Sunday 30 December 2018

MT: Best of the Best 100 Cancelled

The Best of the Best 100 (as well as the 25 and 50) that was scheduled for August 17, 2019, in Riverton, Wyoming, has been cancelled. For more information, see

Friday 14 December 2018

MT: BEST OF THE BEST 100 - Discount Entries Due by December 31

December 14 2018

Best of the Best 100 - August 17, 2019

Are you ready for the ultimate endurance challenge? This inaugural 100-mile ride in Wyoming hearkens back to the Race of Champions challenges of the 1990's.

Qualifications are:
Successful completion of no less than five (5) 100 miles in one day AERC sanctioned competitions with a minimum of one (1) in the Top Ten same horse and rider team. Alternate criteria consist of three (3) 100 miles in one day completions with one (1) in the Top Ten and two (2) multi day rides with all offered days completed. Lifetime record will apply.

YOU NEED NOT BE QUALIFIED TO ENTER. MUST COMPLETE QUALIFICATONS ON OR BEFORE MAY 31, 2019. You still have 6 months of the new ride season to complete your qualifications!

Discounted entry is $500 for the 100 miler BEFORE Dec 31st 2018, and will be $ 595 from Jan 1st 2019.

A deposit of $200 must accompany entry with the balance fees may be paid in increments with final payment due on or before May 31, 2019. Refund policy is full refund for all monies paid before December 31, 2018.

For more information, see:

Wednesday 12 December 2018

NW: 2019 Autumn Sun Pioneer Dates Announced

December 11 2018

Sanctioning is done and the Autumn Sun Pioneer is officially on the calendar!
Join us October 11, 12 and 13, 2019!

We're proud to be the final leg in the Idaho IronHorse Challenge!

Enjoy the winter and we'll see you all on the trails soon.

More details here.

2019 AERC Nat'l Championship Dates Announced

December 11 2018

2019 AERC National Championships dates announced: October 31 (50) and November 2 (100), 2019, in Ridgecrest, California (home of the Twenty Mule Team Ride) in the Pacific Southwest Region.

The ride managers are Brian Reeves and Melissa and Robert Ribley; Mike Peralez will be head control judge.

Thanks to Andrew Gerhard, the NC website is already up and fantastic - check it out at

Wednesday 17 October 2018

49th Big Horn 100 Set For July 13, 2019

October 17 2018

Come Ride the Legend!

The Big Horn 100 has been scheduled on the AERC ride calendar for Saturday, July 13, 2019. A 50 mile ride will be held on Friday July 12.

New ride manager Cindy Collins and assistant ride manager Regina Rose have already been working on getting sponsors for this 1-loop 100-miler - one of the few Big Loop rides in the country.

Collins stated, "The 2019 Big Horn 50/100, July 12 & 13th, is going to be an event to remember!

"Check out our sponsors (so far), please support them and thank them for donating to one of the most iconic 100 mile rides in the AERC:
Specialized Saddles 

Riding Warehouse

Distance Depot 
Ride Boldly 

EasyCare, Inc. 

The Production Room

Sabrina White’s Rump Rugs 

Crazy Legs Riding Tights . 

More details to come soon!"

For more information, contact Cindy Collins at:

Tuesday 9 October 2018

2019 Best of the Best

Best of the Best 100 - August 17, 2019
Best of the Best 25/50 - August 15, 2019

Entry Package

Welcome to Best of the Best 100! Congratulations on qualifying for this awesome event. Your dedication and conviction should make you quite proud. This accomplishment puts you in a league with a small percentage of distance riders who demonstrate the ability to conquer the ultimate endurance challenge.

Qualifications: Successful completion of no less than five (5) 100 miles in one day AERC sanctioned competitions with a minimum of one (1) in the Top Ten same horse and rider team. Alternate criteria consist of three (3) 100 miles in one day completions with one (1) in the Top Ten and two (2) multi day rides with all offered days completed.

Accommodations: Riverton, Wyoming
Base camp is at Rick & Cindy Simcox’s home. Camping is primitive with porta potties and horse water. Bring people water. Close to town location with many restaurants, lodging options, fuel, 3 feed stores and Super WalMart just minutes from camp. Camp will open on Monday, August 12, 2019 at noon for early arrivals and close on Monday August 19, 2019 at noon. With prior arrangements, a neighbor who operates a broading facility has agreed to provide turnout or stalls (if you wish to go sightseeing). She will also feed for you as well. For riders wanting to come early or stay late to do more touring you can be assured your animals are secure and well cared for.

Camping: There is a large open fenced field for dry camping where horses may have paddocks or be high-tied. Generators need to be off by 10 pm out of courtesy to others. Horse water will be available. Please come prepared to pick up manure and hay. This is a commercial hayfield and the farmer will need to make another cutting after the ride. Manure will go into a dump trailer WITHOUT garbage bags so bring a mucktub or other container.
2. Any abuse of management, volunteers, equines, neighbors, or competitors and/or their crews will result in immediate disqualification without refund.
3. Well behaved and restrained dogs are welcome. Not everyone loves these pets and your cooperation is appreciated to make everyone’s weekend a positive experience. You will need to clean up after your pets- it is a sanitation issue as well as courtesy. Loose dogs will not be tolerated- this is a working farm area and Wyoming law allows for shooting any animal harassing livestock. Please keep peace for all and come prepared to keep your dogs contained/restrained.
4. Come prepared to clean up your campsite.
5. Completion criteria will by 64 bpm within 30 minutes. There will be a safety check for the 100 mile horses one (1) hour after arrival at the finish. It will have no effect on your completion and is strictly for equine safety.
6. Ties are not permitted.
7. Trail will be flagged with ribbon, lime and glowbars- deviation from the marked trail will result in disqualification.
8. There will be hay on the longer loops at water stops. DO NOT allow your horse to use this for a potty. Crews and riders are responsible for cleaning up their areas before departure.
9. Health certificates will be required for out of state horses along with current coggins.
10. Junior entry is half-price all distances. Junior must be sponsored by an adult competitor and may not be accompanied by an unentered individual. Juniors may change sponsors during the event with signed release. Additional releases will be at the vetchecks.
11. No Smoking on trail.

Trail: 100 mile ride is one loop with vet checks out of camp. All vet checks are at two locations. We will transport crew bags for riders without crew. Trail consists of some sand, some rocks, some gravel and climbing- natural diverse desert terrain. Elevation at camp is about 5000 feet. There are no major climbs but be prepared to climb. Hoof protection is required; pads are recommended. Glow bars to be used after dark. Water stops on trail and water will be available at all checks. 25/50 mile vet check is out of camp in one location. Please remember to be water conscious- we are in the desert and almost every drop must be hauled! Ride time is 24 hours for the 100, 12 hours for the 50 mile ride and 6 hours for the 25.

Meals: Welcome BBQ, Friday night meal and Sunday Brunch on August 18, 2019 and will be catered. We are working with several companies to offer food and drinks all day at Beartrap Meadow for crews, riders, and staff. More information to follow.

Check In: Check in for the 100 mile ride will start at 11 am Friday morning with vetting to start mid-afternoon.

Entry Information:
100 mile entry includes all veterinary examinations, right to ride the marked trail, 2 sets of meal tickets to the pre ride dinner and post ride awards brunch (4 tickets total), a welcome goodie bag at check in, completion awards, and drug fees.

Fees & Policies:
Entry fee for the 100 is $500. A deposit of $200 must accompany entry with the balance fees may be paid in increments with final payment due on or before May 31, 2019.
Refund policy is full refund for all monies paid before December 31, 2018. Until May 31, 2019, a full refund less $100. Entries received after January 1, 2019 will incur a $95 penalty. After May 31, 2019 one half of fees will be refunded with veterinary certificate. No entries accepted after May 31, 2019. NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Directions: From Casper and points North/East:
Follow US 26 West from Shoshoni. Cross the Causeway for Boysen Lake. Once the road widens to 4 lanes (plus a turn lane), go about 2 miles to Wyoming Livestock Supply and you will see Wyoming Elevator (grain bins) both on the right side. Turn right on Hutchinson Road. GO ½ mile to the stop sign and turn right on 2 Valley Rd. Follow it up the hill and around to the big sign and parking directions.
From Lander and points South/West:
Follow Wyoming 789 or US 26 into and through Riverton. Follow US 26/WY 789 (they merge in downtown). Shortly after WalMart is a flashing yellow caution light. Continue 5 miles to a left on 2 Valley Road. There is a dinosaur billboard directly across from the entrance to 2 Valley Road. Take 2 Valley approximately one mile to large sign and parking directions.

Volunteers are the life blood of these events. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know so we can have a shirt and goodie bag for you, too!

25/50 Specific Information

Qualifications: This is an open AERC sanctioned 25/50 mile event. There are no qualifications to participate outside AERC requirements.

Trail: This is a 50 mile loop with holds at a central location out of camp. The 25 will start and finish at camp. The trail consists of varied desert terrain and will be different from the 100 mile ride. Expect rocks, soft footing, single and two track, with some climbs.

Meals: 25/50 mile ride includes one ticket to Welcome BBQ on August 14, 2019.

Check In: Check in for the 25/50 mile ride will start Wednesday afternoon with vetting to follow.

Entry Information:
25/50 mile entry includes all veterinary examinations, right to the ride marked trail, a goodie bag, completion awards, drug fees and one ticket for the Welcome BBQ.
A minimum of 20 paid entries needed by May 31, 2019 to ensure this event. Entries after this date can not be guaranteed meals, goodie bags, or completions.

Schedule of Events

Monday, August 12, 2019

12 PM Camp Opens

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Noon 25/50 Mile Check in
3 PM 25/50 Mile Vetting begins
7 PM 25/50 Mile Pre-Ride Briefing after Welcome BBQ

Thursday, August 15, 2019

7 AM 50 Mile Trail Opens
8 AM 25 Mile Trail Opens
2 PM 25 Mile Trail Closes
7 PM 50 Mile Trail Closes and 25/50 mile awards

Friday, August 16, 2019

11 AM 100 Mile Check in
3 PM 100 Mile Vetting Begins
6 PM Pre-Ride Dinner
7 PM 100 Mile Pre-Ride Briefing

Saturday, August 17, 2019

6 AM 100 Mile Trail Opens

Sunday, August 18, 2019

6 AM 100 Mile Trail Closes
8 AM 100 Mile B of B Best Condition Judging
9 AM Brunch
10 AM 100 Mile Awards

Monday, August 19, 2019
Noon Camp Closes

More information and an entry form can be found at:

NE: Fort Valley 2-day Rides

Fort Valley 2-day Rides - October 19th & 20th, 2018 


16 mile Intro Ride on Saturday ~ 
30/50 mile rides Friday and Saturday ~ 
16/30/50 mile Ride & Tie Friday and Saturday 

Time to mark your calendar for another great OD favorite - 
2 day Fort Valley Rides. They are being held once again in the gorgeous Massanutten Mountains of the Shenandoah Valley. We can guarantee stunning vistas, mouthwatering food (Pete is once again the cook), and spectacular fall foliage. 

Come ride or volunteer! Ride both days, ride one-volunteer one, OR 
If you cannot ride consider volunteering for the weekend. 
Contact Claire Godwin if you plan to volunteer!

Monday 17 September 2018

SE: AERC Nat'l Championships are a Go!

September 17 2018

The AERC National Championships at Bilmore (Asheville, North Carolina) are a GO! The rain has been light, the trails are clear!

Based assessing the ride site, any Monday arrivals would be best if postponed to Tuesday morning, then we are a ‘go’. Site will be overall laid out by late today. Park between flags — they will be set 30 feet apart, so generally spacious enough for all your horse and camping needs. We will have a team to help park starting Tuesday afternoon. At most one ‘saved’ space for a present rig.

We always have tractors available, but all should be ok if y'all are reasonably careful.

We have no fuel shortages locally.

I understand a number of riders — especially those driving or being driven (ie everyone) are concerned about aftermath of Florence and its impact on interstates and fuel supplies.

I-26 east to I-95 and west as far as you care to go is fine. I-95 from Florida to I-26 is wide open.
I-81 is clear north and south.
I-40 is clear from Raleigh west
I-85, I-75 all clear towards our part of the world from north to Richmond etc.
Routes from New York City; Richmond, Virginia; Nashville, TN; Jacksonville, FL; Chatanooga, TN — all are clear and open.

We know the eastern part of NC is a mess on I-95 RIGHT NOW. But by Tuesday, even parts of that are likely to be OK.

Fuel should be fine by Tuesday, I would imagine, but you might want to verify on your preferred routes.

Over the weekend, we saw cherry-picker trucks and other utility trucks sheltering in this area from all over the Carolina (look for Sumter, SC on a map — we had their trucks). They are out doing their jobs. They will attend to the main arteries first. Since the Interstates (except I-95) look good, this will be the US highways and state highways.

On trails, teams are out today to clear and check — we had almost no wind, and relatively little rain. One of the joys of Biltmore is they take this seriously. By Thursday, the 50 and 25 mile trails will be fine, by Saturday the 100 mile trails will be fine. We have pre-riders starting out tomorrow.

The trails are designed so one distance does not use any sensitive (ie ruinable) trails for another distance. Good footing is re-used. Look at the trail maps to get a good look at that — a serious design consideration as we were putting this together that caught us a couple of years ago in May, so we re-designed.

And the weather forecast is 80s daily high, 60s daily low — drying conditions! And we are loamy soil, not clay. Loam drys a lot faster.

As said earlier — don’t come early, but come, we have the welcome mat out, and it is looking pretty nice!

More information at:

Tuesday 11 September 2018

NW: Titanium Run Cancelled

The Titanium Run scheduled for Sept. 15 and 16 in Fort John, British Columbia, has been cancelled. Weather issues! Please watch for this ride next season!

W: New Date for Kristina Chesterman Memorial ride

NEW RIDE DATE for the 2018 Kristina Chesterman Memorial Ride: November 3rd!!!

Sierra Pacific Industries was forced to close all their trails recently due to the extreme fire danger in our area this year. However, the trails will be open for recreational use later this season, so we have moved our ride date to November 3rd!!!

Come ride with us in beautiful fall weather and rack up some end of season points!!! Hope to see you out there... please spread the word about this fantastic ride! All the money raised from this ride goes to an incredible cause... see link below for more information!

This ride is being held in memory of the 21-year-old Chico State Nursing Student, and fellow equestrian, who tragically lost her life to a drunk driver in 2013. All proceeds from Saturday’s ride will go to help suppport a medical clinic in Nigeria, in Kristina’s honor.

Wednesday 29 August 2018

NW: Autumn Sun Pioneer

Autumn Sun Pioneer, Sept. 28-30 has 3 days of LD and endurance! We have a Cavalry division too -- this is what endurance is really about. Entries are open, let us know if you're coming!

The ride website has been updated to include the rules for our Cavalry division!

Friday 24 August 2018

W: Virginia City 100

REMINDER: The entry fee for Virginia City goes up after postmark 9/1. Be sure to save and submit now!!
Entry can be found at:

Thursday 16 August 2018

NE: Iron Mountain Jubilee

just a reminder that the early discount for the Iron Mountain Jubilee ends soon! Your entry must be postmarked by 8/15 to use the discount. We will take entries after that and at the ride but it will cost a little more for the convenience. Please go ahead and send your entry in asap though to help us figure numbers!

Come on out and ride or volunteer at this beautiful location! It will be a great tune up for those looking towards the AERC NC! We are looking forward to a great ride! Hope you'll be there!!

Tuesday 14 August 2018

W: Eastern High Sierra Classic Cancelled

Due to poor air quality, the Eastern High Sierra Classic ride in Bridgeport, CA, has been cancelled. Watch for this longtime ride again in 2019!

Monday 13 August 2018

W: Virginia City

Come ride the 51st annual Virginia City 100
on September 15 2018

• THE TRAIL: Consists of three loops (51, 25, 24 miles), each returning to base camp in Virginia City. There will be an outlying vet check on the first and last loop, with (2) one hour hold vet checks at base camp. Crews will have easy access to meet riders along the trail. The trail covers hard pack and rocky terrain on historical wagon (now jeep) roads with some sandy single track footing and several mountain climbs. There is also pavement through town and across highways. Riders are responsible for their own safety while crossing paved roads. We do advise the use of pads and/or boots. Elevations range between 5000 and 7800 feet. Each loop will be marked with a different color of ribbon, along with chalk and glow sticks (after dark). Water & hay will be provided on the trail and at the two outlying vet checks. The ride will start in front of the Delta Saloon at 5:00 a.m., Saturday. Allow yourself time to get from camp to the Delta by 5:00 a.m. (approximately 20 minutes). There will be a controlled start out of town.

• BASE CAMP: Will be the Ice House at 95 Toll Road, Virginia City, NV. Parking will be on grindings (asphalt), and will be crowded. There will be limited room for portable corrals. If you have the ability, it would be helpful if you could car pool. The camp site will be open from Thursday evening, September 13th, to Sunday evening, September 16th. Horse water will be available. COME PREPARED, the elevation of Virginia City is over 6000 feet and can get cold at night. The comforts of motels and cafes can be found, as well as shopping and sightseeing within walking distance of base camp.

For entry form and more information, see:

Wednesday 1 August 2018

NE: Iron Mountain Jubilee

Time to think about entering the Iron Mountain Jubilee Endurance Ride and Ride & Tie!! Early discount ends August 15th! You can download your entry at our web site

Tuesday 31 July 2018

W: Tahoe Rim Cancelled

July 31 2018

We regret that we will have to cancel the 2018 Tahoe Rim Ride scheduled for August 4th due to the unhealthy air quality that currently plagues our area and is forcasted to remain through this weekend's scheduled ride. 

All checks will be shredded. Riders that were on this year's entry list at the time of this cancellation notice will have the option to enter next year's ride.

Please stay posted for information about the 2019 ride.

Thursday 19 July 2018

NE: Ride & Tie, Clinic, hosted by Old Dominion

Mark your calendars for two upcoming events hosted by the Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization! July 28-29 Ride & Tie/training ride & camping weekend at Orkney Springs and theSept. 29 clinic in Winchester. Details about this and our two raffles at

Wednesday 4 July 2018

NW: Bandit Springs

Here are the details regarding Bandit. 

Trails Rides – There will be trail rides on all days.  The cost of all trail rides is $30.  Friday, there will be a trail ride that will start at 6:30 on the 10-mile loop.  Riders may participate in the Trail Challenge or just ride the trail.  ALL trail riders must check out with the timer.  AND ALL RIDERS MUST SEE THE VET.  I know you think that “it’s just a trail ride” but them’s the rules.  Trail rides on Saturday and Sunday will start at 10:30. Riders again will have the option of participating in the organized event of the day or just riding the trail.  If you chose to simply ride the trail, you may choose the 10 or the 15-mile loop.  You MUST, however, check out with the timer and tell him/her what loop you are going on.  We need to keep track of you!  

LDs – There will be LDS on all days.  The cost is $85 (unless you pre-register) for any LD.  Friday night’s LD will begin at 6:00.  The 15-mile loop is first and the 10-mile loop is 2nd.  The 10-mile loop will have glow sticks.  Be sure to go fast enough on the first loop that you can slow down the 2nd loop.  Saturday’s LDs (30 mile) will begin at 6:30 am.  Sunday’s LD (25 miles) will also begin at 6:30.

50s – There are 50 mile rides on Saturday and Sunday and they will begin at 6:00am.  Cost is $100.  Saturday’s 50-mile ride will be the Region 4 AHA Championship.  Only $15 to cross enter. 

80s – There will be an 80 mile ride on Saturday beginning at 5am. Cost is $115.

Ride & Tie – 10 or 25/30.  $45 for short course.  $75 for long course.  Start time 6:15 am

Certified weed free hay is required.  If you would like to reserve a bale, please let Elayne know:  The cost is $13/bale.

You may get the discount by pre-PAYING. – PayPal or mail the check to Liz Batterson 24965 Alpine Ln.  Alfalfa OR 97701 BEFORE JULY 6. 

There will be a potluck dinner on Saturday AND Sunday at 6:30pm.  We have a pancake feed for breakfast planned for Sat and Sun.  It will be by donation. 

There will be a limited amount of weed free hay available and it is required by USFS.

Dogs on leashes.  (Particularly Friday-Sunday.  I’ll be a little more lenient before then.)

American Trail Gear will be on site.  Yea!!!

Bandit is part of the Oregon Trifecta Prize…any distance, any horse.  Ride Bandit, Santiam, and OR 100 and be entered to win an embroidered blanket and an entry to one of these same rides next year!

Registration here.

Sunday 27 May 2018

W: Harvey Bear Endurance Clinic Next Weekend

May 27 2018

Just one more week until the Harvey Bear Endurance Clinic in San Martin California, just south of San Jose. There is still room, so get those entries in, and you can also register on site on Saturday morning.

Remember the talks start about noon on Saturday. Don't miss endurance legends Becky Hart and Julie Suhr Suhr's talks! The first 15 entries get a copy of Julie's book, and I bet you can get her to sign it for you!

Our latest update is i'm happy to announce our head vet will be Dr Susan McCartney from Nevada. Susan is a very highly respected vet from the West region and has been working endurance rides for many, many years.

For full details see

The Picture is the legendary Wonder Appaloosa of Endurance, Warpaint, owned and ridden by my wife Judy. This shot is at the Death Valley encounter, where Judy and Wartpaint held the record for the most days by a single horse and rider combo. (they probably still do!)

See you there!
Nick Warhol

Saturday 26 May 2018

W: Wild West Pioneer Early Bird Deadline is June 1

June 15, 16, 17, 2018

The entries are flowing in quick. Corrals are all reserved. We might get full this year. Send your entry in now to avoid the late fee after June 1st. We're working hard on getting the campground cleaned up. The Forest Service removed 80 trees this winter. So expect better clearance driving around the circle and a little more sun.

More info at:

NE: Old Dominion Early Bird Deadline is May 29

The Old Dominion June Ride in Orkney Springs, Virginia, is ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY!!! 

June 8th and 9th....The Early Bird Deadline is Tuesday, May 29th.. 

• 25 mile being offered on BOTH Friday and Saturday (by rider request). We MUST Have 15 entries for Saturday's 25 by 5/29 for Saturdays 25 to be a GO!
• Intro Ride on Saturday June 9th
• 1st Leg of the North East Triple Crown 100 Mile Challenge; 2nd Leg of the OD Triple Crown

For more information see:

Sunday 20 May 2018

Australia: Shahzada 2018

SHAHZADA 2018.....keep your eyes focused on the real prize of the year in August - come and join us at Shahzada.

The 38th Shahzada will be held from Monday, 27thAugust to Friday, 31st August 2018.

If you are keen to do the Mini Marathon, remember riders need to have completed 2 x 40km intermediate rides - plenty of chances to do this in time - Wingello on next week and check the ride calendar for others. Great photo thanks to Animal Focus of Allison Knihinicki and Velona Amadi at Shahzada 2017....Allison is booked in for Shahzada this year!!!!

For more information, see

Friday 18 May 2018

NE: Old Dominion

The OD is only 3 weeks away!

Two Day Ride again this year.

Friday, June 8th:  50 and 25 mile, and Ride & Tie 
Saturday, June 9th: 100 Mile. and Intro Ride (15.5 miles) 

*******NEW THIS YEAR by rider request**** 
25 Mile on Saturday also (ONLY IF we have 15 entries by 5-29) 

100 mile Ride & Tie (plus other Ride & Tie distances 

Early Bird Deadline is Tuesday, May 29th (Save money, get your entries in NOW, join OD and save even more)

For more info, see:

Wednesday 16 May 2018

MT: Fort Howes Entry Forms Online Now

Celebrating 22 years of endurance rides, the Fort Howes website ( has been updated with the current 2018 online entry form.

Homesteaded in 1883 by Captain Calvin Howes (a former sea Captain from Massachusetts), the Circle Bar Ranch is the home of the Fort Howes Endurance Rides - See Ranch History Link. As noted, starting in 1997, the Fort Howes rides have grown from a one-day ride offering a 25 mile Limited Distance ride and a 50 mile Endurance Ride to currently offering a two-day ride with 25 and 35 mile Limited Distance rides, a 50 and 55 mile Endurance Ride and a 75 and 100 mile Endurance Rides. We also include FEI divisions for both Seniors and Young Riders in the 50/55/75 and 100 mile distances.

Trails consist of Open Meadows, Cow Trails, and unimproved Jeep Trails. Riders can expect to have at least one 1000' elevation change in each loop they ride out on. Water is available out on trail every 3-5 miles. Currently all Vet Checks will all be in basecamp, however, depending on the trails we may have one check out on the 75 and/or 100 mile rides (we'll make arrangements to haul your crewing supplies out, if necessary).

Basecamp is a huge open field with lots of room and plenty of horse water available.

We will again be offering our Rancher's dinner on Friday night including steak and all the trimmings. Saturday night will include a BBQ with hamburgers and hotdogs.

Temperatures in the early part of June range in the 40's overnight and up into the 80's during the days. Though one should always plan for anything - this is Montana after all and we subscribe to the saying "Don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it will change".

We’re looking forward to once again opening our little piece of Heaven to our endurance community with the offer of "come early, stay late", but don’t be surprised if you get "put to work" while you’re here!
See ya’ll soon!

Bill, Jan, Heather, John, Tyler, Cody, Jennifer, Chet, Megan and Zach

5 Fort Road
Ashland, Montana 59003
406-784-2469 - landline
307-752-7952 - cell

Monday 7 May 2018

W: Van Duzen Doozie 75/100 Elevator

May 12 in the Six Rivers National Forest, California!

Trails will consist of forest service roads, jeep roads, 4WD trails, and the river bar. Vet checks will be a gate into a hold. Both the 100 mile and 75 mile rides have a vet check out of camp. Elevation ranges from 2500’ to 4500’.

The 100 mile Van Duzen Doozie is your tool to get ready for Tevis. 4 out of the 5 riders that Did The Doozie last year also finished Tevis last year. That's an awesome 80%!!! There's still time to Do The Doozie this year and increase your chances of getting your Tevis buckle. Entry forms here:

Friday 4 May 2018

W: NASTR Ride (30/50/75)

Entries are now available for the NASTR Ride (30/50/75) in the West Region.

Doing the 75 mile distance is a great way to leg your horse up for "the Big 100 that shall remain nameless".

It is the intention to hold the ride once again at Scout Camp, south of Silver Springs, NV this year - weather and river levels permitting. If this changes, we will let you know.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: All trails will be laid out in a loop configuration, with several out vet checks.

Riders will enjoy scenic canyon climbs, desert washes, natural springs, stock tanks, dry lake terrain over jeep roads, and winding single track trail along the Carson River under the mighty cottonwood trees. The majority of the footing is sandy however there are some areas of rock. The trail is mostly flat with several gradual climbs. Crews will have access to all away-vet checks. Hay and water will be provided by ride management at away-vet checks. The 75 mile ride is the 2nd qualifier for the NASTR Triple Crown.

Friday 6 April 2018

PS: Fire Up

AERC 25,50,75,100 and FEI 1*2*3*

A quick update on the April 21st FIRE UP 1*2*3* in Ridgecrest, California. All AERC, FEI and Fun Riders are welcome at this event. The vets will allow AERC riders to pulse in with saddles on if they choose. AERC distances are 25,50,75,100 + Fun Ride.

The Becky Grand Hart Desert Ride Series places great emphasis on horse welfare and excellent horsemanship, so special Best Condition Prizes will be awarded to whoever (AERC or FEI) wins BC in the 25, 50, 75, and 100. Note that the Fire Up 100 mile ride is also a qualifier for the "Best of the Best".

Thank you to Gretchen Montgomery, Brian Reeves, Nick Warhol, Gloria and Ron Schultz and many other Ridgecrest friends and Valley Riders members for making this event possible. 


We are pleased to announce that there are riders and officials attending FIRE UP from the following countries: New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Romania, Guatemala, Japan, South Africa, maybe Australia, and of course the USA. At this time we have riders coming from California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and possibly Nevada and Oregon. 


Please bring your favorite casserole and some drink to share, to the Friday Potluck starting at 5PM. There will be no sit down dinner on Saturday. We are planning on running a grill Saturday from 12-7 PM with food for purchase. Also plans are underway for an AWARDS BREAKFAST EARLY SUNDAY . Sponsored by More details to come.

We will have flags from all countries attending. But if we missed someone, a crew member or friend, please bring ask them to bring their county flag so we can hang it up with the others.


The FIRE UP trail is a COC achievable trail. USEF Observers will be present assessing potential WEG Endurance Championship hopefuls. The first phase is the same as the January Fire Mountain "Pink Loop". The rest of the trail is new and mostly road with a couple inches of sand. This course is designed to be safe for horses and riders attempting to achieve a 14km average speed. All vet checks/holds are back in camp. 


Crewing will be allowed on trail in designated areas. More to come on that later. Please note that for safety reasons crew vehicles will NOT be allowed to re enter the base camp after the ride starts. Parking outside the perimeter fence will be provided. Plan to re-provision crew vehicles parked outside of base camp by foot using carts. Please plan to load and carry some of your own cooling water for your horse in your crew vehicle so we don't risk depleting the troughs on course. 


AERC riders and horses will be allowed to go back to their trailers at the vet check / holds. FEI horses will NOT be allowed to return to trailers and must remain in the designated crewing area inside the arena or immediately adjacent. Watch for crewing area signs.


Volunteers and Sponsors make this ride go. Contact if you can help volunteer. Also contact Carolyn if you would like to help sponsor the Becky Grand Hart Desert Ride Series. Many thanks go to our current sponsors: Riding Warehouse, Anne York and Catfish Moe and

For an entry/flyer, see

Saturday 31 March 2018

W: Tevis Fun Ride

The Tevis Family Fun ride is May 18-20, with 2 marked distances on the Tevis Trail.

You'll have shuttle service, food, and trail briefings Friday and Saturday evenings from experienced Tevis riders. Cost is $60 per rig.

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Friday 23 March 2018

W: Nevada Derby 25/50

Come join us for our annual Spring event on April 7! The first leg of the NASTR Triple Crown - the Nevada Derby ride! We also have an introductory ride for only $20 for anyone who is interested in learning more about the sport or with a young / green / inexperienced horse.

Held annually the first weekend in April, the Nevada Derby is the Nevada All-State Trail Riders spring training ride, continuing our own tradition of the Derby Ditch and Square Nail rides for the past 43 years. The trail will be of moderate difficulty. Pads and /or boots are recommended! The desert terrain varies from rocky to sandy with steep uphill and downhill, some trails, some cross country and jeep roads. Elevation varies from 4600 to 7500’. The 50 mile ride will consist of three loops, each returning to camp for control vet checks. The 25 mile ride will consist of two loops, which offer the novice horse and rider a moderate challenge, while enjoying the beautiful views from the mountain tops and the beaches of Washoe Lake. The 15-Mile Fun Introductory Ride is an opportunity to experience the trail, vet checks, and lunch without the higher stress, cost, or awards associated with a longer distance rides. The 50 mile ride must be completed in order to be in contention for the NASTR Triple Crown, which includes the Nevada Derby 50, NASTR 75, and the Virginia City 100

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Saturday 17 March 2018

PS: New Cuyama Ride Venue Changed Due To Weather

Dear Cuyama Riders

Once again we face a dilemma over the Cuyama ride with conditions completely out of our control. We are camped at Cuyama and have part of the trail marked. The problem is the potential weather predicted for Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Simply put, If the storm system develops and drops the predicted 2-4 inches on Tuesday night through Friday, we will have no choice but to cancel the ride. The chance of significant moisture occurring during the time rigs are pulling in will be a disaster. Of course this leads us to an agonizing decision. There is always a chance the predicted storm will fail to materialize with the present predicted intensity but delaying the decision to cancel right up till the night before could be a disaster for us all and a risk I am unwilling to take as it will severely inconvenience many of our riders. Therefore in consideration of everyone concerned, we need to make a decision now. Cuyama is an important ride with the XP year end awards and festivities planned, so cancelling it is not an option. Moving it is.

After an agonizing day of gaining approval from the BLM, AERC, land owners, veterinarians and members of our family, as well as the XP Board members we have made the following decision:

We are having an XP Ride on the weekend of March 23rd, 24th and 25th in Inyokern, California, the planned date of the 2018 Cuyama XP. The ride camp will be at the site of the Laurel Mt ride and we will be using the trails we have used previously but broken into different directions with some variations that we had planned for future rides. The BLM in Ridgecrest has agreed to permit the ride on short notice. The campsite has a stable foundation that will support vehicles with an infinite amount of rain. The desert trails will soak up the water and the footing will be excellent, even with torrential rains the night before, which are not predicted. The forecast is for showers mid week and a pleasant sunny weekend. The grass is growing and there is a distinct possibility of desert wildflowers. There are restaurants and motels in nearby Ridgecrest and Inyokern. Post entries are welcome and there is no limit on entries. The entry fees will be the same as most XP rides, which is $110/day, $65/day for juniors and Duck Riders. Annie will provide lunches but you will have make a 7 mile ride into Inyokern for dinners. Information for the ride can be found on the XP website under the Laurel Mountain Ride.

The Cuyama ride will go on but will be conducted on the same date as the Lost Padres ride, which is April 6th, 7th and 8th. Lost Padres was only a two day ride but we will have the full three days at Cuyama. Entry fees will remain the same, as will all other conditions. If you are unable to attend Cuyama on the new date and have sent a check we will destroy the check or carry it over to the new date. The annual XP awards will be given out on the new date. We will notify riders who were planning on attending Lost Padres that the venue has been changed. Since Cuyama is so important to our family and our riders we will say in advance that we will have a rain date for the new date as well.

I’m sure this will disappoint many, including myself and members of my family but the decision should allow everyone to at least be able to ride on the weekends they planned.

Should you have any questions you may call or email Annie or myself, Dave. klawockvet at gmail dot com

Sunday 4 March 2018

W: Van Duzen Doozie 75/100 Elevator

The ride is on May 12 near Mad River, Northern California. Send your entries in now, pay at the ride.

Entry forms and ride info at 

Volunteers always welcome. This is a great warm up for Tevis and the VC100.

Do the Doozie!!

PS: Fire Up


AERC Fun ride, 25,50,75, 100 miles plus 1*2*3*

Come join the fun and ride, volunteer, or just hang out with friends and horses at the Valley Riders Basecamp. Find AERC entries at 

Part of the Becky Grand Hart Desert Ride Series. 

USEF Online entries now open.

Saturday 3 March 2018

MT: Bighorn 100

Thinking Bighorn 100 this year, near Shell, Wyoming? Or that you're not quite ready for 100 miles of it? A 50-mile ride has been added Friday, July 13, the day before the 100 on July 14.

Big Horn 100 - Vet check/check-in is at 4:00pm on Friday.  Dinner is at 6pm with ride meeting immediately following at the ride site.  

Breakfast 7am Sunday, at Pitchts (Ride site) Bring your own chair, Awards Ceremony after! 

Come Ride the Legend!

For more information and entry forms see:

Saturday 24 February 2018

W: Rides of March

50 and 30 mile ride March 17 near Reno, Nevada

We hope everyone is getting as much wonderful riding as we are. The trails are in good shape. Planning is well under way and we are very excited to see everyone again next month. There is still plenty of space in the ride as entries are just starting to roll in. So get your entry in the mail quick.

We are also seeking great volunteers. Whether you are new to the sport or and old hand please come join us in camp. Volunteering is the best way to learn about the sport and meet new people.

The camp is bare bones. There is horse water available, but for the most part you need to plan on bringing what you need. There will be no camp fires allowed. Parking is very limited so if you can trailer-pool then please do so and plan on parking conservatively. As always we will provide the same wonderful lunch to all riders and volunteers

here will be a 50 mile and 30 mile ride. All holds will be in camp so there is no need for a crew. As there are no vehicles allowed in the ride area, crews will not be able to meet riders out on the trail unless they want to walk. The 50 mile ride consists of a 20 mile loop and two 15 mile loops. The 30 mile ride consists of two 15 mile loops. The trail is almost entirely sandy jeep roads and sandy single track, there are hardly any rocks
Ride camp is located off Red Rock Road, just a little north of Reno. Take the Red Rock Exit off US Hwy 395 and head east 15 miles. There will be ribbons and signs telling you where to turn right onto a dirt road. Follow the dirt road about a mile to camp

More info at: