Tuesday 21 February 2017

W: Van Duzen Doozie 75 & 100 Needs Your Pre-Entries!

May 6th 2017 there is a 75 and 100 mile in and around the Van Duzen River in Trinity County in far Northern California.

Even though it is in rough country the course is moderate and doable. The ride manager is a very very experienced 100 mile rider. She asked if she built it would you come almost a year ago and there was a resounding yes.

She has done a lot of work getting together the course and the permits and vets etc... However if entries don't start coming in soon she will have to cancel. Don't let this opportunity slip away to have more 100 mile options out there!

You do not even have to pay until you get to the ride, no checks to send, bring cash to check in. Just send in your entry!

Ride entry and info is here:

Wednesday 15 February 2017

NW: Limestone Challenge and Pacific Crest Endurance Ride

Hello to everyone! 

There will be two endurance rides in Southern Oregon this year. Aspen is not being put on.  The two rides will be Limestone Challenge; held at Lake Selmac, out of Selmac.  Take redwood highway turn onto Lakeshore Drive to Lake Selmac.  Go past the resort, turn onto McMullen Creek Road.  There will be ribbons and signs from there on.  Limestone is being held June 10, Manager is Glen Siver, ride is AERC sanctioned.  There will be a 10 mile fun ride along with the endurance ride.  Come everyone and enjoy yourself.  

The second ride being held is the Pacific Crest Endurance ride.  It will be at Lily Glen Equestrian Horse Park.  Next to Howard Prairie.  Notice there is a 70 mile being offered this year.  There is a minimum number of riders ( 5) in order to hold the 70 mile ride.   Pacific Crest is being held July 22.  Joy Trevey Lowell will be the manager. 

Want to Volunteer?

Pacific Crest has a big request of ALL horse back riders.  We are going to be replacing poles that are broken in the corrals,  replacing the chains that have disappeared.  Along with that we are doing some mowing and then the largest job, clearing the trails so that any and all horse back riders can ride the trails. 

If you know anyone that likes to ride trails or hike trails, we are setting up dates for working on corrals and clearing the trails.  Right now of course there is snow and more on the way.  Most likely the big work days will be after Limestone and around the early part of July. But then again there will try to set up some time around the end of May.  

The trails are important, if we the trail users do not use and keep them open then they will revert back to BLM and Forest Service.  Then we will not have trails and stand the chance of being closed out. Please do not let this happen.  Work dates will be posted soon.