Wednesday 26 October 2011

PS: Bucksnort Challenge

October 24 2011

Join us for The Bucksnort Challenge Endurance Ride on November 5 in Chihuahua Valley, CA. The scenery is beautiful with spectacular views of Henshaw Valley, Chihuahua Valley, and surrounding mountain ranges. The ride is moderate (plus) to difficult ride. The course will include the Pacific Crest Trail, the California Riding and Hiking Trial, and some jeep trails,

Base camp is located at the end of Chihuahua Valley Rd. It is in an open field under the oaks on the Rocking W Ranch. The elevation is at 4500 ft.

You may arrive at base camp on Thursday, Nov 3; however, the gate to base camp will not open until 8:00am on Friday morning. Please contact ride management if you plan to arrive early.

For more information please contact:
Janet Worts, ride manager
(760) 685-2706

Tuesday 18 October 2011

SW: Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of My Way!


We will be having a volunteer meeting for our upcoming November 19th Endurance ride, Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of My Way!.

It will be held at McDowell Mountain Regional Park in Fountain Hills, Az.
(at the base camp where the ride will start) at 10:00am, on Saturday, October 29, 2011.

The following is a link for directions to the Park.

When entering the park you will see an entry station. You will need to tell them you
are a volunteer for the Lead, Follow or Get out of My Way Ride. So they can identify
you as a volunteer. You won’t have to pay the day entry fee.

We will be discussing where the volunteers will be stationed.

Please bring your own chair to sit on.

If you have any questions please call Jodie at 602-579-0130

Friday 14 October 2011

SE: Sand Hills Stampede

October 12 2011

For the Sand Hill Stampede 30/55/75 on October 22 near near Patrick, South Carolina , put the word out there. The 55s will have an away vet check. I have the old 100 mile trail fixed, marked and ready to go. And not as long coming back. We have had a great time riding it.

The 75 miles has been cancelled. Only 5 riders signed up for that distance. Needed more.

Patsy Gowen
Ride manager

NW: Foothills of the Cascade

October 12 2011

For the Foothills of the Cascade 25/50 ride on October 15 near Molalla, Oregon, the trails are cleared and marked some new ones as usual.  Anna and i can't keep from changing things around.  And the weather acording to  the TV stations is supposed to be NO RAIN AND in the 60's.  That would be very nice because the view are fantastic on this ride.  We have a 50, 25 and trail ride also have a short and long Rie and Tie.  This is also the AHA Region 4 Championship.  So we would like everyone to come and play in our back yard and enjoy an realgood ride.  Paul is doing his gumbo for a potluck on Saturday nigh so everyone bring a dish to join in.
see you all on Friday
Mary and Anna

SW: Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of My Way!

October 12 2011

Stephanie’s top 10 reasons to ride the 75 @ Lead, follow or get out of my way!

McDowell Mt. Park, Fountain Hills Arizona on November 19 2011

10.  Ride management needs at least 10 entries to offset extra time, cost and volunteers needed. 

9.  Trail loops back to base camp for easy vet checks, making crews not necessary.  

8.  Mobile phones work during 90% of the trail.

7.  Trail is a true 75 miles.  This way you will be able to accurately rate your horses performance for moving up to 100’s.

6.  McDowell Mt. Park has marked  trails, with your map you should know where you are at all times. 

5.  Safe, groomed trails for riding in the dark. 

4.  Water stops every 8 – 10 miles.

3.  If the unexpected happens there are vet hospitals within 45 min driving time. 

2.  Point chasers this is the last ride of the season for the southwest region and 75 points are calculated at 1.25 compared to a 50 which is calculated at 1.  Example 1st place in a 50 is 150 points 1st place in a 75 is 281.25.      

1.  Just because you can!!  Come on, get out and ride, really ride!!
For flyer and entry go to  or my ride at  Any questions feel free to contact Jodie Dukerich, or Lancette Koerner, or me at

 Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss

We are so fortunate to have photographer Steve Bradley to take photos at the ride. Many of you have seen his work as covers in Endurance News. Steve has been published in Modern Arabian Horse, the Scottsdale show schedule, as well as many other horse publications. Steve's photos will be available for purchase at the ride. He also has a website where you can order photos online at Online orders have a shipping fee.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

CT: Armadillo

Monday October 10, 2011

Here is this morning's weather forecast for ARMADILLO weekend, October 15, near Kennard, Texas:
Wednesday, 12

90 | 63 °F
Partly Cloudy
Chance of

Thursday, 13

88 | 56 °F
Chance of

Friday, 14

85 | 54 °F
Chance of

Saturday, 15

86 | 58 °F
Chance of

Sunday, 16

85 | NA
Partly Cloudy
Chance of
Praise the Lord Almighty!  We received about 2" over the course of the afternoon yesterday. The pasture actually looks like it got some rain.

Meals - I just received a couple inquiries as to whether we will have meals again this year. I had completely forgotten to update the news... (big surprise there, huh???)  :-)
We are having meals for everyone Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning. We will have tea and water for drinks, so if you want something different bring your own.
Thanks go to Scott Godwin for volunteering to help Phil with the meals for everyone!
Ya'll have a safe trip here and see you in a few days,
Linda and Bo 

Monday 3 October 2011

CT: True Grit

October 3 2011

TRUE GRIT is scheduled for October 29th at Lonesome D horse camp near New Blaine, Arkansas. The camp is located 20 miles south of I-40 and is easy to get into to. Campground is very nice with 47 hookups and restrooms with a shower.

Trails are nice. Some hills,patches of rocks near creekbeds, beautiful views, creeks and will be in full fall color.

There will be a True Grit trivia contest Friday eve and costume contest on Sat. Meals both nights.

Please let me know if you are coming and what mileage you plan to ride.
This is a benefit ride for the Horse Tales Literacy program which provides books and more for first graders to encourage reading.

Anetta Tinsman