Saturday 27 February 2016

W: NASTR Triple Crown

February 27 2016

Take the challenge in 2016!
32nd running of the NASTR Triple Crown:

Nevada Derby I 50 - April 2 2016
NASTR 75 - June 25 2016
Virginia City 100 - September 17 2016

Hope you can join us for the NASTR Triple Crown! Nevada Derby 50 - NASTR 75 - Virginia City 100. We have a new date and a new location for the NASTR 30/50/75 this year. The ride will be relocated from Dayton, NV to the Carson River Ranches Scout Camp near Fort Churchill State Park in Silver Springs, Nevada. The new date is June 25, 2016.

For further information see Nevada All-State Trail Riders.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

W: Rides of March

30 and 50 mile rides, held annually third weekend in March - March 19

The camp is bare bones. There is horse water available, but for the most part you need to plan on bringing what you need. There will be no camp fires allowed. Parking is very limited so if you can trailer-pool then please do so and plan on parking conservatively.

There will be a 50 mile and 30 mile ride. All holds will be in camp so there is no need for a crew. As there are no vehicles allowed in the ride area, crews will not be able to meet riders out on the trail unless they want to walk. The 50 mile ride consists of a 20 mile loop and two 15 mile loops. The 30 mile ride consists of two 15 mile loops. The trail is almost entirely sandy jeep roads and sandy single track, there are hardly any rocks.

Ride camp is located off Red Rock Road, just a little north of Reno. Take the Red Rock Exit off US Hwy 395 and head east 15 miles. There will be ribbons and signs telling you where to turn right onto a dirt road. Follow the dirt road about a mile to camp.

For more information, see: