Wednesday 30 January 2013

SW: Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding AERC Endurance Ride

COME RIDE THE CAJA on April 27, 2013
30-mile LD and 50-mile Endurance Ride
(7.7-mile Fun Ride for First Timers)

The Caja del Rio is a 67,000 acre portion of the Santa Fe National Forest. At the Caja you will be riding through pinon/juniper forests and will have beautiful views of the mountains surrounding Santa Fe.

Check in Friday, April 26th between 2–5 pm. You can come in to this Forest Service trailhead early, if you like, but water tanks will not be put out until Friday. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Equines must be 60 months old to enter the 50-mile ride. Helmets are required for juniors and very highly recommended for others. (Juniors must be 16 by December 1st, 2012 and must be accompanied by an adult. No exceptions!) Riders provide their own breakfast and lunch. Dinner will be provided for riders on Saturday evening; extra dinners are available for purchase by non-riders.

Coggins and health papers will be checked at the ride. You must have proof of a negative Coggins within 12 months and a health certificate current within 30 days if you are out of state.

The ride meeting will be on Friday after check-ins, about 5:00 p.m. Dinner on Saturday will be after all the riders have returned to base camp, around 6 or 6:30 p.m., with the awards meeting to follow. We plan to start the 50s at 7:00 am and the 30s at 8:00 am, but final start times will be announced at the ride meeting on Friday. We will have a vet check out of camp at the 1100 well for the 30s (LDs) and 50s and will haul your vet bag to that point. Of course, the particular trails can change based on a bunch of factors, but this is the plan.

Hosted by Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding
Roger Taylor - Ride Manager

Dr. Larry Nolan, Ride Vet.
Dr. Stuart McCall, Vet

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Saturday 5 January 2013

W: Tevis Educational and Fun Ride

The entry for the Educational and Fun Ride is now posted on
Join us for a weekend of fun at the Foresthill Mill Site in Foresthill, CA on June 1st & 2nd. Riders will enjoy spectacular springtime flowers and gorgeous views along the scenic Western States Trail from Robinson Flat to Auburn.

Tevis Educational & Fun Riders will enjoy the following:

♦ Camping included from Thursday, May 30th through Monday, June 3rd.
♦ Qualified Speaker talks on related topics, including Melissa Ribley DVM, Rob Lydon DVM, Jamie Kerr DVM, Kevin Myers, Chuck Mather
♦ Delicious BBQ dinner and live music around the campfire by Delta Crossing
♦ Raffle drawing with many prizes, including a 2013 100 Mile Western States Trail Ride Entry

In addition, Tevis Educational Riders are offered:

♦ A personally guided ride from Robinson Flat to Auburn, by very experienced Tevis
mentors including Kathie Perry, Alyssa & Jennifer Stalley, Cory Solteau DVM, Rob Lydon DVM, Tom Johnson
♦ Opportunity to earn Tevis mileage credit toward the 300 mile requirement

We want to encourage you to get your entries in as early as possible. There is a lot of organization that depend  on the number of riders participating on both the Educational Ride and the Fun Ride. The earlier you get your entry in the sooner we can organize trailering to get your rigs back from Robinson Flat on Saturday and to Auburn on Sunday. The number of Vets needed as well as the volunteers needed at each vet stop to accomidate all you riders. At most rides you bring your own fold up chairs but this year I would like to have seating and tables available for the speakers, BBQ, and the live entertainment on Saturday night (a must for you to attend)