides will run in a figure eight loop, with an out vet check. Crews will have limited access, crew bags can be sent out to the check. Hay, water and lunch will be provided by ride management. Crews can purchase lunch for $3.00. The trail is of moderate difficulty in the Pine Nut Mountain Range. There are several rocky creek crossings in Eldorado Canyon which will be ridden at the start and finish of all the rides. The trail has a variety of sandy and rocky terrain in a wooded juniper and pine nut forest, with scenic views and rock formations. Elevation ranges from 4,500 to 6,500.

75 MILE AERC / AHA#110710843LOCAL RIDE: The 75 mile ride will consist of the 50 mile figure eight trail, plus a 25 mile loop trail from the out vet check. The 75 mile ride must be completed in order to be in contention for the NASTR Triple Crown, which includes the Nevada Derby50, NASTR75, and the Virginia City 100.

50 MILE AERC / AHA#110710842LOCAL RIDE: The 50 mile ride will run in a figure eight loop, with 2 out vet checks.

30 MILE AERC LD RIDE: The 30 mile trail is one loop with the out vet check half way. This limited distance (LD) ride is being held to promote trail use and trail awareness among local horseback riders. It is intended primarily as a training ride for new riders and young or inexperienced horses. There is no emphasis on winning. Every successful finisher will receive a completion award. All proceeds will go towards trail preservation.

VETERINARIANS: Head Vet; Jay Mero, DVM, Marcia Smith DVM, Karen Hassan, DVM

VET CHECK: Friday, June 3, 2011, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All horses must be pre-vetted and numbered before starting the ride. A pre-ride meeting will be held approximately at 7:00 p.m.

STARTING TIMES: 75mile ride- 5:00 a.m. (18 hours elapsed time given for completion), 50 mile ride - 6:00 a.m. (12 hours elapsed time given for completion), 30 mile ride - 9:00 a.m. (7:15hours elapsed time given for completion)

AWARDS: Completion awards will be given to all successful finishers on all three rides. There will also be awards for the Overall Winner, 1st in each weight division, 1st Junior, Best Condition and Top Tenfor both the 75 and 50 mile rides. A Horse Excellence Award will be awarded among all horses completing the 30mile ride. Please pick up your awards if you are not staying for the awards presentation, as they will not be mailed.

POT LUCK DINNER: A pot luck dinner will be served following the 50 mile ride at approximately 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. Please bring your favorite easy dish if you would like to participate. Ride results and an awards presentation will be
announced. 75 milers will be served as they finish and may pick up their award at that time.

75 mile ride- $110.00-$15.00 discount if postmarked by 5/28/11
50 mile ride - $105.00 -$15.00 discount if postmarked by 5/28/11
30 mile ride- $100.00 -$15.00 discount if postmarked by 5/28/11

Juniors ride for 1⁄2 price. NASTR members who have paid their 2011dues can deduct $5.00 from their entry fee. All non-AERC members must pay an additional $15.00. Cancellations by 6/2/11will receive a full refund. After 6/2/11all but $15.00 will be refunded. No Shows will not receive a refund. A$25.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks. Checks will not be cashed until after the ride.

SPONSORS: Special thanks to our ride sponsor Bensons Feed & Tack located in Carson City, for providing hay for the vet check.

Kim Mileo - Ride Manager.... or Connie Creech - Ride Secretary...
or see the NASTR WEB SITE:

Wednesday 27 April 2011

SW: Barefoot in New Mexico

Yes, you can ride your horse barefoot on our trails!

AERC sanctioned and Region 8 AHA 50 mile championship endurance ride

Located in southern New Mexico our trails are flat and fast, mostly two track, single track, some cross country and a few dunes.

October 15th, distances: 35 / 50 / 2 day 100
October 16th, distances: 25 /50 / conclusion of 100 mile ride.

Ride Manager: Philip Himanka (858)882-7209

Location: Rancho Encantado, 52 San Tomaso Rd., Alamogordo, NM 88310

Base camp is on private property, flat and open with lots of space, dogs on
leashes are welcome. Water for horses and port-a-potties in camp.

Entry Fees:
Limited Distance: $90.00
50 Mile Rides: $95.00
100 Mile Ride: $125.00

AHA 50 mile championship ride is October 15th: $120.00 (includes dual entry
in AERC ride).

Details: Ride camp opens Thursday 13th, October 2011. Registration and vetting-in starts Friday afternoon. Dinner for riders Saturday and Sunday, meals for purchase by non-riders, Vet holds will be in camp. More information to come, watch the AERC calendar for address of ride website to be completed soon. There will be discounts for advance entry once website is up and running. Junior rider discount is $20.00 off regular entry price. We invite you to stay an additional day to ride at White Sands National Monument with us on Monday 16th, October 2011.

Save The Date !!!

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Annual Meeting of The American Shagya Arabian Verband, inc (ASAV)

The Annual Meeting: A flyer has been placed on the ASAV website ( announcing our annual meeting. It will be held on the weekend of April 30th at Amara Farms in Morgan Hill, California. Amara Farms is owned by Carolyn Tucker and was the home of *Oman.

ASAV 2011 Annual Membership Meeting

Agenda Update:
Guest-Speaker Becky Hart, she is a three time World Champion Endurance Rider with more than 20,000 career miles, and has won two U.S. National Championships, two AERC National Championships, two Race of Champions and two Tevis Cups plus several best conditions including 65 first place and 45 best condition awards on the same horse! Becky will speak about the World Equestrian Games and preparing and competing in endurance.

Frank and the Hungarian Hussars. Delores and Suzy Sotelo both have with Hungarian heritage. Doloras will show some lasso rope work. There will be also some Hungarian cooking from some old recipes ...
... enough reasons to come, participate & enjoy the event !!!

Near Uvas Dam in Morgan Hill, CA.
Contact: Carolyn Tucker 408 779-6555 if you desire information about the event

NW: Eagle Spring Fling - Idaho

Eagle Spring Fling - Eagle, Idaho
30, 55, 75, and Trail Ride
May 7, 2011

New trails for 2011. Mainly two-track roads and single-track trails, with some cross-country. Some elevation gains. Not much rock. Some repeat trail. All vet checks in camp. Hoof protection recommended.

Camp is in a large flat sagebrush area, with plenty of room for the big rigs. Horse
water provided in camp and on trail, please bring people water. Dogs are welcome
but must be kept on a leash or tied. No dogs in vet or office area.

We will host a trail ride with the endurance ride. Trail riders may start anytime after 9:00 a.m. and choose from a 10 or 20 mile loop depending on how long you want to ride. Cost will be $20 and will include an entry prize.

We are also in need of volunteers for the day of the ride. P&R people, timers, and vet scribbs are needed. Please email me privately at if interested in volunteering at the ride! Hope to see everyone there!

Trish & Carrie

ACTHA Competitive Trail Challenge

April 26 2011

We will be holding an ACTHA Competative Trail Challenge on May 28th, 2011 in beautiful Catheys Valley, CA on a private 120 acre ranch. The ride will be 8 miles long with 8 judged obstacles, 3 divisions of riders and Silver Buckles to 1st place in each division.

To find out more about ACTHA please visit their site at . We will also be doing ranch games and swimming with our horses in the lake after the ride and Sunday. This is Memorial Weekend so come for the day or stay the weekend and enjoy lots of great food, good friends and fun on horseback!!!

Feel free to email me about this specific ride or visit their website. TaniaBennett @ and all proceeds from the ride will be donated to Mustang-Spirit Equine Rescue. Hope to see some of you there!

Monday 25 April 2011

Cuyamaca Camp Out Invite

The Santa Fe Hunt (you do not have to any affiliation to them) is having its 23rd Annual Camp Out. It is scheduled for June 8-June13, 2011. The Block of time is a week. You can buy a week and split days with friend and their horse.

It is for horse and rider, fantastic breakfasts and lusious dinners are providied. Corralls are 12x12. You provide horse feed. Lots of hose bibs. And are you ready for this....permenant toilets (flush) and HOT showers Free. I know many are going to rides. But, if you have a few days to get away or whatever, Think about. There is plenty of room for big rigs, motothomes. No elec, or holding tank dump there.
Based in the mountains above Julian. BYOB. If interested email me or call 760 927 0067. I took last year and then never did a ride. Ohhh well. this is another year right?

Cost for person for the week $150.00 Cost for horse is $150.00. Now remember Purchase the week and split with a friend one takes Wed June 8-10 and some one else comes up on afternoon of June 10 and stays till June 13. Happy trails

Donna and "The Kid"

SW: Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way! - Arizona

Lead, Follow or Get out of My Way!

Join us at McDowell Mtn. Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona
Saturday, November 19, 2011
AERC/AHA Sanctioned Ride 30, 50 & 75
Also offering a 12 mile Fun ride

Ride Manager: Jodie Dukerich-602-579-0130 - e-mail:
Ride Secretary: Lancette Koerner-480-650-3124 - e-mail:
Trail Master: Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss-602-770-5534 e-mail:

Head Vet: Rick Poteste DVM

Entry Fee & deadline: Entries received by Thursday, November 10, 2011 will receive a $10.00 discount. Make sure you get your entry in on time to insure your T-shirt size. A full refund of entry fee will be given to any applicant entered in an event provided that applicant has not started in the event. Once the applicant starts in the event, the entry fee is not refundable. No refunds will be issued the day after the ride. Ride Manager must be notified of cancellation by the start of the ride or no refund will be issued.

Trails: Trail is in moderate condition. There are rocks, sandy washes, and abundance of cactus. It is a single track trail,
Also it is a shared trail with hikers and bicyclists.

Campsite: Primitive camping, horse water and port a potties. Horse water available for hauling.Pick up your manure, shavings and hay from your campsite. Dumpsters are available on site. Your campsite must be spotless.

Location: The park is located at 16300 N McDowell Mountain Park Dr. Fountain Hills, Az. 85250.

Park Fee: The daily park fee is $6.00 or $10.00 for overnight camping.

Intro Riders: The 30 mile intro ride offers an opportunity for new comers to see what endurance is all about. There is 7 hours and 15 minutes for completion (your horse’s heart rate must meet criteria of 60 beats per minute)

Junior Riders: All junior riders must wear protective head gear at all times while on an equine and ride with adult sponsor. Those juniors who qualify to ride without a sponsor must have appropriate paperwork from AERC.
Junior riders will receive a $10.00 discount for this ride.

Rules and Regulations: This ride will be conducted in accordance with AERC:

Meals: Friday Night dinner during ride meeting.

Awards: A completion t-shirt will be given to each competitor.

Dogs: All dogs must be on a leash at all times. Please pick up after your dog.

Weather: The weather for this time of month averages between 70 degrees and 90 degrees.

Entries can be mailed to: 16219 N 12th St. Phoenix, Az. 85022
Or faxed to 602-368-9060

Tentative Ride Schedule: Please check AERC website for schedule changes and updates.
Friday, November 18
1:00pm: Pre-Registration
2:00pm-4:00pm: Vet check-in
5:00pm: Ride Meeting

Tentative Ride Times
Saturday, November 19
5:00am: 75 mile start
5:30am: 50 mile start
6:00am: 25 mile start
6:30am: 12 mile trail ride start
Awards will be presented 1 hour after each distance has completed.

For a ride entry form, click here.

For a Volunteer form, click here.

Saturday 23 April 2011

NW: Owyhee Fandango Update - Idaho

Owyhee Fandango
Oreana, Idaho
May 27-28-29

More information:

Well, I hiked the wild river trail today, looking for a better path through the boulder field. I found a few more detours and was feeling much better about the trail, until the very end when I came upon a new boulder smack in the middle of the trail - mother nature (gravity) at work - and no way around it. So the 80 and the 100 will still do the 80 mile course to Celebration Park (across the River on Guffy Bridge) and along the river through the petroglyph boulders...but we won't do that short stretch of wild and beautiful river trail through the really big and nasty boulders.

For those of you didn't like those pesky rocks - rest easy :)

For those of you that loved it - maybe that new boulder will roll a little farther down by next year!

It's going to be a spectacular this year - the grass is incredible from all the rain, and the wildflowers should be amazing.

Days one and two will be the same as last year - up to Alder Creek at the base of Toy Mountain on day 1, and Hart Creek and Birds of Prey on day 2.

And that's the news from Oreana,


Friday 22 April 2011

MW: Thistle Down Run - Minnesota

Thistle Down Run
August 20 & 21, 2011
Frazee, Minnesota

Schedule: Saturday Start*Sunday Start* Fee
50 Mile Endurance 6:15 am start$70 Sr - $50 Jr
25 Mile Limited Distance6:45 am start6:15 am start $55 Sr – $40 Jr
25 Mile Competitive8:45 am start8:00 am start$50 Sr – $35 Jr
12 Mile Novice 8:00 am start $25 all

*Times listed are earliest start possible – All Jr. riders must wear a helmet!
Early entries can be mailed to Ride Manager
No fees refunded after horse is vetted through.

*This ride is sponsored by MNDRA
*Sanctioned by MNDRA, UMECRA, and AERC
*Copy of negative Coggins required of all horses to leave with management
*Endurance: $15 surcharge without current AERC card
*Appropriate completion and placing awards
*Saturday night potluck and awards (please bring a dish to share)

Trail: 25 miles of varied terrain through grass fields, rolling hills, and hardwood forests on single and 2 track trails has something for everyone. Vet checks in camp.

Camping: All land used is private, so please respect owners property. Camping will be primitive with water available, pit toilets, and no electricity. Camping fees go to landowners for use of their property. Early camping available, call ahead.
$25/night or $20/night with 2 or more nights $10/day use only

Location: Coming from the east on US Hwy 10 - 3 miles west of first Frazee exit/State Hwy rest area. Coming from the west on US Hwy 10 - 5.5 miles east of the Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn.
Site is right off highway on south side and will be marked.

Ride Managers:
Teresa and Dale Fett
11684 Woods Drive
Frazee, MN. 56544

Sandy Fett

Head Vet: Dr. Travis Kuhlka
Second Vet: Dr. Randall Lindeman

Special Thanks to land owners:
Scott & Lisa Piche, Les & Pat Kertscher ,
Vinton & Joyce Vogler , Dale & Teresa Fett

For more information, see A ride schedule can be downloaded from the top of the page, or you can download one here:

Wednesday 20 April 2011

CT: 2011 Airport Express

April 20 2011

OHMYGOSH ... the airport folks are just soooo cool. They will end up having T-Shirts for everyone, not just the completors... they're donating 1000 bottles of water plus ice!!!

The "arrowed signs" will be airplane silhouettes... not just any plane ole arrow (no pun intended)...

They are still talkin' about getting a band on Saturday nite for pre-dinner entertainment... my favorite cowboy band is booked... you guys know of any "picker/grinners" that are available... if so... send their number my way.

The trail is coming together... main trouble, they are brush hogging it, both floor & sides... guess where the ribbons are going? ... yep.. glad they are cleaning it, but now I get to hang a few more ribbons.

It's going to be such a cool trail...only very few miles of common trail on the whole 50 miles. & REMEMBER... if you can't make the ride... u can still get up on the St. Jude sight & donate to your favorite rider. We're still looking for a few volunteers... so even if you don't have a horse ready... we'd love to see ya down here. call or E debbie linebarger if you want a fun job.

AIRPORT EXPRESS Endurance Ride and “Saddle Up” for St. Jude Research Hospital

Sponsored Houston Airport System - Airport Rangers - Texas Endurance Ride Asso. - Greater Houston Horse Council

Sanctioned by American Endurance Ride Conference

10 Mi. Fun Ride - 25 Mi. - 50 Mi. Competitions

“to Finish is to Win”

Bush Intercontinental Airport - Houston, Texas - May 14 - 15

The 10 mile Fun Ride is for those that would like to find out more about the sport of Endurance, just get out and enjoy the beautiful airport trails, or explore becoming an AIRPORT RANGER, and be part of the “SADDLE UP” FOR ST. JUDE!.

Endurance riding is an athletic event for both horse and rider. The goal is to complete the marked trail within the time given with a horse that is fit to continue. Rain or shine the ride goes on. All horses must pass a complete vet check before, during and after the ride. Remember –


Ride Mngr. Darolyn Butler 281-446-7232 or 713-816-5558 E~mail:


Secretary: Vicki Hudson E-mail:

Darolyn Butler
Cypress Trails & Horseman Video Showcase
21415 Cypresswood Dr.
Humble, TX 77338-1287
Web Page:

CT: Old Glory 2011

Old Glory
May 28-20-30, 2011
Priefert Ranch, Mt. Pleasant, Texas
50, 25, & 11 mile Intro

Campsite is located among the rolling green hills on the outskirts of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. The Priefert Ranch is a family-owned and operated 3,000-acre working ranch.

History about the ranch: The ranch runs a cow/calf operation and is also involved in the commercial hay business. Priefert Ranch is also home to several horses. Two of these magnificent horses are Goliath and Radar, both Guinness World Record holders for Tallest Living Horse. The Priefert Percherons Texas Thunder draft horse hitch is also based on the ranch. It was on this ranch in 1964, that Marvin Priefert built his first headgate. That single piece of ranch equipment became the foundation of one of the of the largest and most respected ranch equipment manufacturing companies in the world. Although Priefert's manufacturing facilities have expanded over the years, the one room shop where Marvin invented his revolutionary side-closing headgate still stands on the ranch and serves as a vivid reminder of where this company has its roots. Today's manufacturing facilities are located adjacent to the ranch, allowing Priefert Ranch to be the first proving ground for the vast majority of Priefert's products. That's why we say Priefert products are "built by ranchers, for ranchers."

Trails: The terrain here is flat to gently rolling hills. Trails will go through cattle pastures, creek crossings, and some ravines. All vet checks will be in camp: loop lengths, hold times, and veterinary criteria will be discussed at the pre-ride meeting.

** Please pre-register for this event if at all possible!!
This will avoid you standing in line to fill out paperwork and allow you to pick up your rider packet without visiting the registration table.

For more information, contact
Ride Manager: Khristin Seymore – 903-563-6639 –
Assistant Ride Manager: Brittani Murray – 832-928-6441 –

To download the entry form, click here for the flyer:

NE: Allegany Just Ride - CANCELED

April 20, 2011

Allegany Just Ride scheduled for May 7/8 has been cancelled. Just got off the phone with the folks at Allegany State Park and the consensus is that there is too much damage to the trails from last week's storm combined with the huge amount of rain we have had and will continue to have this week. Postponement will not work as I am heading to the 2000 mile XP ride in a few weeks. I was looking forward to sharing the trails with all of you. Sorry.

Laura Hayes

Saturday 9 April 2011

MT: Camas Creek Canter

Camas Creek Canter Endurance Ride

Potomac, Montana 
July 23, 2011

Camas Creek Canter is a new, AERC and PNER sanctioned endurance ride in Western Montana in 2011. Please join us for 50 mile endurance, Limited Distance and a Trail Ride.

For more information and registration, visit our website at .

This is a mountain ride on old logging roads. 2011 Ride Manager and Junior discounts offered. Visit the beautiful state of Montana and make this ride part of a family vacation. The ride is located near the Garnet Ghost Town, Lubrecht Experimental Forest, the Blackfoot River, the city of Missoula and many more attractions. Summer is a great time to visit Western Montana. Come ride with us!

Ride Manager: Jennifer Knoetgen, 70083 Martz Drive, Arlee, MT 59821
Phone 406-880-3083

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Belgium: Mont le Soie

Mont Le Soie - The classical leg on the international scene...

Mont Le Soie is a hilly and grueling course. That's why several national teams chose the ride for testing their horses and riders in preparation of the European Championship to be held in Florac, France.

United Kingdom, Holland, Switzerland send a team in preparation of the
European Championship of Florac.

We are also awaiting several Franch riders, among them Marie and Jack

A big event! As usual, the course will offer varied and selective trails. All loops of the circuit are different!

The program is impressive: CEI***160km, CEI**120km, CEIYR**120km, CEI*100km on Saturday 30th April - CEI**120km, CEI*100km on Sunday 1st May.MONT LE SOIE CEI***/CEI**/CEI**YR/CEI*.

La classique belge de l'endurance internationale...

Le Royaume Uni, la Hollande, la Suisse nous envoient une équipe en préparation du Championnat d'Europe de Florac.

Nous attendons aussi plusieurs cavaliers français, notamment Marie et Jack Begaud.

Une belle course en perspective, avec le tracé toujours varié et sélectif et toutes ses boucles différentes dans la partie la plus vallonnée de la Belgique.

Des courses en pagaille sur les deux jours : CEI***160km, CEI**120km, CEIYR**120km, CEI*100km le samedi 30 avril - CEI**120km, CEI*100km le dimanche 1er mai.

Information on

Riding to the Rescue CTR

Love to ride? Then give competitive trail riding a try, and help the horses at Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc at the same time!

Come join us at Lake Perry near Topeka, KS on June 3-5 for an awesome time!

Pre-registration is required, so get your entry in!

One competitor will win a $250.00 gas card. All competitors and volunteers can purchase a chance at a 2nd $250.00 gas card. That will get you to at least ONE ride this season.

Karen Everhart MEd.
Volunteer - co-founder and executive director
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc.

NW: Idaho - Owyhee Tough Sucker

The Fifth Annual Owyhee Tough Sucker No Frills Endurance Ride

Online registration is open - it's easy, try it!

The ride will be based out of Regina's ranch again this year. Easy access off of Hwy 78, indoor arena for meetings and dinner.

50 miles and LD: $93 75 miles: $133 – Trail Ride: $30 - Juniors 1/2 price

Dinner included with all ride entries!

2011 Trail Map: coming soon!

The trail will be easy/moderate, good footing, single track trail, jeep roads, some sand washes. Ride around Wild Horse Butte along the Snake River and along the ridge tops through the Birds of Prey area. This is a nice spring ride!

Much of the trail will go through the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National
Conservation Area, established in 1993 to protect a unique environment that supports one of the world's densest concentrations of nesting birds of prey. Falcons, eagles, hawks, and owls occur here in unique profusion and variety. It is part of BLM's National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS). Read more about the conservation area

Head Vet: Robert Washington DVM
Ride Manager: Regina Rose
Email: Phone: 208-250-8662


From I-84 East (Oregon) Take Nampa exit 35 and follow signs to Hwy
45 (to Murphy)which takes you south towards Murphy. Follow hwy 78 east
(left) after crossing the Snake River. Continue past the Oreana
turnoff, take the next left (north) onto Wees
Rd, after mile marker 47, just past the Utter Massacre historical. Take the next left
onto Regina's drive.

From I-84 West (Utah): Take Hammett exit 112 onto Hwy 78. Go through
Bruneau and Grandview towards Oreana. Turn right (north) onto Wees
road just after mile marker 48, after crossing Castle Creek. Next
left onto Regina's drive.

Saturday 2 April 2011

W: Whiskeytown Chaser

April 2, 2011

It's not too late to enter the April 9 Whiskeytown Chaser 25/50 near Redding California, we still have room. The trails are great, the wildflowers are gorgeous, and the grass is very green. Even the weather forecast looks good.

Come join us for a beautiful spring adventure!
If sending your entry after April 2nd, please call ride manager Bonnie Sterling
530-547-4448 so we can save you a spot!