Wednesday 19 June 2013

Bare Bones Endurance Ride

It's a bit early to be anticipating rider numbers and no pre-paying is required, however, I've got a lot on my plate this year and would like a bit of a head's up if you are planning on coming. If you'd like you can even fill out the entry form and send to me (w/o money) so I can get a bit of a head count. (PO Box 425, Yacolt, Wa 98675 or scan and attach.)

As of now it looks like a meal will be available on Sat. evening - $10.00 per person paid on Friday registration - please make a note somewhere in the e-mail or on the entry if you're expecting to be purchasing meals and how many. Menu is in the works at this point.

Please keep in mind that if you mentor junior riders, have a junior rider or are a junior rider, all AERC juniors ride the 30 and 50 milers for free this year. Non-AERC juniors pay $30 for either distance. Trail/fun ride is not included.

Lastly - riders need to donate toilet paper as part of their ride entry, please don't forget to bring it with you - these donations go towards maintenance of the bathrooms in the two nearby horse camps.

You can contact me here, by private e-mail or on Facebook under my name or the event Bare Bones Endurance Ride.

Thank you!

Heidi Larson

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Bandit Springs

Hi guys, I’ve got a REALLY basic website back up and running for Bandit. The flyer is on there and a few FAQs. I will add more of those as you all ask them. J I hear the PNER website has the current flyer now (thanks David). And AERC has pertinent info, as well.

We welcome but do not require pre-entries. Pre-entry means, please send me your sign up form. For this, you will receive a $10 discount. I need ALL pre-entries by July 4. I’m leaving the 5th. If you have to cancel, you will receive a full refund if you choose to pre-pay, too. You can use your credit or debit card and pay thru PayPal. Just let me know and I will invoice you. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay this way. It is also really easy to give refunds thru PayPal.

Yes, you must have certified hay with the special twine. We will have about 36-40 bales available for purchase at $13/bale. 60-65lb bales (I know, wow, that’s expensive).

Let me know if you have any questions: 541-733-2601 (cell, so you can text me, too) or

Jannelle Wilde

Arabian Horse Association - Distance Nationals

Why pre-enter for 2013 Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals!? Incentives, incentives! For each day you pre-register, you are elligble to be entered in a drawing! Check out the flyer and contact me if you have questions. July 29th is around the corner - and very early compared to the ride - so if you can't pre-register by then, watch for more "Incentives"!!! Watch the websites ( or for updates about the ride site and trails. AHDRA also has a facebook page if you are interested in joining; look under "Events" for additional information about the 2013 AHA Distance Nationals.

Why pre-enter?

Pre-entries give ride managers a “head’s up” – knowing that you are coming allows Management to plan for:
Veterinary Staffing
More Time for Ride Management to Verify Qualifications and Prepare Paperwork Equals Reduced Lines at Check-In!
Trailer Parking
Meeting Room Space
Trail Preparedness – how much traffic, how long will riders be out, etc

Pre-entries postmarked by July 29
will be entered in a drawing for a
$20 Gift Certificate from The Distance Depot.

There will be a drawing for each “Event” entered – the 100 Mile Ride, the 50 Mile Ride, and the two-day 70 Mile Ride. One entry equals one chance at your event’s drawing. The drawing will be held the night before the event. Open riders are encouraged to pre-enter; their entries qualify them for the drawing the night before their entry.

Entry forms can be found at:

Can’t commit in July? Monitor:
• under the Distance Nationals page
• And the 2013 Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals Event Page (found under AHDRA’s Facebook group).
All of these sites can give you up-to-date information about trails, camping, vet-check parameters, and future “bonus” deadlines!

*Note: Distance Depot is one of our vendors!

Please see entry information for cancellation policies.

Thursday 13 June 2013

NW: Online registration is open for the City of Rocks

Online registration is open for the City of Rocks multiday August 6 - 10.

Please if you're planning to come fill the form out (it's easy!) so we can get a good idea of how many riders to expect.

Here's a direct link to the registration form:

Meals will be provided with ride entry (Two Trees Catering) - and we also need to have a head count for meals.

It's a good chance to pre-ride the National Championship trails!

Wednesday 5 June 2013

W: Pine Nut Express Endurance Ride

AERC Sanctioned / AHA Region #7 Local Ride
25 ~ 50 miles - June 29, 2013
LOCATION: Fish Springs, Gardnerville, NV: From Hwy. 395 North turn left, from the south turn right onto Waterloo Ln. which is a main intersection in town with a traffic light and last minute shopping and fuel. This will continue east onto Toler Rd. and then Fish Springs Rd. for around 5.5 miles to a left turn onto Windmill Rd. which will be ribboned. Proceed for 1.3 miles and go straight onto an unmaintained dirt road .3 mile to camp. Horse water will be available. Be aware wild horses are in the area and we don't know how close they will come to camp.

TRAIL: NEW TRAIL! For those that joined us for our 1st ride in 2012, we will change loop #2, LESS ROCKS! The rides will have all vet checks back at ride camp. The trail is of moderate difficulty in the Pine Nut Mountain Range. There are several rocky sections on all the ride loops. The trail has a variety of sandy and rocky terrain in wooded juniper and pine surroundings. Hoof protection is required for the 50 mile ride, either shoes or some sort of hoof protection/boots, pads recommended. Elevation ranges from 4,500 to 6,000.

50 MILE AERC / AHA LOCAL RIDE: The 50 mile ride will have 3 loops with all vet checks back at ride camp.

25 MILE AERC LD RIDE: The 25 mile trail is two loops with all vet checks at ride camp. Every successful finisher will receive a completion award. The ride time does not stop until your horse reaches a pulse of 60 BPM.

VETERINARIANS: Head Vet; Susan McCartney, DVM, Asst. Vet; Karen Indreland, DVM

VET CHECK: Friday, June 28, 2013, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All horses must be pre-vetted and numbered before starting the ride. A pre-ride meeting will be held approximately at 7:00 p.m.

STARTING TIMES: 50 mile ride - 6:00 a.m. (12 hours elapsed time given for completion), 25 mile ride - 6:30 a.m. (6:00 hours elapsed time given for completion)

AWARDS: Completion awards will be given to all successful finishers on both rides. There will also be awards for the Overall Winner, 1st Junior, Best Condition and Top Ten for 50 mile ride. Awards for the 25 mile ride will include overall first place winner and Best Condition. Please pick up your awards if you are not staying for the awards presentation, as they will not be mailed.

AWARD DINNER: Our award dinner will start at approximately 4pm and continue until all riders are fed. Dinner will be provided by John Collier’s Dutch Oven Cooking Group. Dinner will include Rouge River Salmon, Lemon Chicken, Salad, Garlic Bread and Strawberry Short Cake. Extra dinner tickets will cost $12.00 for friends and crew.

ENTRY FEES: 50 mile ride - $120.00 - $25.00 discount if postmarked by 6/21/13
25 mile ride - $110.00 - $25.00 discount if postmarked by 6/21/13
Juniors ride discount is $30.00. All non-AERC members must pay an additional $15.00. Cancellations by 6/24/13 will receive a full refund. After 6/24/13 all but $25.00 will be refunded. No Shows will not receive a refund. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks. Checks may be cashed before the ride.

Kim Mileo - Ride Manager….
1651 Golconda Dr.
Minden, Nevada 89423
Phone (775) 267-4873 Fax (775) 267-1010

Suzanne Huff – Assistant Ride Manager …
421 Hansen Lane
Gardnerville, Nevada 89460
Phone (775) 783-9608

Tuesday 4 June 2013

NW: Bandit Springs

30, 50, 80 Endurance Rides on July 13
10 & 30 mile Ride & Tie July 14
10 or 15 mile trail ride Both Days
25, 50 July 14
ACTHA ride July 12 and 13

Located in Central Oregon’s beautiful Ochoco National Forest, 28 miles east of Prineville, Oregon

Large, grassy meadow dotted with old growth ponderosa pine and aspens. Horse water and portapotties provided. Please bring your own people water.

Bag and remove all horse poop! (Bag removal service for a small fee - $1/bag.)


10, 20 & 30 miles loops and maybe another one or two new ones!
The course is mostly single-track dirt trails with the remainder on old two-track logging roads winding through pine covered mountains, wild horse habitat and green meadows. Generally good footing, and yes, there are some rocky spots. Water provided or from natural sources every 5-6 miles. Terrain is moderate with some long, gradual climbs. Keep an eye out
for the gold that bandits left hidden in the hills in 1863 along with their six horses. The remains of the horses were found ... but the gold never was...

Weather can vary from cool & dry to hot and humid during the day. Nights are cool at the 5000 ft altitude.

For more information see: