Tuesday 24 February 2015

W: Tevis Educational Ride

Join us Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 3-5, 2015, for a weekend of education at the Foresthill Mill Site in Foresthill, CA. Riders will enjoy gorgeous views along the scenic Western States Trail.

Tevis Educational Ride Participants will enjoy the following (Details Not Finalized):

• Camping included from Friday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 5th

• Mileage credit towards Tevis requirements for completion

• Ample parking for large rigs and portable pens

• The Tevis Store

• Bring your friends and family to socialize with fellow riders and Tevis veterans
Applications by junior riders who are over 12 and under 18 on ride day will only be considered if accompanied by the entry of an adult rider (21 years or older) as sponsor.

Proceeds will assist the WSTF with trail maintenance and improvements on the Western States Trail.

For fliers and entry forms see:

W: Nevada Derby I & II


HELLO FELLOW ENDURANCE RIDERS ... Come enjoy some great Nevada hospitality by joining us for the 2015 Nevada Derby I & II Endurance Rides.

Washoe Lake State Park is now the permanent home. This is a wonderful venue for putting on a ride. Riders will be able to enjoy many of the same trails used for the Washoe Valley Rides, while participating in the first leg of the NASTR Triple Crown.

There will be a 25 and 50 mile distance for each day. We are once again offering a 15 mile fun ride on Sunday, for riders and/or horses who are not quite ready for a 25/50 mile ride. This won’t be a timed event, just a leisurely trail ride.

The Nevada Derby 50 Mile Ride (day one) is the first test in our NASTR Triple Crown - three rides, of increasing distance and difficulty, through Northern Nevada valleys, deserts, foothills, and mountains (Nevada Derby 50 / April 4th * NASTR 75 / May 30th * VC 100 / September 19th). We invite you to test yourself, and join us in the fun and challenge, as well as the special awards.

Our ride manager this year is Beth Kauffmann (775) 685-9839, Bkauffmann53@yahoo.com, and our ride secretary is Karon Dutcher, (775) 690-2033, karondutcher@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you the first weekend in April :)

Virginia: Endurance 101 Clinic Postponed Due to Unrelenting, Miserable Cold

The Endurance 101+ clinics scheduled for February have been postponed to March 7th and 8th due to the nasty weather in the eastern part of the country.

Saturday, March 7th 2015 - AERC Endurance 101 Clinic 
designed for the beginner and endurance wannabees with lots of fantastic information on how to not only get started in the sport of endurance, but how to succeed from start to finish...and then some!

Sunday, March 8th 2015 - AERC Beyond The Basics Clinic 
developed for the more seasoned competitor who wants to up their game, this clinic comes loaded with excellent information to help the rider ride smarter, better, more efficiently, be successful in moving up in distance categories, as well as provide care/conditioning tips for that all important member of your team - your horse.

Registration forms are here:

Monday 23 February 2015

Oregon: Endurance 101 Clinic

Hosted by Karen Bumgarner

Saturday March 28 2015
1:00 - 6:00 PM
2 miles down Succor Creek Rd, south of Hwy 201, between Homedale, ID and Adrian, OR.

If riding is your passion, perhaps you'd like to try endurance riding!

We're having an unmounted/mounted clinic to introduce you to the sport of AERC Endurance Riding -- we will review how the competitions work, how to prepare the horse and rider and how to have not just success, but fun! There will be a mock vet check, metabolic checks of horses, how to handle trail emergencies, hands on look at equipment, a little bit about feeding and electrolyting, as well as plenty of time for questions and answers.

Then Butts in the Saddle entrants will saddle up and go for a ride, cross water, etc. All horses must be group safe. While the clinic is geared toward riders new to the sport, either contemplating trying it, or in their first season or two of competition, I'd be happy to include more advanced info if requested such as moving up in distances etc. We'll also address horse camping, trail etiquette and safety. I could use a couple veteran rider helpers too.

Cost: Two divisions with a "butt in the saddle" price ($85) and a "butt in the chair" no horse price ($40), we'll still get your hands on a horse for pulse and stuff though. March 28 for the clinic. Going to secure a vet or two for some speaking.

The plan is to keep it “green” and not kill too many trees with paper handouts, but will give you a CD full of information, including internet links, powerpoint presentations, and a ton of reading material that will keep you busy for weeks.

Please register by March 20, just request a registration form and I'll get it off to you. There will be a limited number of "Butts in saddle" spots, no limit for "Butts in Chairs". Thank you!!

If it doesn't fill by March 20 the event will be canceled and checks returned.

Bring a chair, your refreshments, dress for outdoors, and plan to have a good time and make new friends!

For more information and a flyer see:

Tuesday 10 February 2015

NE: Old Dominion

The No Frills entry form for April 25-26 is up on the OD website and ready to fill out and mail in. The introductory ride is Sunday and that ride will start around 10ish Get your entry form http://www.olddominionrides.org/entryforms.html