Sunday, 15 October 2017

W: Lake Sonoma Date Change

LAKE SONOMA RIDE: Due to fires, the West Region Lake Sonoma ride is now set for November 11 (not October 21 as originally scheduled).

It's a beautiful ride and well worth adding to your calendar if you can make this new date!


PS: Git R Done

Online entries for the November 4th No Frills Git R Done, Inyokern, California 1*2*3* are now open. The AERC entries can be found at 

Come join us for this Becky Grand Hart Desert Ride Series event. Get that COC on a guaranteed "no mud all weather flat course" with excellent footing. Get that additional qualifying 2*. Get those end of year AERC points to close out your season in style.

Or just get started with a 1* and continue through the next 3 Becky Grand Hart Desert Ride Series rides culminating with the April 21-22 Fire Up 100 1*2*3*. Come join us in Inyokern, Southern California with an average high of 74 and low of 40 degrees.

Come and Git R Done!!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Coolest Ride and Tie & Equathon



EQUATHON: One rides, than one runs. Team or iron. Ride 8 or 14/run 8 miles
Great lunch , awards, swag bags, raffle and just fun raising money for the trails. Fun riders can join us and donate to event.

entries are at

Thursday, 7 September 2017

NW: Owyhee Hallowed Weenies Date Change

The Owyhee Hallowed Weenies in Idaho date is changed to November 4. This is a few days after Halloween, but costumes are still advised!

Trail will be 2 loops out of camp. JUNIORS RIDE FREE. Potluck dinner and gathering in the house. Let's end the season with some riding and fun.

More info at:

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

PS: 2017 Git R Done

Our No Frills Git R Done November 4th ride hero of the week is trailmaster Nick Warhol shown here. Nick went to the basecamp in Inyokern, CA this weekend in 110 degree heat to lay out a terrific, easy, fast, COC trail for the upcoming 1*2*3*.

Thank you Nick!

The ride guarantees all weather terrain with great footing. No mud!! Note the 75mile/2* and 100 mile/3* are dual sanctioned with AERC. All checks are in basecamp. Ride entries and updated information will be on the AERC calendar by the end of the week. Thank you to Becky Hart the ride manager and Barbara Thomas the ride Secretary. Join us November 4th for end of year ride points and that COC. Come and Git RDone!! 

Upcoming rides in the Becky Grand Hart Desert Ride Series are January 20-21 Fire Mountain 1*2*, February 23 Twenty Mule Team 1*2*, and April 21-22 Fire Up 1*2*3*


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

MT: Ft Meade Remount

August 19-20 near Sturgis, South Dakota

Ride the Ft Meade Recreation Area - Bear Butte State Park - The famous Centennial Trail

* The trails are a mixture of open grasslands, single and two track trails through forested areas and minimal road riding.
* There are some climbs and rocky areas so hoof protection is highly recommended.
* Water is abundant along the trails from natural water at creeks, as well as tanks that will be provided by ride management where needed.

RIDE CAMP: Camp area is primitive with large flat grassy areas, some gravel campsites and some wooded areas. Pit toilets and spigot water is available. Bring your own safe horse containment system as there are no high lines or corral. Dogs are welcome but since we are on public land they must be on leash.

WEED FREE HAY is required. If needing to purchase notify me in advance and I will have some available for purchase.

DIRECTIONS: Located at Alkali Creek Trail head. Take Exit 34 off I-90 this exit is 2 miles east of Sturgis and 24 Miles west of Rapid City. Go north off the exit, watch for ride signs here. Turn left @ the T, small white church to your right. Go across the cattle guard and go about 1/2 mile. Signs will be posted after Exit 34. Please let me know if you have a big rig so we can accommodate parking for you. Camp is right off I-90 with gas stations and grocery stores with 15 minutes. Cell service is available at camp.

Contact Info: Michele Seaman -, 605-381-8511. Updates will be posted on Facebook @ Ft Meade Remount endurance ride and


See the ride flyer here:

Get an entry form here:

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

MT: 15th Annual Strawberry Fields is ON!

May 31 2017
posted by The Duck:

I need some help squashing the rumors that Strawberry Fields is going to be cancelled. This rumor has continued throughout the winter and spring. Neither Howard Kent nor the Nicholson Family has ever entertained the thought of cancelling the ride. These stories and rumors are a complete fabrication in the minds of others but it seems to feed upon itself and it simply won’t go away. The real danger of Strawberry being cancelled would come from the rumors and the lack of entries. At this point we have less than 25% of the entries we had last year at this time.

This evening, May 30th I spoke with a rancher friend who runs cattle on the north side of the mountains. Her comment is “we have had a good year and it looks like we will have plenty of water this year, but it's nothing out of the ordinary” The snowpack in the Untahs is always of interest to the farmers and ranchers in Utah and Wyoming as these mountain watersheds provide the water for irrigation throughout the western valleys. We have gone through years of severe drought and the general ranching population is ecstatic about the snowfall which has ranged between 80 and 120 percent. It had dropped to 80 % earlier in the year, but recent snowfalls brought that back up to 100 plus %. The lower country on the north side of the Unitahs, which is the shaded side has been clear of snow for several weeks. Roads are open and everyone is tickled to death about the moisture. All of this boils down to the fact that the ride has continued through previous years of normal and above normal snowpack. These rumors must be put to rest. There are miles of lower trails through beautiful country that are open right now.

Howard will be marking these trails this coming weekend. Please do what you can, through chat groups and personal communication to turn this rumor mill in the opposite direction or the end result may be the ultimate cancellation of the ride, but it will come, not this year but in some future year and will be the direct result of these rumors and panic attacks on the part of riders.

For more information on the ride, see: