Monday 25 January 2016

MT: Antelope Island 3-day Pioneer

New 3-day ride at Antelope Island State Park on April 7-10.

It is the pre-ride for the 2016 AERC National Championships in September.

Located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, this is the premiere location for the great Antelope Island Endurance Ride/Race.

This ride offers much more that 25/50 miles races. The scenic journey provides wildlife, beautiful panoramic views of the Wasatch Range, and Salt Lake City. This ride is guaranteed enjoyment.

Ride details here:

For More Information Contact
Jeff Stuart

Sunday 3 January 2016

SW: Pre-register for the Lead Follow ride

Sign up early for the Lead, Follow @ Bumble Bee Ranch 25 and 50 in Arizona on January 23. If post marked by Jan 16th you will avoid the $25.00 late fee and you can still cancel by Jan 20th to avoing the $25.00 administrative fee. The ride is limited to 100 riders, so make sure you get your entry in early to guarantee a spot.

There is little elevation gain as you make your way through the Sonoran Desert on single track cow trails, jeep roads, river beds and sandy washes. The trail can be hard packed and rocky in sections. Some sort of hoof protection is recommended for the trail.

For more information see: