Tuesday 23 August 2016

You've Done the "Toughest" Ride, Now Do the "Coolest"

COOLEST Ride & Tie, Equathon and Fun Ride - Cool, CA.
October 8, 2016.
Enter now!

Ride and Tie 22 miles/12 miles/6 miles
Equathon: 12 mile ride/6mile run
Fun Ride 12 miles/6 miles

This course is on the Beautiful Olmstead Knickerbocker trail that includes views of Sierra Nevada.
Trail varies from single track to fire road, mostly rolling with a few of short/medium climbs - from easy to moderate.

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Wednesday 17 August 2016

W: Virginia City 100

Dear Riders,
September 17, 2016 is rapidly approaching, and with that the Nevada All-State Trail Rider’s final ride of the NASTR Triple Crown.
Please join us for the 49th Annual Virginia City 100 Mile Endurance Ride, held in historic Virginia City, Nevada.  Lots of fun, excitement, and a challenging trail.
Attached you will find the brochure and entry for this year’s ride, along with some detailed historical information about the ride.  You can also access this information on our web page.  Check it out at http://www.nastr.org
Please help welcome Crysta Turnage, our new Ride Manager.  Crysta has helped manage VC100 as a day and/or night manager several years while Connie rode (including last year) and has numerous years of experience as an individual ride manager.  We have heard concerns over “new management” but rest assured you can still expect the same quality event as always.  VC100 is still very much a NASTR club ride, and Connie is still highly involved in the planning and management. 
With the cost of holding this type of ride continuing to rise, it is more difficult for us to plan our ride without a headcount, however tentative.  If you could provide us with a quick response as to whether or not you plan to attend, it would help us greatly in planning one of the oldest and most historic rides in the west. We will keep you updated with any important information or changes via email or Facebook, so please let us know if you will be attending this year.  We also need a head count for Friday’s dinner and Sunday’s banquet.
Come prepared to clean your camp site of ALL manure and hay.  This MUST BE DONE before you leave ride camp.  This does not mean spreading it out or throwing it over the edge of the hill.  Nothing can be left behind to attract mustangs into town.  NASTR has to pay a hefty cleaning deposit for the use of the Ice House, and throwing your hay and manure over the edge of the mountain, or leaving any hay or manure, will result in NASTR losing our deposit.  Extra garbage bags will be available in the ride office. 
PARKING INFORMATION:  Base camp will be held at the Ice House. Parking will be limited once again, having lost some of the lower section of parking.  Last year the upper section was expanded, and we should once again be able to accommodate a small ride, without limiting the number of entries. There will be limited space for crew camping, so please take this into consideration.   We will have volunteers to assist with parking.  We ask for your cooperation and patience.  Should you arrive Thursday or early Friday, before our parking staff, we ask that you please take the least amount of space as possible, and situate yourself to park close together and not block access.  If you could double up (carpool), and limit corral space, that would be helpful.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you the third weekend in September.

The ride entry, current Triple Crown standings, as well as historical stats on past winners, BC winners, Triple Crown winners, and buckle winners can be found here.
Nevada All-State Trail Riders, Inc.
Crysta Turnage – Ride Manager / (775) 762-8086 / CTSinatra@gmail.com
Gina Hall – Ride Secretary / (775) 849-0839 / NVhorseldy@charter.net

Thursday 4 August 2016

NW: Old Selam Redux

As you all no doubt recall, in 2015, for the first time in over 30 years, Old Selam had to be canceled due to nearby forest fires.  Once again in 2016, the planets aligned and Idaho is besieged by one of the largest fires in the United States.  Known as the Pioneer Fire, while the fire is at least eight miles from ride camp, the area of impact/closure includes not only Old Selam ride camp but the bulk of the trails.

Out of the nearby ashes, Old Selam will arise like the mythical Phoenix, albeit our tail feathers are a bit scorched.

After much furrowing of brows and gnashing of teeth, Southwest Idaho Trail and Distance Riders decided, in lieu of canceling the event a second time, to move the venue to Council, Idaho, (NOT CAMBRIDGE) where Friends of the Weiser River Trail has graciously agreed to provide the trail.

We are trimming the ride back to a single day trail ride, 25 and 50, on SUNDAY, September 4.  We will camp at the fair and rodeo grounds in Council, Idaho, on highway 95 just north of town (where we camped in past years for the Weiser River Trail Endurance Ride).  The trail will be on an old rail bed, running north, much of the trail along a river, all of the trail very scenic.  There will be one out vet check for each distance.  HOOF PROTECTION IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.  This is an old rail bed and while there are sections with absolutely no rocks, you can be assured that there WILL be rocks.

I will be putting together a new flyer and should have that for you in the next couple of days, but meanwhile, if you plan on attending, please RSVP bbbivens@icehouse.net so we can get a head count.

• Vets Robert Washington and Keith Ruble
• Pot luck awards Sunday evening after the last 50 finishes
• Start time 7 a.m. for the 50s, to be determined for the 25s
• Weed free hay not required

NW: Aspen Lake

Hello everyone:  Aspen Lake ride is approaching fast, Aug 27th.  We need volunteers, for pulsing (in cam and out vet check), timers (easy job),  hauling water(delivering water to the water stops on trail) requires a truck. Sandwich makers for lunches (lunch for volunteers, vets, ride management), we supply the makin's.  There are many I have left out.  So please come and volunteer, without volunteers there would be no rides.

Great rustic/dry camping, easy access for large rigs.  No corrals so plan accordingly.  Bring plenty of people water, horse water supplied (THURS EVENING AND FRI AND SAT),  for those of you coming early.  Potluck Fri and Sat.  Bring a dish to share.  

50 and 30 mile sanctioned ride, 10 mile fun ride.  All horses need to check in Fri evening.  fun riders need to check in Fri evening, fun riders please call if you want to ride and cannot come in Fri evening.  

Would appreciate someone to stick close to me to possibly take over the ride next year, or at least be assist ride manager.  Birthdays have a way of taking advantage, and there is a great need for ride managers for the Southern Oregon rides.  

Diana Aldridge