Wednesday 19 September 2012

CT: Jo Tate Fall Paradise

Jo Tate Fall Paradise
Oct. 20th
Lake Carl Blackwell, Stillwater, Oklahoma

The Jo Tate Fall Paradise has changed location this year and will be at Lake Carl Blackwell. I've been scrambling to find a spot to have this ride since it was already sanctioned and no one else could have that weekend at this late date. With help from Susan Young and others we have come up with some trails that are established and would welcome our event there. Attached are the ride flyers and an entry form. Thank you for your patience with this. I will welcome any help as I am new to this area. Please spread the word, forward this to anyone who may not be on any of the group mailings and be sure to RSVP. or
Jodi Hess-Schlup    417 850-9589

Saturday 15 September 2012

MT: Outland and Virgin, Bryce Canyon XP

Outlaw and VirginSeptember 15, 16, 17, 2012.  155 miles.  This ride is shaping up to be one of the most scenic and on some of the more unique and beautiful trails anywhere in the country!  The first two days are loop rides back to camp and the third day will be a point to point finishing at the location of the Bryce XP camp (which starts three days later).  We have found some great new singletrack trail that will be used to replace the Blue Fly loop..   Here are a few pre-ride trail marking photos.  More will be added as this is just a sampling of the multi-colored variety of trails in this area:

Bryce Canyon XP, The Randy Coleman Memorial Ride.  September 21-25, 2012.  250 miles.  The trail is in great shape this year and will be made even more colorful by the addition of fall colors since the ride is taking place three weeks later!   Here are a few pre-ride trail marking photos:

Both rides will include lunches for the riders (sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, candy bars, drinks).  Dinners will be available for an additional fee.  Hope you can make it, you'll be glad you did!   Happy trails,

karen at

Friday 14 September 2012

SW: Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way 2 months away!


Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way ride November 17, 2012 at McDowell Park in Fountain Hills, AZ is only 2 months away! 

We are once again having a AERC and AHA sanctioned 30, 50 & 75 mile ride as well as a 12 mile fun ride. We are limiting the ride to the first 100 riders/entries so make sure to get your entry in and also get $10.00 off your entry if received by November 8th. All juniors receive $10.00 off. Please pre register. 

Come join us for a beautiful and scenic desert ride with views of Fountain Hills, AZ. Enjoy mostly groomed trails with some rock and sandy washes. This is the last ride of the season for the Southwest Region. 

Any questions feel free to contact Jodie Dukerich, or Lancette Koerner, or me at


Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss

Wednesday 5 September 2012

NW: Owyhee Canyonlands Pioneer I, II, III, IV, V - 10th Anniversary

We're gearing up for the 2012 Owyhee Canyonlands ride!

September 25-29 near Oreana, Idaho.

Info and online pre-registration can be found at

(please pre-register if you hope to come, it helps us plan!)

Ride veterinarians are Robert Washington DVM (head vet), Mike Foss DVM and David Hayes DVM.

We'll have 5 days of riding, 5 days of historic trails and ranches and wild Owyhee country to ride in.
September 25 - 29 (Tuesday - Saturday)

Day 1 - Spivey Ranch. *50 miles only. we've been invited to ride through the Spivey Ranch - an isolated, off-the-grid, 300+ acre ranch along a section of Castle Creek just above the canyons. The ranch will supply hot dogs and refreshments during your one hour hold, and give us access to the trail following the Castle Creek drainage to Crazy Woman Mine.

Day 2 - Hart Creek. 25 and 50 miles. One loop will go south to the Hart Creek canyon - rocky but beautiful. One loop will go north into the Birds of Prey Conservation area - good footing, cow trails, jeep roads and sand washes.

Day 3 - Joyce Ranch. 25 and 50 miles. Ride north along single track and jeep roads, some sand wash. Cross Hwy 78 for a one hour hold then drop down and ride through the historic Joyce Ranch (founded in 1860) and into Sinker Creek Canyon. Follow single track and jeep roads back to camp.

Day 4 - Wildhorse Butte. 25 and 50 miles. Ride north into the Birds of Prey Conservation area. Excellent footing, single track, jeep roads and sand washes. Ride to the Snake River and around Wildhorse Butte. One hour hold at Rye Patch.

Day 5 - Sinker Canyon. 30 and 50 miles. A spectacular trail following Sinker Creek as it winds north, through steep canyon walls and cottonwood trees. After a one hour hold 30 milers return to camp, 50 milers ride up to the juniper foothills of upper Bates Creek, then return to camp above Picket Creek Canyon.

Saturday night we'll have a party and have overall awards. Plus special awards and recognition for the riders and horses that have been riding the Owyhee Canyonlands trails for many years and thousands of miles!!

Food will be provided by Wynne Teeter (healthy home-cooked family meals), her mom Diane, and Melissa Hendricks (a cook from the Olive Garden). Joel Teeter is making a special batch of home-brew beer from the hops we grew in the garden. It's gonna be great!

Breakfasts (including New Orleans style beignets) will be available a la carte, or complete continental breakfasts. And ESPRESSO! $6.

Lunches available - sandwiches on home-made bread, burgers and fries if you must. **We can pack a lunch for you to have at the vet checks if you want. $7.
Ride management will provide hotdog lunches Tuesday and Saturday.

Dinners - check out the menu on the ride page! Dinners free for riders the day you ride, $9 for purchase. Free for staff and volunteers.

This might be our last Canyonlands (we're still working on holding it late in October next year, pending) - but come on out and enjoy our last September Canyonlands party!


W: Ride Bear I & II 25/50

Ride Bear I & II 25/50 on September 22-23 near Gilroy, California, at Coyote Lake - Harvey Bear Ranch County Park.

Come join us at this really nice AERC Sanctioned ride in the foothills of the greater San Francisco Bay area.
Super great food, some new trail, and beleive me it was gorgeous the last time i did it. and the people are super nice. And did I mention super yummy food? - AERC page - youtube video of the trail.

Entry/flyer is here:
the ride manager just emailed me : ... our food is fantastic, typically home made barbecue (pork and beef), unbelievable rice dish, we finish it all at home and bring down just in time for eating AND what most people don't know is we include a fabulous pot of chili, that the carnivores have no idea until we announce it for the vegetarians that it's not 'real meat'!  I haven't even mentioned desert (last year was home made strawberry shortcakes, everything from scratch, including the cream for the whipped topping).   (Jeez Im goin just for that)

Sunday 2 September 2012

W: Red Rock Rumble

30/50 Mile Endurance Ride
Hosted by the Nevada All-State Trail Riders
October 6, 2012

Come out and enjoy this beautiful location!

WELCOME RIDERS to the inaugural Red Rock Rumble 50 and 30 mile endurance ride. This area will be familiar to many folks who have enjoyed Red Rock rides in the past; however, we are using different areas as well. So while it will be familiar it will also be new. Through the generosity of several local ranchers, we will have lots of water available throughout the ride. It is the consideration of another local land owner that we were able to get you in to some really great areas. This is a wonderful time of year to see the deer, antelope and wild horse herds. There can be some grass along the trail depending on rainfall.

CAMP: The camp is bare bones. There is horse water available, but for the most part you need to plan on bringing what you need. There will be no camp fires allowed. Parking is very limited so if you can trailer-pool then please do so and plan on parking conservatively.

DIRECTIONS: Ride camp is located off Red Rock Road, just a little north of Reno. Take the Red Rock Exit off US Hwy 395 and head east 15 miles. There will be ribbons and signs telling you where to turn right onto a dirt road. Follow the dirt road about a mile to camp. This is a single lane road and will be entrance only on Friday/Saturday am and exit only on Saturday pm/Sunday.

THE RIDES: There will be a 50 mile and 30 mile ride. The lunch stop for the 30s will be an out hold. Light snacks and beverages will be available as well as water and hay for horses. The 50’s will have a short hold in the same area. 

Lunch stop for the 50’s will be in camp with light refreshment offered. The 50 mile ride consists of a 30 mile loop and a 20 mile loop. The 30 mile ride consists of a single loop trail with a hold at the 15 mile point. The trail is almost entirely sandy jeep roads and sandy single track, there are hardly any rocks. You will pass through a meadow (or maybe 2) that can be wet depending on the weather and there is usually a bit of trail grass along the way as well. There are no significant water crossings but if we have a wet fall there can be very small (i.e. less than 12 inch wide and 3 inch deep) creeks.

MEALS: We will have a wonderful dinner on Saturday night. Each rider will get one meal ticket included with their entry. Additional tickets are available at $10 each. The dinner meal will be provided by Boy Scout Troop 500 of Reno Nevada. This is fundraiser for them as they are trying to earn money to attend a high adventure camp next summer. The scouts will be in camp and at the vet checks all day to help you out in any way they can. This scout troop has a focus on outdoor activities and does  community service in this area. Several of them are planning Eagle Scout projects that will assist the BLM with maintenance efforts in the area of this ride.

SANCTIONING / RULES: Both rides are sanctioned by AERC. The 50 mile ride is sanctioned as an AHA local ride.

All NASTR/AERC and AHA rules apply

CONTROL JUDGES: Head Control Judge is Susan McCartney, DVM, assisted by Karen Hassan, DVM

PRE-VET CHECK will be held Friday 4pm-7pm. All horses must be vetted and numbered before starting the ride.

PRE-RIDE MEETING will be Friday at 7 pm

START TIMES: 6:00 a.m. for the 50 mile ride ~ 7:00 a.m. for the 30 mile ride.

AWARDS: Completion awards will be given to all finishers of both rides. First Place and Best Condition, Top 10, first in each weight division and first Junior will be awarded for the 50. Horse of Excellence will be awarded for the 30 mile.

Enter early and receive a $10.00 discount

Contact information: Tami Rougeau (Ride Manager) ~ (775) 250-1042
Gina Hall (Ride Secretary) ~ (775) 849-0839

For an entry form, click here.