Tuesday 15 September 2020

W: Virginia City 100 Cancelled

September 15 2020

It is with a very heavy heart that I am sending this notification. Cancelling a ride which has run for the past 52 continuous years is not a decision to be made lightly. Unfortunately, the continued air quality in Virginia City and the surrounding areas has been averaging over 150+ AQI (unhealthy) for the past 5 days straight and the forecast is not showing any significant improvement for the coming weekend. I am just not willing to host a ride in potentially unsafe conditions. None of us want to ask that of our equine partners, and I also don't want all of our riders and volunteers having to be outside for long extended periods of time either.

This was a difficult decision to make as there is always a chance things could change and clear up unexpectedly. We had two riders (Lou Smith-Egstrom and Pat Chappell) who were riding for their 20th buckle this year. We had riders coming from smoke-free areas who did not have the long-term exposure concerns. If NASTR had been able to host the ride, it would have made Virginia City 100 the longest continually running 100-mile event, but unfortunately the same fire gremlin which made Tevis cancel on THEIR 53rd year in 2008 is also attacking our ride. 🙁

But for every wonderful and good reason we wanted to continue to put on the ride (numbers were never a concern thanks to some generous sponsors), the decision to DO RIGHT has remained clear even if it does not make it any easier. I was hopeful the air quality might improve and have pretty much given myself an ulcer checking and rechecking and looking at all the different forecasts and websites, but I'm just not seeing the numbers that I want to see to feel comfortable moving forward.

For all of our riders - we are offering you the opportunity to receive a full refund. Please contact me ASAP if you would like to donate a portion of your entry to help offset some of the expenses incurred. It is not required, but is appreciated. I expect to have processed all refunds by end of day Friday, Sept 18th.

We appreciate your continued support and patience. Our riders and volunteers really are the BEST! We hope each and every one of you will be able to join us NEXT year for Take-2 of the 53rd Annual Ride. We'll see you September 18, 2021!

With regrets,

Crysta Turnage
VC100, Ride Manager

NW: Lava Cast Cancelled

September 14 2020

Hello Riders!! With a heavy heart, I need to let you all know that the Ride on September 26 has been CANCELED Due to the smokey conditions. I can not put the horses or riders in jeopardy. I will be refunding those who have paid on Pay Pal and if you have sent a check i will shred them unless you want them back. Please let me know if you want something different, this process will start this evening.

On a good note we have started the sanctioning for next year!! Holly and Les Rouska will be joining the RIde Manager Team. Thank you Paula for all your help and support the last 2 years! We will be offering a 2 day ride with a 75/80 on saturday!!!

Even better news!!! We are offering a Virtual Ride that will be starting on Sept 26th!!! I had planned a 50 mile challenge, but wanted your input if you would like it to be 100 miles with a longer completion time?? More details coming soon!! It will be fun to see all the fun trails you do! But make sure your horse is ready to be ridden after all this smoke.

Sooooo we will see you at Autumn Sun and or The Prineville Ride!!!! Be safe out there!!!

Suzy Zurcher RM

Sunday 13 September 2020

W: Virginia City 100 - The Ride is a GO!


The Nevada All-State Trail Riders are eagerly anticipating hosting the dedicated group of riders and volunteers for this years 53rd Annual Virginia City 100-Mile Ride on Saturday, September 19th. Due to COVID restrictions, the ride is limited to 60 riders and ALL VOLUNTEERS must be on a pre-approved list so we can manage our overall group size at the various ride checkpoints.

NASTR is working hard to make this event as special as ever and to retain that same "fun-loving" supportive casual vibe that our rides are famous for. If you want to just come watch and cheer on the riders, we can offer Virginia City tourism information as well as directions to several different locations along the trail which offer good access and viewing of the riders and horses.

The smoke - this is a bit of the elephant in the room but as of this time we DO NOT plan to cancel the ride for any reason. The smoke has typically not been as bad in Virginia City and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what the winds may do and conditions may change, including during the ride itself. But if the riders are willing to go - so are we - so let's have a RIDE.

Want to participate as a rider or volunteer? See more information at:

Thursday 16 July 2020

W: Virginia City 100 Capped at 40 Entries; Sign up for Waiting List

Due to the COVID-19 group size restrictions, the Virginia City 100 Mile Ride is going to be limited to 40 riders this year. We expect to fill up, and fill up FAST. Please find the link to the online entry below:

If you MUST fill out a paper entry and mail it in, please reply ASAP to this email with your relevant AERC information and I will send you the form. Your spot will be held for 5 days for you to mail in the entry and payment. I will publish the list of riders and the wait list shortly after all the spots have been taken. There has been a lot of interest this year and I REALLY REALLY wish we did not have to limit the ride and could welcome everyone to this wonderful event!!

RIDERS please start planning is how you're going to do this with NO crew. If we are capped at 50 people total per the state, that means I'm looking at something like 40 riders and 10 volunteers - TOTAL. We will have a few more volunteers in key locations once the ride starts and participants are more spread out. Yes, we can/will transport crew bags to the Kivett check at 24 miles (45 min hold) and Washoe check at 39 miles (which is only a 15 min hold). Crew is not needed at the Jumbo/Ophir Grade refreshment stop or the Cottonwoods vet check, please expect the same wonderful hospitality as always at those locations. All other checks are in camp (50 and 76 miles). If you need crew to come to assist with driving before/after the ride, please plan on booking them a room somewhere in Virginia City. If the state limit remains, NO additional people beyond riders and approved volunteers who are on the list will be allowed in Ride Camp.

I'm so sorry to have to limit the entries this year, but am very thankful we are still able to host the ride. If you are not successful with getting in this year, please plan on coming back to join us on September 18th, 2021!

You may still sign up for the wait list if you would like at the following link:

Crysta Turnage
VC100, Ride Manager

Wednesday 8 July 2020

NW: Oregon 100 is Cancelled

Oregon 100 is canceled - After a lot of thoughtful discussion, we have decided to cancel Oregon 100 for this year. There are too many unknowns related to permits, sanctioning, fire danger, COVID, work time off, etc. that just aren't making it a meant-to-be year, and we wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible. We also don't think it's the year to be asking our great sponsors to donate awards when the economy is in such a rut and businesses are hurting, but we encourage everyone to buy local and from vendors you know who support us year after year. We will see you next year!

Charleen and Carlene

Friday 28 February 2020

W: Tevis Educational Ride - 2020

The ride entry is available here

July 3-5, 2020
Friday: Vet-in, Speakers and Seminars; Night Ride to Michigan Bluff for an Ice Cream Social
Saturday: Robinson Flat to Chicken Hawk - 28 miles, including the Canyons
Sunday: Chicken Hawk to Driver’s Flat - 20 miles, including the section of Tevis trail ridden at night

As Last Year:

Basecamp at Chicken Hawk

No qualifying miles for Tevis will be awarded

New for This Year:

New shuttle driver arrangements - several options to choose from with a tiered entry fee (see below)

A night ride to enjoy the magic you would experience during Tevis

The Event:
The Educational Ride is aimed at riders wishing to participate in the Tevis Cup Ride in the future; to give riders a true look into the beauty of the trail and its challenges; to educate future Tevis riders as to best practices and horse care to help them successfully complete the Ride. The Tevis Educational Ride offers an opportunity to prepare for those challenges in a non-competitive environment.

Last year:
35 riders entered the Educational Ride
13 of those riders went to Tevis
11 were first-time Tevis riders
10 riders finished, for a 77% completion rate

Mentors: The Tevis trail is amazingly beautiful from mile 1 to 100! But it is also relentlessly challenging. Pre-riding the trail greatly increases your enjoyment and chances of finishing. After completing the Educational Ride you will have seen the toughest 50+ miles. You will ride with an experienced Tevis finisher who will share ways to successfully navigate the canyons Day 1. On Day 2 they will share ways of confidently riding the narrow cliffy trail below Foresthill. We will make every effort to accommodate fitness and experience levels. You will be paired with your mentor on Friday afternoon.

We purposely keep the entries low (40) so the mentor to entrant ratio is 1 mentor per 2-3 riders.

Fitness Requirement (Horse): Between January 1, 2019 and June 22, 2020
your horse must complete 50 miles of AERC Limited Distance or Endurance miles
or a similar sanctioning organization. Horse and rider fitness is a must!

More information here:

Friday 14 February 2020

PS: Introduction to Endurance clinic in Ridgecrest, California March 21 and 22

Our dates are the weekend of March 21/22, 2020. This one will be held at the Valley Riders Equestrian Center in Ridgecrest, Ca. Ridgecrest is in the desert, about 45 minutes from the town of Mojave, which is about 50 miles from Bakersfield. Ridgecrest is about 2 to 2.5 hours from Los Angeles Proper. We are trying to help our southern California friends this time! Ridgecrest is also the home of the world famous 20 mule team 35/65/100 mile endurance ride held every February. You can check out the ride website for more information and download an entry.


We are after people who are interested in endurance and want a chance to learn about it, including a real ride that is safe for any rider and horse. here's the basic description of the event:

"Come attend our all new two day clinic for people who are interested in learning about Endurance riding, as well as for beginners who have some Endurance experience but would like to learn more. Bring a horse or just yourself. 6 hours of lecture, Truck and Trailer sessions, Pot luck ride dinner, ride meeting, camp overnight, and on Sunday- two fun rides- 7 and 15 miles, with vet checks, awards, and experienced Endurance riders as trial guides. When you leave on Sunday you will know all you need to know to enter your first ride, or be better prepared to continue your Endurance career!"

Our ride manager this year is Gretchen Montgomery, and I'm the clinic host. Come join us in the beautiful desert in the spring to learn about and participate in the greatest horse sport there is!

Update on the intro to endurance clinic in ridgecrest, ca on the weekend of March 21st. we have just secured a special guest speaker, the legendary Becky Hart. Becky is, in my humble opinion, the greatest endurance rider ever. Come hear her speak! We are all looking forward to seeing everyone there.