Thursday, 19 July 2018

NE: Ride & Tie, Clinic, hosted by Old Dominion

Mark your calendars for two upcoming events hosted by the Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization! July 28-29 Ride & Tie/training ride & camping weekend at Orkney Springs and theSept. 29 clinic in Winchester. Details about this and our two raffles at

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

NW: Bandit Springs

Here are the details regarding Bandit. 

Trails Rides – There will be trail rides on all days.  The cost of all trail rides is $30.  Friday, there will be a trail ride that will start at 6:30 on the 10-mile loop.  Riders may participate in the Trail Challenge or just ride the trail.  ALL trail riders must check out with the timer.  AND ALL RIDERS MUST SEE THE VET.  I know you think that “it’s just a trail ride” but them’s the rules.  Trail rides on Saturday and Sunday will start at 10:30. Riders again will have the option of participating in the organized event of the day or just riding the trail.  If you chose to simply ride the trail, you may choose the 10 or the 15-mile loop.  You MUST, however, check out with the timer and tell him/her what loop you are going on.  We need to keep track of you!  

LDs – There will be LDS on all days.  The cost is $85 (unless you pre-register) for any LD.  Friday night’s LD will begin at 6:00.  The 15-mile loop is first and the 10-mile loop is 2nd.  The 10-mile loop will have glow sticks.  Be sure to go fast enough on the first loop that you can slow down the 2nd loop.  Saturday’s LDs (30 mile) will begin at 6:30 am.  Sunday’s LD (25 miles) will also begin at 6:30.

50s – There are 50 mile rides on Saturday and Sunday and they will begin at 6:00am.  Cost is $100.  Saturday’s 50-mile ride will be the Region 4 AHA Championship.  Only $15 to cross enter. 

80s – There will be an 80 mile ride on Saturday beginning at 5am. Cost is $115.

Ride & Tie – 10 or 25/30.  $45 for short course.  $75 for long course.  Start time 6:15 am

Certified weed free hay is required.  If you would like to reserve a bale, please let Elayne know:  The cost is $13/bale.

You may get the discount by pre-PAYING. – PayPal or mail the check to Liz Batterson 24965 Alpine Ln.  Alfalfa OR 97701 BEFORE JULY 6. 

There will be a potluck dinner on Saturday AND Sunday at 6:30pm.  We have a pancake feed for breakfast planned for Sat and Sun.  It will be by donation. 

There will be a limited amount of weed free hay available and it is required by USFS.

Dogs on leashes.  (Particularly Friday-Sunday.  I’ll be a little more lenient before then.)

American Trail Gear will be on site.  Yea!!!

Bandit is part of the Oregon Trifecta Prize…any distance, any horse.  Ride Bandit, Santiam, and OR 100 and be entered to win an embroidered blanket and an entry to one of these same rides next year!

Registration here.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

W: Harvey Bear Endurance Clinic Next Weekend

May 27 2018

Just one more week until the Harvey Bear Endurance Clinic in San Martin California, just south of San Jose. There is still room, so get those entries in, and you can also register on site on Saturday morning.

Remember the talks start about noon on Saturday. Don't miss endurance legends Becky Hart and Julie Suhr Suhr's talks! The first 15 entries get a copy of Julie's book, and I bet you can get her to sign it for you!

Our latest update is i'm happy to announce our head vet will be Dr Susan McCartney from Nevada. Susan is a very highly respected vet from the West region and has been working endurance rides for many, many years.

For full details see

The Picture is the legendary Wonder Appaloosa of Endurance, Warpaint, owned and ridden by my wife Judy. This shot is at the Death Valley encounter, where Judy and Wartpaint held the record for the most days by a single horse and rider combo. (they probably still do!)

See you there!
Nick Warhol

Saturday, 26 May 2018

W: Wild West Pioneer Early Bird Deadline is June 1

June 15, 16, 17, 2018

The entries are flowing in quick. Corrals are all reserved. We might get full this year. Send your entry in now to avoid the late fee after June 1st. We're working hard on getting the campground cleaned up. The Forest Service removed 80 trees this winter. So expect better clearance driving around the circle and a little more sun.

More info at:

NE: Old Dominion Early Bird Deadline is May 29

The Old Dominion June Ride in Orkney Springs, Virginia, is ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY!!! 

June 8th and 9th....The Early Bird Deadline is Tuesday, May 29th.. 

• 25 mile being offered on BOTH Friday and Saturday (by rider request). We MUST Have 15 entries for Saturday's 25 by 5/29 for Saturdays 25 to be a GO!
• Intro Ride on Saturday June 9th
• 1st Leg of the North East Triple Crown 100 Mile Challenge; 2nd Leg of the OD Triple Crown

For more information see:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Australia: Shahzada 2018

SHAHZADA 2018.....keep your eyes focused on the real prize of the year in August - come and join us at Shahzada.

The 38th Shahzada will be held from Monday, 27thAugust to Friday, 31st August 2018.

If you are keen to do the Mini Marathon, remember riders need to have completed 2 x 40km intermediate rides - plenty of chances to do this in time - Wingello on next week and check the ride calendar for others. Great photo thanks to Animal Focus of Allison Knihinicki and Velona Amadi at Shahzada 2017....Allison is booked in for Shahzada this year!!!!

For more information, see

Friday, 18 May 2018

NE: Old Dominion

The OD is only 3 weeks away!

Two Day Ride again this year.

Friday, June 8th:  50 and 25 mile, and Ride & Tie 
Saturday, June 9th: 100 Mile. and Intro Ride (15.5 miles) 

*******NEW THIS YEAR by rider request**** 
25 Mile on Saturday also (ONLY IF we have 15 entries by 5-29) 

100 mile Ride & Tie (plus other Ride & Tie distances 

Early Bird Deadline is Tuesday, May 29th (Save money, get your entries in NOW, join OD and save even more)

For more info, see: