Friday, 5 July 2019

W: Tevis Educational Ride Schedule

July 12 - 14, 2019
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Friday: Vet-in, Speakers and Seminars
Saturday: Robinson Flat to Chicken Hawk (trail conditions permitting)
Sunday: Chicken Hawk to Driver’s Flat
New for this year:
Basecamp at Chicken Hawk
No qualifying miles for Tevis will be awarded
The Event:
The educational ride is aimed at riders wishing to participate in the Tevis Cup Ride in the future; to give riders a true look into the beauty of the trail and its challenges; to educate future Tevis riders as to best practices and horse care to help them successfully complete the Ride.

Mentors: Experienced Tevis finishers will guide you over the Tevis trail and answer you questions in camp and on trail. Our goal is two or three riders/mentor. We will make every effort to accommodate fitness and experience levels. You will be paired with your mentor on Friday afternoon.

Pre-Ride - July 12, Friday – Chicken Hawk Camp
Noon - Camp office opens for check in

- Food service begins

2 pm - Erin Mc Chesney talk on horsemanship on trail and in vet checks

3 pm - Or when Veterinarian arrives - PreVet begins

3:pm - Kathleen Crandell - Clean feed and feed formulation - Kentucky Equine

4:15 - 5:30pm - Becky Hart’s Talk - Mental Toughness for Endurance Riding

6pm - Mentor Introductions followed by a mentor rider mixer, then assignments to mentors

7 pm – Pre-ride meeting, followed by Barbara White talk on trail description

DAY 1 Ride – July 13, Saturday - 28 mile day
Robinson Flat to Chicken Hawk - Highlights include the canyons, Swinging Bridge and the climb into Devil’s Thumb. There is a vet check at Last Chance and Deadwood.
6:30 am - First shuttle leaves for Robinson Flat

4 - 5 pm - Last riders arrive in Camp

4:30 - 5:30 pm - Ann Hall talk on Tevis Crewing

6 - 7pm - Barbecue

7pm – Pre-ride meeting followed by Q&A Session: 20+ Tevis Finishes Veterans speaker panel plus past Ed Ride/Tevis combo finishers

8:30 pm - Time to rest

DAY 2 Ride - July 14, Sunday - 24 mile day
Chicken Hawk to Lower Driver's Flat - Riders will see in the daylight what many only ride after dark. A rest stop is planned at Francisco’s with water and snacks for riders and horses. A full Vet Check takes place at the Lower Drivers Flat parking lot - end of ride.
6:30 - 7:30 am - ‘Lumberjack’ Breakfast

8 am - First Riders depart Chicken Hawk

9 am - Last Riders leave Chicken Hawk

3:30 pm - Last riders arrive at Lower Drivers Flat

4:30 pm - Post ride Q&A begins

Riders will be shuttled to the start Saturday and shuttled back to base camp on Sunday. Vet Checks will simulate Tevis Vet Checks.

Fitness Requirement (Horse): Between January 1, 2018 and July 10, 2019 your horse must complete 50 miles of AERC Limited Distance or Endurance miles or a similar sanctioning organization. Horse and rider fitness is a must!

Base Camp will be located at Chicken Hawk (Pieper Junction) the site of the mile 64 Tevis Vet Check. It is a beautiful shaded camping area about 7 miles (15 to 20 minute drive) past the Foresthill.and located 1/2 mi off Michigan Bluff Rd. The turn off to camp will be well marked. Horse water and restrooms will be provided. Camp sites are level and shaded but limited in number. We are working with the USFS to increase capacity. Please share your rig/campsite with another rider if at all possible.

The Tevis Cup Official Education Ride Facebook Page promises to be a good resource to find a campsite partner. Please note: You are not required to have a campsite partner when you enter.

The entry fee is $325 and covers two days of mentored riding, shuttle service, and all talks and demonstrations beginning Friday afternoon, and the Saturday barbecue.

If you do not ride both days, $150 of your entry will be converted to a tax deductible donation to the WSTF.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received before July 2nd (and horses pulled at vet-in) receive a full refund minus a $30 administrative fee. No refunds for withdrawals after July 02, 2019 or for no shows.

Other Information:

Taylored Tack will award a $100 gift certificate to all riders who complete both days of the Tevis Ed Ride and go on to complete the Tevis Cup ride for the first time this year.
Raffle: A Tevis entry once again is the grand prize! Stay tuned for details…

Guerrilla Catering will have food for purchase from noon on Friday until 7 pm. Saturday evening enjoy a yummy tri-tip barbecue that is included in your entry. Extra dinners can be purchased in advance for $15.

Camp Check-In and Pre Ride vet-in:

A different qualified horse can be ridden on Day 2. Please notify the ride office at check-in.
If arranged in advance, base camp will open for early arrivals beginning Thursday. Note: Horse water won’t be available until Friday. Riders may stay over until Monday if arranged in advance. The ride office opens at noon on Friday. Preride Vet in begins around 3 pm.

The event will follow the rules for the Tevis ride ( Juniors (riders under 18) can ride with a sponsor over 18 years of age. A mentor can serve as their sponsor if arrangements are made in advance of the event.

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Sunday, 30 June 2019

NW: Top O The World, Second Leg of Idaho IronHorse Challenge, is One Month Away

The second leg of the Idaho IronHorse Challenge is only a month away! We are working on trails all weekend. Plotting awards. The fabulous Spencer Grill will be doing meals again for us.

Friday night will be brisket with vegetarian potato salad and rolls.

Saturday night will be Prime Rib French Dips with vegetarian baked beans.

Sunday night, I will provide meatball subs and you are welcome to contribute anything you don’t want to haul home for a good-time potluck and campfire chat like last year.

We will have a campfire every night.

Vets are Cassee Steed and Jessie Heinrick.

I’m trying to get enough ducks in a row to post tracks to Ride With GPS so your phones can help keep you on trails. More on that to come.

We will not have hay available this year in ride camp, due to the long cold spring. Bring your own CERTIFIED WEED FREE HAY.

It’s time to start getting those pre-entries in. E-mail, shoot me a form, FB messenger, smoke signal, skywrite- makes no difference to me as long as I know you’re coming so I have a head count.

I’ll have no signal all weekend, but I will answer questions and e-mails promptly when we get back out of the mountains.

More information at:

Sunday, 7 April 2019

W: American River Classic

Ok...We have done everything to save this ride on April 20, 2019 for YOU. Now it is up to YOU to save the ride. State parks is tryng to shut us down and all equestrian events out of our parks. The more entries the better so we can show them (the parks) how strong this horse community is and how strong we feel about using and protecting our trails. If we don't get your entry we will be FORCED to cancle the ride and maybe forever. So to show the parks how important it is for equestrians to use the park system YOU need to get your entries IN.

More information at:

Monday, 1 April 2019

NE: Old Dominion No Frills: We are on!

OLD DOMINION NO FRILLS : April 19th and 20th WE ARE ON!!!!

Early bird discount deadline: 4/8/19

Get your entries in... Despite severe trail damage and downed trees everywhere......We are ready......

THANKS to the hard work of a FEW people, the massive damage to base camp, and trails is mostly cleared (We will finish the last section of trail this week) We will recognize all that helped at the ride....We owe them a HUGE THANKS!! The last 1 1/2 miles took 9 1/2 hours to clear.

More information at:

Saturday, 30 March 2019

W: Torre Creek Pioneer

Torrey Creek Endurance ride is a 3 day 155 mile pioneer ride being held on Memorial Day weekend, May 24th - 26th 2019 in Eureka, Nevada. Ride camp will be at the fairgrounds. Some gravel roads lead to the Diamond mountain range with a mix of single track, cow and mustang, ranch and ATV trails. Mostly good footing (even on the ranch and ATV roads) with very few technical sections. 375,000 acres is available to us for this new venue. May is a great month there for prolific wildflowers and ample grass on the trail. One grove of aspen are loaded with pictures in the trees by the Peruvian sheep herders dating back to the mid-1900's. Juniper and pinyon pines lead to long climbs that can be deceptive in elevation gain but promise breathtaking views of Eureka from the top. Base camp is at 6,500 feet elevation with the course reaching climbs of almost 10,000 feet.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

W: Cuyama I and II Venue and Date Changes

Once again the weather is creating a problem for us. Due to the tremendous amount of moisture in the country west of Cottonwood we have made a final decision that hopefully will impact the fewest people and allow us to have a great ride at Cuyama at the time of a great wildflower bloom. We will do exactly what we did in 2018. We will hold Cuyama I on the original date of March 22-24 at Laurel Mtn. We will hold Cuyama II on the date of the Lost Padres Ride, which is April 5-7. Cuyama I will take place regardless of the weather forecast, as the desert terrain only gets better with increased moisture. The desert is starting to bloom and there should be plentiful flowers throughout the ride.

Cuyama II should be a great wildflower year and the weather by the first part of April should be perfect. I know some of you will be disappointed with our decision but we have no control over the weather.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

NW: Endurance 101 Clinic in Roy, Washington

The Rusty Bar Ranch in Roy, Washington, will host an Endurance 101 Clinic on March 1-3, 2019. Are you curious about what endurance riding is all about or nervous about taking that first step? Have you been to an event but still want to learn more?

Guest speakers are Celena Pentrack Dr Mike Witt, DVM; Ann Szolas; and Alex Lewis. Topics include equine foot anatomy, nutrition/conditioning, learning to pulse, proper trot outs, saddle fit, massage techniques you can take home, and "SHEENA" the total riding simulator.

Cost is $100 per person/horse for all weekend, $20 per night for stalls, $75 for the Mock Ride (Sunday only), or $35 audit per day.

For more information and to pre-register, see