Tuesday 31 December 2013

MT: Antelope Island 2014

April 4-5 2014 - Antelope Island, Utah

30 and 50 miles both days; 2-day 100

The premiere location for the great Antelope Island Endurance Ride/Race. Located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. This ride offers much more that 25/50 miles races. The scenic journey provides wildlife, beautiful panoramic views of the Wasatch Range, and Salt Lake City. This ride is guaranteed enjoyment.

For more information see:

PS: Fire Mountain I & II

Jan 18-19 2014 - Ridgecrest, California

30 and 50 miles both days

Riders will travel on trails and dirt roads in the foothills of Rademacher Mountains southeast of Ridgecrest with all loops starting and ending at base camp. Hay will be provided at all vet checks and at some water stops. This trail is considered moderate and considered good for beginners with some mild climbs offering a great view of the Indian Wells Valley. You will be riding on Bureau of Land Management trails.

Base Camp opens at 11:00am on Friday, 17 January, 2014. It is located at the corner of San Bernardino Rd (aka County Line Rd) and Springer St.(double electrical pole line along the road), southeast of Ridgecrest, California. It is the site of the Valley Riders Equestrian Center and is currently undeveloped so camping is primitive (no electricity).

Ride details:

Thursday 26 December 2013

SW: 2014 Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of My Way


The Holidays are upon us, weather we are ready or not. If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, have your spouse, friend or family member purchase an entry to our “Lead Follow or Get out of My Way” endurance ride for Bumble Bee ...Ranch, January 4th, 2014. Avoid late a late fee by getting your entries in by December 27th, 2013. Don't forget to renew with the AERC to avoid a $15.00 non-member fee. You can renew online the office is closed until Dec 29th.

Entries at http://www.aerc.org/Calendar/2014LeadFollowBumbleBee.pdf

Also, we will be carrying over the 75 mile donated entry from Jan Mutchler, it did not get used at McDowell this year. So if you are interested in upgrading to the 75 mile distance, keep in mind you have a great chance of winning the entry. Make sure to sign up for the drawing when you check in. It will need to be used at our 2014 McDowell ride (which we have not set a date for as of yet.)

Susan Kordish, our official photographer will be taking photos at Bumble Bee for our ride. We look forward to all of her great photos.

Michael and Julia will have their store at Bumble Bee for after Christmas gifts.

Kristy Mafuchi from Freedom in Motion will be there as well so make your appointments early.

Hope everyone has a great holiday and a wonderful 2014…..

Thank you for attending our rides and keeping the endurance sport alive.

Lead Follow Or Get Out of My Way Ride
Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss and Jodie Dukerich

Thursday 31 October 2013

NW: Last Ride of the NW Season! Owyhee Chills No Frills

Owyhee Chills No Frills

One more Owyhee Ride coming up November 9.

25, 50 and 75 mile distances.

Footing will be excellent, ride around Wild Horse Butte. Might be a little chilly, but rain/snow unlikely. Food provided, indoor arena for vetting if needed.

Ride will be held at Regina's place on Wees Rd. Contact me or ride manager (Regina, rrose4u2002@yahoo.com ) for info and start times.

SW: Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way ride is around the corner

Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way ride is around the corner on Nov 16, in Fountain Hills AZ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way Rides at McDowell and Bumble Bee.

1. Can I vet Saturday morning?

Unfortunately no, you must vet in Friday by 5:00 PM. We have too many local riders to accommodate everyone who would like to do this. In order to give everyone the same opportunity we can not offer vetting on Saturday.
Fun riders because you don't vet you can show up Saturday to ride in the fun ride but make sure to register beforehand so we know you are coming.

2. Is there awards Saturday evening?

Historically we have only been able to get a handful of riders to come to awards. Most riders leave soon after finishing their distance. So no we do not do a formal awards after the ride. To bring back the camaraderie that is sometimes lacking we encourage everyone to attend our provided diners on Friday night along with the ever important ride meeting. We hold a horse's name drawing for fun prizes that you must be present to win. Each horse's name is automatically entered. The Renegade boot raffle will be held as well so make sure you buy your tickets before diner. We will post the ride results by the check-in area 1 hour after completion of each distance.

3. When do I get my completion award?

Please pick up your completion award after you finish. If you are in the top ten please pick up those awards as well before leaving. We will not mail these awards out.

4. Is the ride full?

As of October 30, we are not full. Make sure you get entries in by November 8 to avoid a $15.00 late fee. You can cancel up to November 12 and receive a full refund. After November 12 you will get a refund minus a $20.00 administration fee. Your entry is not considered complete until we receive your filled out entry and payment. We will then send you a confirmation email.

5. Should I ride the 50 miler or the 75 miler?

We would like to see more entries in the 75 to justify the cost and volunteers needed to have this distance. This is a perfect chance to try a longer distance. It has beautiful, well marked (by the ride and McDowell park) safe trails. Trail loops back into camp for easier crewing. Water every 7-10 miles. Cell phones work at least 90% of the trail. We will not be able to continue offering this distance if we can't get the entries. It is only 1 more 25 mile loop longer than the 50 on trails that you will already be comfortable on. Because you can! Come on, get out and ride, really ride!!

We appreciate your support and attendance to our rides. Without riders and volunteers we would not be able to continue having these rides. If for some reason you can not ride this year we are still looking for a couple of volunteers to help man the P.M. shift at check points. Let us know if you can help.

If you have any other questions go to http://www.aerc.org/Calendar/2013LeadFollow.pdf for the entry and flyer.

Also for any last minute updates like us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/LeadFollowOrGetOutOfMyWayEnduranceRide

We hope to see you soon,
Jodie Dukerich
& Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss

Thursday 17 October 2013

MT: Moab - Last Year!

This is the last year of the MOAB ENDURANCE RIDE, October 24-26, 2013. SO, don’t miss out on this beautiful place!

Moab is only a week away. The Government shut down has not touched us and we are READY TO RIDE !!!

We are flagging trails as you read this. Takes us over a week. 6 colors of ribbon, 10 people, 6 horses, 4 jeeps, 2 ATVs, are busy on the trails. The conditions are fantastic.

Incredible Canyon Scenery

NEW TRAILS EVERYDAY!!! This is Big Canyon Country and we take you there. One big scenic loop everyday. No backtracking or repeat trails. Begin each day’s ride surrounded with incredible rock formations. Ride into canyons with dramatic canyon walls towering overhead. Gradually climb out of the canyons and trot along the canyon ridge with incredible views of the wind sculpted crevasses below. Lots of variety of scenery and trails. Open canyon country.

This was John Wayne Country. Many of his films (and lots more) were made right here in the Moab Canyons. There will be a little film history at camp.

Good footing

Sandstone and sand (not deep) trails. A few short sections of rocks (true story). The trails vary. Two track good footing sand, then some Outlaw Trail style sandstone. Horses should be shod or booted. Experienced barefoot horses will do fine (bring boots esp for multi-days). We support barefoot horses and we assist with trail descriptions regarding terrain. Rocks are minimal.

For more information:

Friday 11 October 2013

NE: Fort Valley is on

The Ft Valley Endurance ride is ON for Oct 25th & 26th NO MATTER WHAT.

Ride management with the help of Valerie Kanavy, have rerouted a new 16 mile loop on ALL private property, in case the federal government is still closed down in late Oct.

IF the government resolves the shutdown we will use the usual forest service trails, with one exception. We have rerouted around Indian Graves because it has become too eroded to safely climb that trail.

So get your ride entries in, and plan to come to Ft. Valley Oct. 25th and 26th no matter what the government does.


MT: Moab is a go

The Moab Endurance Ride is a "GO"! The Utah State and District BLM has given the Green Light. It's probably because they know we can outrun them. The Lone Ranger was filmed here last year so we've learned about a posses and masked men too.


Thursday 10 October 2013

NW: 2014 Mt Adams

The Mt Adams ride is ON!!  We can't wait to see everyone next May in beautiful Trout Lake, WA!

We'll again have a trail ride, 25, 50 or 55, 75 AND 100 milers! 

The lovely and talented, Jessica Anderson, is in charge of awards, the Best Good Trail Gang in the NW will again be on the job, my Girl Friday and mom to be, Veronica will again be taking care of our permits, insurance and portapotties, the amazing Anna Sampson will be Queen of all that is registration and vet check and I will be along for the ride, well not to ride, but the ride.  Our favorite vets, Dr Mike Foss, Dr. Gordon Bunting, and Dr. Melissa Esser, will be in attendance. 

It's gonna be another good'un! 

See ya'all there!

Darlene Anderson
Ride Manager

Saturday 28 September 2013

SE: 2013 NAETC

The 2013 NAETC will take place December 13 at the Black Prong Equestrian Center in Levy County, FL.

For further event information please visit http://www.thegoethetrail.com/naetc. All entries must be qualified according to Article 816 of the FEI Rules for Endurance 8th edition, effective January 1, 2013.

Invitations to compete for the respective Zones will be extended by the NAETC Organiziing Committee, and will be based upon the USEF Endurance Rider Ranking List and the riders' Rankings as of October 1, 2013. Riders from each Zone in the USA who are current members of the USEF Endurance Rider Ranking list as of October 1, 2013 are eligible to receive an invitation.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Lead Follow or Get Out Of My Way - November 16, 2013

Lead Follow or Get out of MY Way ride November 16, 2013 at McDowell Mt Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona is only about 2 months away! We are once again having an AERC and AHA sanctioned 30, 50 & 75 mile ride as well as a 12 mile fun ride. New this year we will be having a BBQ diner Friday night. We are limiting the ride to the first 100 riders/entries so make sure you get your entry in soon. Entries received after November 8, 2013 will incur a $15.00 late fee. All juniors receive $20.00 off. Come join us for a beautiful and scenic desert ride with views of Fountain Hills, AZ. Enjoy the mostly groomed trails with some rock and sandy washes. This is the last ride of the season for the Southwest Region. For flyer and entry go to http://www.aerc.org/Calendar/2013LeadFollow.pdf

Any questions feel free to contact Jodie Dukerich, jmdukerich@cox.net or Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss, luv4riding@aol.com

Please help support your local rides so we can continue to offer them.

Hope to see you there

Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss

Saturday 31 August 2013

NW: Oregon 100

The Oregon 100 on September 14 near Brothers, Oregon, is promoted as a PacNorth fundraiser, and we wanted to be sure riders know just what the PacNorth is and what the money is used for.
Established as a not-for-profit organization, PacNorth helps provide funding for regional, national and international endurance championships. As an example, a North American Zone Team Challenge was held in Kentucky in 2009. PacNorth sent a team of six riders, and the funds raised at the Oregon 100 were used to pay for the team chef and the team vets to attend the event. PacNorth also tries to give back to the riders that support the PacNorth fundraiser by sponsoring speakers for the PNER convention.
If you are a member of AERC and AERC-I you are automatically a member of PacNorth. You do not need to compete internationally to be a member. PacNorth holds an annual meeting during the PNER convention, and any member can attend and have input into the organization. We hope all of you attend, and we thank you for your support of the Oregon 100. Enjoy the ride!

The trails are looking great, we've got Drs. Cassie, Willberger, and Esser lined up as vets. Preregistrations are due Sept. 1 to save $10. (Full refund if unable to attend). $20 discount for Jr. riders and 1/2 off for RMs. There's a 12 mile trail ride, too. This is a great, easy ride to move up to the next distance.

We have a wonderful lot of donated awards - gift certificates for Hought tack, Riders Warehouse and custom biothane tack by Karen Kohler. Very fun t-shirts from Riders Warehouse, buckets, leads, buckets of new e-lytes from Kentucky Performance, and more, plus the best tail end awards in the region!

Send your preregistration to Sharke - sharke@clearwire.net, Charleen Farrell, 1531 NE Lisa Ct., Prineville, OR 97754

For more information see:

Sunday 25 August 2013

W: Redwood Ride

Come on out everyone!

This year the LD is 30, which allows you to see a trail the LDs have not (at least in many years) been able to see! The 50's will also be a tad different. NO going UP Elam twice. Up once, down once. Much nicer. And the loop configurations will be a tad different too, so there is not much repeat (and what IS repeat, is in the opposite direction, so will look totally different!)

The trails so far are SPECTACULARLY dry and GREAT footing (no rocks, and only 10-15% road riding, most of which is older gravel road). Come and ride at the only (far as I know) AERC ride within the actual boundaries of a National Park, and see some stunning Old Growth Redwood groves on September 14th!

Sign up at: http://redwoodendurance.com/redwood_rides_iandii_july_25_and_aug_25_2009.html

Monday 29 July 2013

NW: Cariboo Gold Rush Express

Online registration is open for the

Cariboo Gold Rush Express ride on Sunday, September 1st, 2013 in 100 Mile House, British Columbia.


On Saturday, August 31st, Aarene Storms will be presenting her Endurance clinic 101 on the ride site. Lunch will be provided with clinic entry.
Every participant in the clinic will also receive $ 5 off of the ride entry.

The campsite is located on the property of  " The Hills Health Ranch" with access to showers, sauna and pool.

Here is the direct link to the registration form:


Dinner will be provided with ride entry.
35 corrals are available on a first come first serve base.
This ride will be capped at 50 entries.

Friday 26 July 2013

2013 Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals

October 24-28, 2013
Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area, Chandlerville, IL
Managed by the Arabian Horse Distance Riders Association (AHDRA)

Don't forget! Pre-enter for the AHA Distance Nationals by July 29th and you will be elligible for a drawing for a $25 The Distance Depot gift certificate! For more information visit AHDRA's website (flyer at http://www.ahdra.org/uploads/3/1/8/8/3188526/why_pre-enter.pdf )

Entry forms can be found at:


Thursday 25 July 2013

NW: The Vettec AERC National Endurance Championship is coming up soon!

http://www.endurance.net/AERCNC2013/index.html for all info.

The deadline for qualification to enter a 50 or 100 mile Championship division is September 9.

All ride entry registrations must be postmarked or received by September 11.

Late registrations will be permitted but will incur a $50 late fee.

Ride entry fees:

50 Mile Championship: $150

100 Mile Championship: $190

And because Ride Management wants to encourage participation by Juniors - entry fees for Juniors in both divisions will be Half Price!

Downloadable and online registration forms will be available soon on the website. Payments may be made with cash or personal check, or if you pay by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal there will be an additional 3% to cover bank fees.

Championship Qualification Criteria

100-mile ride:

500 lifetime miles (horse) AND 500 lifetime miles (rider), with at least one 100-mile, one-day ride together. The mileage requirements must be met with endurance competitions of 50 miles or more only -- no limited distance miles count towards qualification criteria. All miles MUST be AERC miles.
50-mile ride:
300 lifetime miles (horse) AND 300 lifetime miles (rider), with at least 100 miles together. The mileage requirements must be met with endurance competitions of 50 miles or more only -- no limited distance miles count towards qualification criteria. All miles MUST be AERC miles.
Alternate Qualification (either distance):
If the horse and rider team has completed 1,000 AERC endurance miles together (rides 50 miles or more only) they are qualified to enter either distance.
You may enter the AERC event even if you and/or your horse do not meet the Qualification Criteria and will receive AERC points and mileage credit. In this case we ask that:
1) you are willing take over sponsorship of a Junior in the case that the Junior's original sponsor is eliminated from competition, or
2) you are willing to help Ride Management in other ways such as drag rider, gate opener/closer or
3) you can volunteer during one of the rides (50 or 100) that you are not participating in.

Monday 15 July 2013

NE: Old Dominion Rides N Ties N Clinics

Great educational opportunity coming up!

The Old Dominion Endurance Rides Inc. has a great weekend planned in Orkney Springs, VA for July 27-28. Have you ever wanted to try Ride N' Tie? Wonder what Ride N' Tie is? Want to attend a clinic or maybe learn about/try horse camping? Would you like to try night riding before entering your first 100 mile
endurance ride? Want to try a little endurance riding at a short distance? Some the riding will be done in the evening and into the night by glow sticks so the temps will be lower the fun will be higher! Come on down!!!

Here is a link to more info about what is happening in July:


If you just want to try horse camping and a shorter distance of trails you are welcome to come. This is a flexible weekend where everyone is welcome. Please
check for email addresses on the link provided to ask for more info.

Sunday 14 July 2013

CT: Central Region 100 mile Championship


The Central Region 100 mile Championship / AERC open 100 mile ride is being held in conjunction with Indian Territory October 5 at Lake Carl Blackwell near Stillwater, OK. The flier is attached on the online AERC calendar. The entry fee is $90 before the $5 pre entry discount (post marked 9/14), $5 OCER discount, and $5 ride manager discount. Where else can you enter a 100 mile ride for an entry fee of $90 to $75?

Camping fee at Hunts Meadow at Lake Carl Blackwell is $20/night. If you want to reserve an electric site (water at each site), please send your entry AND appropriate camping fee to me NOW. I am giving priority to the 100 milers because you guys ROCK! PLEASE let me know when you will arrive and when you will leave so I can let OSU (go POKES!) know.

For those entering the 50 or Limited Distance, we love you too; you may certainly pre enter. Camping is first come so get me your entries and camping fees immediately. I'll let you know that you have a site and which one it is.

There will be a catered meal Saturday night before awards. The meal is FREE to riders and $10 to non riders. It will help in the planning to know how many plan to eat.

Thanks so much for your continued support of our rides. Link and I enjoy watching our friends have fun and enjoy yourselves. We hope to make many new friends this October!

for more information see

Trinity River Challenge Campout

July 13 2013

Come on out and ride the scenic trails of southern Trinity Co and the Trinity River Challenge. July 10-15. Good fun, good food, and good times :) Distances from 8-30 miles available, so something for all skill and conditioning levels. There is river and lake access as well, if you want to spend the afternoons cooling off. Camping and dinner each night included, for only $15/person/night! For more info or call:(707) 616-6261
or see

Sunday 7 July 2013

I Know You Rider - Location Change!


Greetings all you horse enthusiasts!
I Know You Rider is really looking forward to a great turnout this year. We have moved our ride to a location we are more familiar with and with better footing. We hope you all will join us again this year for a fantastic ride!
The directions online at AERC and MRER are correct except for the last turn just go straight for one more mile. There will be signs!
Please help us plan accordingly by going on line and filling out your entry forms and getting them to us either by email bbuzis@q.com or fax 307-789-8120 or mail PO Box 2099 Evanston Wy 82931 ASAP. Or just email me and let me know your coming!
We will be providing lunches each ride day for riders and crew. Dinner is provided for riders (non-riders can purchase dinner for $10 pp) on Fri and Sat night. If there are any leftovers we will all enjoy them on Sun.
**Certified Hay is NOT required.
**There is a $10 discount for juniors
**If you pre-register with pmt before Aug. 1st you receive a $10 discount so sign up now :)

Happy trails to all!

Your IKYR mgr

Tuesday 2 July 2013

100 Milers Entering Indian Territory

The Central Region 100 mile Championship / AERC open 100 mile ride is being held in conjunction with Indian Territory October 5 at Lake Carl Blackwell near Stillwater, OK. The flier is attached on the online AERC calendar. The entry fee is $90 before the $5 pre entry discount (post marked 9/14), $5 OCER discount, and $5 ride manager discount. Where else can you enter a 100 mile ride for an entry fee of $90 to $75?

Camping fee at Hunts Meadow at Lake Carl Blackwell is $20/night. If you want to reserve an electric site (water at each site), please send your entry AND appropriate camping fee to me NOW. I am giving priority to the 100 milers because you guys ROCK! PLEASE let me know when you will arrive and when you will leave so I can let OSU (go POKES!) know.

For those entering the 50 or Limited Distance, we love you too; you may certainly pre enter. Camping is first come so get me your entries and camping fees immediately. I'll let you know that you have a site and which one it is.

There will be a catered meal Saturday night before awards. The meal is FREE to riders and $10 to non riders. It will help in the planning to know how many plan to eat.

Thanks so much for your continued support of our rides. Link and I enjoy watching our friends have fun and enjoy yourselves. We hope to make many new friends this October!

Susan Glen

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Bare Bones Endurance Ride

It's a bit early to be anticipating rider numbers and no pre-paying is required, however, I've got a lot on my plate this year and would like a bit of a head's up if you are planning on coming. If you'd like you can even fill out the entry form and send to me (w/o money) so I can get a bit of a head count. (PO Box 425, Yacolt, Wa 98675 or scan and attach.)

As of now it looks like a meal will be available on Sat. evening - $10.00 per person paid on Friday registration - please make a note somewhere in the e-mail or on the entry if you're expecting to be purchasing meals and how many. Menu is in the works at this point.

Please keep in mind that if you mentor junior riders, have a junior rider or are a junior rider, all AERC juniors ride the 30 and 50 milers for free this year. Non-AERC juniors pay $30 for either distance. Trail/fun ride is not included.

Lastly - riders need to donate toilet paper as part of their ride entry, please don't forget to bring it with you - these donations go towards maintenance of the bathrooms in the two nearby horse camps.

You can contact me here, by private e-mail or on Facebook under my name or the event Bare Bones Endurance Ride.

Thank you!

Heidi Larson

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Bandit Springs

Hi guys, I’ve got a REALLY basic website back up and running for Bandit. The flyer is on there and a few FAQs. I will add more of those as you all ask them. J I hear the PNER website has the current flyer now (thanks David). And AERC has pertinent info, as well.

We welcome but do not require pre-entries. Pre-entry means, please send me your sign up form. For this, you will receive a $10 discount. I need ALL pre-entries by July 4. I’m leaving the 5th. If you have to cancel, you will receive a full refund if you choose to pre-pay, too. You can use your credit or debit card and pay thru PayPal. Just let me know and I will invoice you. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay this way. It is also really easy to give refunds thru PayPal.

Yes, you must have certified hay with the special twine. We will have about 36-40 bales available for purchase at $13/bale. 60-65lb bales (I know, wow, that’s expensive).

Let me know if you have any questions: 541-733-2601 (cell, so you can text me, too) or jwilde@wildevents.info.

Jannelle Wilde

Arabian Horse Association - Distance Nationals

Why pre-enter for 2013 Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals!? Incentives, incentives! For each day you pre-register, you are elligble to be entered in a drawing! Check out the flyer and contact me if you have questions. July 29th is around the corner - and very early compared to the ride - so if you can't pre-register by then, watch for more "Incentives"!!! Watch the websites (http://www.arabianhorses.org/ or http://www.ahdra.org/) for updates about the ride site and trails. AHDRA also has a facebook page if you are interested in joining; look under "Events" for additional information about the 2013 AHA Distance Nationals.

Why pre-enter?

Pre-entries give ride managers a “head’s up” – knowing that you are coming allows Management to plan for:
Veterinary Staffing
More Time for Ride Management to Verify Qualifications and Prepare Paperwork Equals Reduced Lines at Check-In!
Trailer Parking
Meeting Room Space
Trail Preparedness – how much traffic, how long will riders be out, etc

Pre-entries postmarked by July 29
will be entered in a drawing for a
$20 Gift Certificate from The Distance Depot.

There will be a drawing for each “Event” entered – the 100 Mile Ride, the 50 Mile Ride, and the two-day 70 Mile Ride. One entry equals one chance at your event’s drawing. The drawing will be held the night before the event. Open riders are encouraged to pre-enter; their entries qualify them for the drawing the night before their entry.

Entry forms can be found at:
• http://www.arabianhorses.org/competitions/nationalevents/natdist/2013/information.asp
• http://www.ahdra.org/rides.html

Can’t commit in July? Monitor:
• http://www.arabianhorses.org under the Distance Nationals page
• www.ahdra.org
• And the 2013 Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals Event Page (found under AHDRA’s Facebook group).
All of these sites can give you up-to-date information about trails, camping, vet-check parameters, and future “bonus” deadlines!

*Note: Distance Depot is one of our vendors!

Please see entry information for cancellation policies.

Thursday 13 June 2013

NW: Online registration is open for the City of Rocks

Online registration is open for the City of Rocks multiday August 6 - 10.


Please if you're planning to come fill the form out (it's easy!) so we can get a good idea of how many riders to expect.

Here's a direct link to the registration form:


Meals will be provided with ride entry (Two Trees Catering) - and we also need to have a head count for meals.

It's a good chance to pre-ride the National Championship trails!

Wednesday 5 June 2013

W: Pine Nut Express Endurance Ride

AERC Sanctioned / AHA Region #7 Local Ride
25 ~ 50 miles - June 29, 2013
LOCATION: Fish Springs, Gardnerville, NV: From Hwy. 395 North turn left, from the south turn right onto Waterloo Ln. which is a main intersection in town with a traffic light and last minute shopping and fuel. This will continue east onto Toler Rd. and then Fish Springs Rd. for around 5.5 miles to a left turn onto Windmill Rd. which will be ribboned. Proceed for 1.3 miles and go straight onto an unmaintained dirt road .3 mile to camp. Horse water will be available. Be aware wild horses are in the area and we don't know how close they will come to camp.

TRAIL: NEW TRAIL! For those that joined us for our 1st ride in 2012, we will change loop #2, LESS ROCKS! The rides will have all vet checks back at ride camp. The trail is of moderate difficulty in the Pine Nut Mountain Range. There are several rocky sections on all the ride loops. The trail has a variety of sandy and rocky terrain in wooded juniper and pine surroundings. Hoof protection is required for the 50 mile ride, either shoes or some sort of hoof protection/boots, pads recommended. Elevation ranges from 4,500 to 6,000.

50 MILE AERC / AHA LOCAL RIDE: The 50 mile ride will have 3 loops with all vet checks back at ride camp.

25 MILE AERC LD RIDE: The 25 mile trail is two loops with all vet checks at ride camp. Every successful finisher will receive a completion award. The ride time does not stop until your horse reaches a pulse of 60 BPM.

VETERINARIANS: Head Vet; Susan McCartney, DVM, Asst. Vet; Karen Indreland, DVM

VET CHECK: Friday, June 28, 2013, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All horses must be pre-vetted and numbered before starting the ride. A pre-ride meeting will be held approximately at 7:00 p.m.

STARTING TIMES: 50 mile ride - 6:00 a.m. (12 hours elapsed time given for completion), 25 mile ride - 6:30 a.m. (6:00 hours elapsed time given for completion)

AWARDS: Completion awards will be given to all successful finishers on both rides. There will also be awards for the Overall Winner, 1st Junior, Best Condition and Top Ten for 50 mile ride. Awards for the 25 mile ride will include overall first place winner and Best Condition. Please pick up your awards if you are not staying for the awards presentation, as they will not be mailed.

AWARD DINNER: Our award dinner will start at approximately 4pm and continue until all riders are fed. Dinner will be provided by John Collier’s Dutch Oven Cooking Group. Dinner will include Rouge River Salmon, Lemon Chicken, Salad, Garlic Bread and Strawberry Short Cake. Extra dinner tickets will cost $12.00 for friends and crew.

ENTRY FEES: 50 mile ride - $120.00 - $25.00 discount if postmarked by 6/21/13
25 mile ride - $110.00 - $25.00 discount if postmarked by 6/21/13
Juniors ride discount is $30.00. All non-AERC members must pay an additional $15.00. Cancellations by 6/24/13 will receive a full refund. After 6/24/13 all but $25.00 will be refunded. No Shows will not receive a refund. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks. Checks may be cashed before the ride.

Kim Mileo - Ride Manager…. ctyslcr@aol.com
1651 Golconda Dr.
Minden, Nevada 89423
Phone (775) 267-4873 Fax (775) 267-1010

Suzanne Huff – Assistant Ride Manager … info@sudararabians.com
421 Hansen Lane
Gardnerville, Nevada 89460
Phone (775) 783-9608

Tuesday 4 June 2013

NW: Bandit Springs

30, 50, 80 Endurance Rides on July 13
10 & 30 mile Ride & Tie July 14
10 or 15 mile trail ride Both Days
25, 50 July 14
ACTHA ride July 12 and 13

Located in Central Oregon’s beautiful Ochoco National Forest, 28 miles east of Prineville, Oregon

Large, grassy meadow dotted with old growth ponderosa pine and aspens. Horse water and portapotties provided. Please bring your own people water.

Bag and remove all horse poop! (Bag removal service for a small fee - $1/bag.)


10, 20 & 30 miles loops and maybe another one or two new ones!
The course is mostly single-track dirt trails with the remainder on old two-track logging roads winding through pine covered mountains, wild horse habitat and green meadows. Generally good footing, and yes, there are some rocky spots. Water provided or from natural sources every 5-6 miles. Terrain is moderate with some long, gradual climbs. Keep an eye out
for the gold that bandits left hidden in the hills in 1863 along with their six horses. The remains of the horses were found ... but the gold never was...

Weather can vary from cool & dry to hot and humid during the day. Nights are cool at the 5000 ft altitude.

For more information see:

Wednesday 22 May 2013

NW: Klickitat Trek - Ride&Tie

May 22 2013

Get your running shoes ready:  We will have a long and short course Ride&Tie on Sunday at Klickitat June 1 & 2 (15 and 25 miles), so for all of you who told me this weekend at Mt Adams that one day you want to try this crazy sport, here’s the perfect opportunity.  Ride the endurance ride on Saturday and then on Sunday stretch out your legs, give your horse a break (actually lots of little breaks J) and practice team work.   Finisher awards are really nice moisture-wicking running shirts.  

Need a partner and/or have questions?  Please let me know. 

Not sure what this is about? how it works? if you and/or your horse are ready for this?  We’ll be doing a little R&T clinic on Saturday at around 5-6pm.  Contact me for more info.
Many, many thanks to Marilyn for letting us do this!!!!
Kirsten Seyferth
Washougal, WA

MT: ZTEC - Zone Team Endurance Challenge - Ft Howes


We are looking forward to opening up the Ashland District of the Custer National Forest to all of our Endurance Friends for the Zone Team Endurance Challenge (ZTEC) on the Fort Howes trails June 8-9, 2013. Our website is up and running with online entry applications being accepted. Come ride the historic trails of the sixth generation
run cattle ranch at the Circle Bar Ranch, homesteaded in 1883. Visit our site for more information at www.forthowes.net.

Thursday 16 May 2013

W: Descanso Endurance Ride

June 8, 2013

Region I AHA Championship

AERC Sanctioned 25/50 miles

15 Mile Fun Ride

(limited to 150 riders)

Fred Beasom, D.V.M., Head Veterinarian

Terry Woolley Howe, Ride Manager

P.O. Box 399, Descanso, CA 91916

(619) 445-5443

Email: terryhowe@hughes.net

Jennifer Bishop, Asst. Ride Manager

(760) 518-7065

Email: jbishop@att.net

The Descanso Ride is a moderate (plus) to difficult ride. The scenery is beautiful with the ride starting at the staging area in Descanso, and climbing up to the pine trees and meadows of the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. The course is on trails and fire roads, with good footing. There are a few stream crossings. The trail can be rocky in some areas so if it is appropriate, you may wish to consider putting pads on your horse. The trail is safe, but there are some areas that require horsemanship. There is a lot of climbing so you will need to bring a fit horse, or plan to take the full time allowed. You will be sharing the park area with other equestrians, hikers, bicyclists, deer and wild turkeys. There is plenty of room on the trails, but you need to be aware of how your horse reacts to “aliens.” Sometimes having your horse “turn on a dime” is not a good thing—unless, of course, you have on brown pants, and then it’s O.K. We will be having a 15- mile fun ride. There will also be a 15-mile and 23-mile ride and tie event being held at the same time. NATRC will also have rides going on in conjunction with our ride. The course is open to the public at all times and so it is possible to pre-ride the entire course. Maps will be provided ahead of time to all registered riders.

There is crew access to all vet checks, but since hay, bran and carrots will be provided for the horses, rider refreshments at the vet checks and lunches for all riders, support crews are really not necessary.

The basecamp is in an open field next to McClintock’s Saddle Works. Descanso Hay and Feed is also nearby. There is a small store with expensive gas (including diesel), and a café within a mile. The only water source will be a water trough that we will keep filled with a hose. If it is more convenient for you, you may want to bring your own horse water. There are no trees at basecamp, so you may want to bring your own clouds also. Please leave rain at home. All dogs must be kept on leashes.

The entry fee includes a barbequed chicken dinner on Friday night, participation in the ride, food throughout race day, drug test fee, completion award, and dinner at the awards banquet. Additional Friday & Saturday dinner tickets for family and crew may be ordered for $15. I would like to explain about the entry fee. Normally this high fee is only attached to the Warner Springs Ride to cover the cost of the dinner in the lodge that we are charged. The reason for the high fee with this ride, is that in addition to the cost for using the field as the basecamp, we have to bring in a large tent for shade, tables and chairs, and also, the State Park assesses fees. So consider part of your ride fee as a contribution to the park trails.

You may arrive on Thursday. Check in will be on Friday, June 7, 2013, from 2:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. The Friday dinner will be served between 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The head ride veterinarian will set the criteria for pulse and respiration throughout the ride. The ride meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. Friday evening. The 50-mile course will start at 6:00 a.m. The 25-mile course will start at 7:30 a.m., and the fun riders can leave just after the 25’s. The ride and tie will start at 8:00 a.m.

Why Come ?

Scenic trail through the pines
Competent, friendly veterinarians
Great completion awards
Refreshments for riders at vet checks
Juniors pay half price
Lunch provided for all riders & crews
Hay for horses at vet checks
Café, gas, market & feed store nearby

For entry forms and more information see:

Friday 10 May 2013

W: Trinity River Challenge Cancelled


It is with much regret, that I have to make this post. Due to the lack of volunteer help, both in trail preparation and ride weekend jobs, we are going to have to cancel the July 12-14 Trinity River Challenge in the Six Rivers and Shasta-Trinity National Forests.

We have just over a month left, trails are still a mess and some unaccessable due to snow, and things are not going to get done with just two of us. Local volunteers will be busy on ride weekend as well. That said, camp has been reserved and pre-paid, so we will host a trail ride weekend for those of you who'd still like to ride this beautiful area. Less stress, goid foid, fun times.. just no AERC points for it. Stay tuned to the page for more details, as we figure out what to offer, pricing, etc... Sorry all, we tried! :(

Friday 26 April 2013

MW: AHA Distance Nationals


The 2013 AHA Distance Nationals will be held at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area (JEPC) near Chandlerville, IL. The 100 mile Championship ride will be Thursday, October 24; the 50 mile Championship ride will be Saturday, October 26; the 2-day 70 mile Championship Competitive ride will be Sunday and Monday, October 27-28. Open rides will also be offered. For more information and updates about the ride, please monitor this Event and www.ahdra.org (under "Rides").

As of 11:15 on 4/25 there are 12 RESERVABLE sites left at the campground! There are 51 sites totoal, with only 36 RESERVABLE. There are **15 NON-RESERVABLE** Electrics sites. There is also LOTS of overflow camping. There will be room for EVERYONE, though not everyone will have electric. Go to AHA or AHDRA's websites for entry and ride information. There is a Facebook Event - do a search for 2013 AHA Distance Nationals (does not show up under AHDRA's Events yet).

W: Gold Country


The Gold Country Endurance Ride is July 6, 2013 at the Dru Barner Equestrian Campground in the beautiful El Dorado National Forest, California.

We offer a 30 mile and a 50 mile ride and for the first time we will recognize placing and award a BC to the LD horse who finishes in the top ten in the best condition. We received many requests last year but we had already made the decision to offer a Horse Excellence award.

The entry fee for both rides is $90 but we offer a $15 discount to those who register early and we offer a 50% discount for juniors and ride managers. We will have great awards and as those of you who have attended the ride know, the VERY best food!!! Fresh Salmon, Salads from top restaurants and Michel Bloch will be making fresh strawberry crepes for dessert!

Stay for the long weekend and enjoy the 4th of July with friends. Visit www.gcer.org for more information and a ride application. See you there!

Wednesday 24 April 2013


The Nevada All-State Trail Riders, Inc. (NASTR) is a non-profit corporation organized in 1968 for the purpose of preserving historical trails in Nevada by sponsoring and promoting horse back riding on these trails.

NASTR is pleased to present our 30- 50- and 75-mile rides, over Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, May 26, 2013 in Dayton, Nevada.

Both the 75- and 50-mile rides are AHA Region 3 Local Rides.

Base camp for the ride remains unchanged, at the Dayton Rodeo Grounds .

In our continuing effort to encourage ridership, JUNIORS RIDE HALF PRICE!  All entries postmarked by May 20 may avoid the $15 late fee.

Due to problems with dogs in past years, all dogs must be on a leash or within your rig at all times.  Loose dogs may result in rider disqualification.

Please call me with questions,
Karon Dutcher, NASTR Ride Manager

W: Run for the Gold

Run for the Gold Endurance ride: June 1 2013 near Maariposa, California

The 25 and 50 mile rides will be on mountain trails, fire and abandoned logging roads that cross streams and seasonal creeks, across private ranches and the U.S. Forest. You will ride through the beautiful scenic splendor of California's Southern High Sierra with views of Yosemite's snow capped peaks.

Please help us keep this gorgeous mountain ride going.  If we don't get enough entries this year, it most likely will be gone forever.  It's an excellent Tevis training ride, and has been rerouted so it is not as difficult as it has been in the past.  Please don't hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions. 

Jane Smith

MT: Hoof Clinic in Colorado


Coming up soon: Hoof Care Clinic in Ft. Collins, Colorado on May 11/12.

Global Endurance Training Center and Remuda Run is teaming up for a two day Hoof Care Clinic. Christoph Schork will be teaching this clinic, which is geared towards the intermediate to advanced hoof trimmer.

We will be looking at pathologies and exploring anatomy and how it relates to trimming. Hoof protection will also be shown and discussed. Clinic is almost full, only 4 more spots available. Details to be found under


Tuesday 23 April 2013

NW: Come and join us for the Owyhee Fandango in Oreana, Idaho!

Come and join us for the Owyhee Fandango in Oreana, Idaho! 

May 24, 25, 26
- it's a 3-Day Pioneer ride, and a 80 and 100 mile elevator on Sunday, May 26.

The trails will be easy/moderate this year - we'll stay in the lower elevations with good footing.

If you're wanting to qualify for the National Championship this would be a good 100 miler to do it on. It's not too difficult and there's plenty of daylight this time of year. 

You'll even have a full moon! It's a pretty time of year in the Owyhees - the creeks are running full and there's still snow on the mountains. 

We're not taking you to Celebration Park across the river this year - you'll turn around at the petroglyphs. The first 2 vet checks will be at the Sierra del Rio Ranch, then back to base camp at Teeter Ranch at 60 miles. Two 20 mile loops out of base camp will complete the 100 mile course. 

We're offering a 60 -> 80 mile elevator, and an 80 -> 100 mile elevator this year. If you choose to elevate to the longer distance, you will get mileage and completion points only. 

Meals will be home-cooked by Wynne and Melissa. (their enchiladas are legendary...)

For more info and trail maps: http://www.endurance.net/international/USA/2013Fandango/

Monday 22 April 2013

Come and join us for the Adequan AERC National Championship!

We Want You at City of Rocks!

Come and join us for the Adequan AERC National Championship!

September 20-22, 2013 near Almo, Idaho

Here's how:

1. Volunteer! We need timers, pulse takers, gate openers, ribbon taker-downers, meal serving helpers, camp fire tenders, hot spring temperature testers... all those critical jobs that make a big event possible.

The competitions are Friday (50 miles) and Sunday (100 miles) so Saturday is open for trail riding for those of you that might want to come help and ride a little too. We'll feed you and pay your camp fee and generally keep you happy!

Or if you really want to ride the course, you can do so if you:

1. Qualify for the National Championship as a competitor.

2. Ride as a 'Ready and Willing Junior Sponsor'.

3. Ride Drag.

http://www.endurance.net/AERCNC2013/qualify.html  for more details!

Thursday 18 April 2013

NW: Buckskin Challenge is On!

The Buckskin Challenge 25 & 50 & Trail Ride will be held June 8, 2013

Come and see if you are ready for the Tevis in July!

We have spent many hours revising trail to find a balance between enjoyable and challenging.

The ride trails wind through the hills and mountains east of Pocatello, Idaho. Base camp is only 4 miles from the I-15 freeway. Pavement until you enter base camp.

✓ We have plenty of horse water and limited people water.

✓ Dinner the night before is included in your entry fee. Non-rider meals will cost $10.

✓ The ride is on private ground so dogs MUST BE LEASHED AY ALL TIMES.

✓ Plenty of room for large rigs.

Ride Management:

Chris & Kara Yost
8435 N. Parks Rd.
Pocatello, ID 83201
chrisyost44@gmail.com or 208-251-7337

For more details and entry options, see our website at:

The Buckskin Challenge Sponsored by Team Endurance

NW: Flashback Ride Cancelled


The Flashback Ride (Northwest Region) set for June 8 & 9 in Oregon, has been cancelled.

W: American River Classic Cancelled


The American River Classic 25/50 on April 27 near Auburn, California, has been cancelled due to rider cancellations and the uncertainty of Auburn parking facilities. The ride managers are planning for the 2014 edition of the West Region ride.

Monday 15 April 2013

NW: Hoof Clinic at Mustang Mountain Ranch

Dear Fellow Endurance Riders:
    Mustang Mountain Ranch announces our first clinic of the year ~ Yahoo!
 June 22, 2013 in Yacolt, Washington
 This is a clinic for those contemplating transitioning their Equine partner to barefoot and for those who have already transitioned and want to learn and take control of the trimming and booting processes.  This will be a low stress activity as we know from our own experience how tiring and awkward hoof care can be until you build technique and stamina.  There will be lots of breaks as we will work on one component of the hoof at a time such as heels, quarters, break-over etc. and have discussion and critique between.
     We intend to give you the confidence to begin the barefoot journey of maintaining your horse’s hoofs and properly choosing and fitting hoof boots.  We will cover the transition process to include optimum feeding and horse keeping for healthy hoofs.  If there is sufficient interest, we will offer on-going follow-up support to monitor progress and provide coaching to build confidence and advanced skills.
     Boot selection and fitting can be very frustrating.  We will help you select the best type of boot for your intended purpose whether it is easy going trail riding to extreme multi-day endurance competition.  If you already have boots, bring them along and we will verify fit.
     A complete set of tools will be available for your use.  You can of course bring and use your own as long as the rasp, your most important tool, is sharp.  All tools and a wide selection of hoof boots will be available for purchase at competitive prices.
Warmest Regards,
Theresa Kays-Tillotson
Cell:  253-508-0963
For further information:
Mustang Mountain Ranch
Owned by Chuck and Annette Cowan

Sunday 14 April 2013

W: Tevis Educational Ride & Fun Ride

For the first time we are combining the Educational Ride with the Fun Ride, on June 1st & 2nd, 2013.
Included in the entry fee for both the Educational and Fun Ride is a delicious BBQ and live entertainment around a campfire on Saturday night. There will also be seven informative talks planned for the weekend. They include booting, nutrition, conditioning, pacing, care for the horse that needs help on the trail and at the vet check, and more. 
All proceeds go directly back into the preservation of the Western States Trail.  Check out more information here: a href="http://teviscup.org/images/docs/latest/fun_ride_flyer.pdf.  All forms are available on the Tevis home page.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

CT: Okmulgee Cougar Prowl Location Change


This is just a shout out that the new trails at Dripping Springs State Park will not be ready in time for the Okmulgee Cougar Prowl so I am changing the location to Prague Lake, which is about 45 min East of the original site.  Mary Mosshammer has graciously agreed to be the assistant ride manager, and we could really use some help for vet sec and PR takers!

The ride is still May 11th.  Please do not pre enter, but email us closer to ride time to let us know you are coming!

Here is the directions to Prague Lake.  It is not far off I-40.

In Prague, take us hwy 62 3 miles.  Turn north onto S3520 Rd and go 2 miles.  Turn east on E 1030 Rd ang go one mile.  The gate to the equestrian campground is on the norht side of the road just before E 1030 Rd curves south.

More updates later....but wanted everyone to know Cougar Prowl is STILL ON!!

Louise Burton

CT: Ozark Trail 100

Just like riding with Wendel Robie


Don't you wish you could have been around when they first started doing the Tevis ride? Imagine what it would have been like to ride that 100 rugged miles without all the hoopla and crowded trail of todays Tevis? Just you and a few brave fool hardy individuals testing yourself and your mount against a tough trail..Wouldn't that be cool?

Well you can either invent a time machine and go back 50 some years in time to meet up with those early pioneers....or.... three weeks from now you can ride the Ozark Trail 100 on April 27 from Steelville to Black, Missouri.

This is the only other point to point ride in the country. It is tough, technical and has really pretty scenery. Right now only 8 people are entered. Go buy yourself a pair of Big Girl panties and come ride.

Paul N. Sidio

Monday 8 April 2013

MT: Colorado Mountain Mettle

April 8 2013

A glimpse of the Colorado Mountain Mettle 100, 75, 50, and 30 mile trails you'll be riding over on June 21 and 22 near Littleon, Colorado can be seen in this collection of photos by Stephanie Wind:


Friday 5 April 2013

SE: Biltmore Challenge

From Cheryl Newman --


Just a reminder that April 9 postmark is the deadline for the application without late fee for the 4 May 2013 Biltmore Challenge 50/75/100. We still have openings in the ride. If you have not already entered, now is the time. (http://www.biltmoreendurance.com/)

This year we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Biltmore Challenge started and managed by Anne Ayala for many years. Moreover, Anne was the "trail master" who created many of the equestrian trails on the Biltmore Estate. As many of you now Anne passed away just after Christmas last year.

To honor Anne and the 20th Anniversary we are featuring special prizes and recognition, particularly for riders who have participated for 10 or more years.

Improved trails including more elimination of the gravel road used by cars into and out of camp
A new beautiful first loop for the 50 mile riders that has not been used before in endurance competition
Re-opening of the downstream trails on Biltmore Farms that had been lost before the National Championship

And the customary features of the Biltmore ride

The beautiful Biltmore Estate, gardens, winery, and walks in the spring
AERC, SERA, FEI, and AHA events
Excellent internationally recognized vets
Well marked trails including the beautiful West Side trails with views of the House, mountains, vineyards ...
Excellent management
Great food

We hope to welcome you to our 20th Anniversary celebration.

Cheryl Newman, Ride Manager

Thursday 4 April 2013

MT: Colorado Mountain Mettle


The Colorado Mountain Mettle Endurance Ride is only 11 weeks away! This year it is to be held on June 21 and 22 near Littleton, Colorado.

We are hosting a 100, 75, and 30 mile rides on Friday and a 50 and 30 mile ride Saturday. The trail has been modified and on Friday will go basically West from the Sharptail Ridge Open Space near Littleton to the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area which is between the towns of Pine Junction and Woodland Park. Saturday's ride will start at Sharptail, use the Indian Creek system, and return to Sharptail for the finish. All the information can be found on The Ride's website:

Marking the route will begin on Monday, June17, and clean up needs to be completed by Monday, June 24, at the end of the day. The entire course is non-motorized and on multi use trails. Rider volunteers are needed to not only mark/unmark trail, but to be safety riders (following the last competitors to the finish line), and to direct traffic at important intersections. Most of the sections of trail are 12-18 miles long.

We will need horse trailers and drivers to shuttle the marking team between vet stops and to shuttle competitors & horses from the vet checks back to Sharptail. The majority of this work will be needed Friday, 9:00 am-2:00 pm.

We will need shuttle trailers for the 100 and 75 mile riders to bring horse/rider teams back from their finish at Buffalo Creek to Sharptail Friday aternoon and evening -Saturday morning 6:00 am.( The 100's have until 5:00 am to finish.)

Other volunteer opportunities include: Helping at a vet check as timers, scribes, pulse takers, people care (food/water for vets, riders, etc...). We also need people to help keep water in the tanks for horses and someone to attach glow sticks to clothes pins so they can be hung for the late 100 mile riders. Of course, there is always set up and clean up at the vet checks as well.

Other things that would be helpful: are pickups with campers or shells at the vet checks so the vets and volunteers could get some rest in between riders. We also need stackable water tanks and sponge tubs and 5-7 gallon water jugs for refilling tanks. A large water (300 gallon) tank for delivering the intial water is also on our wish list.

Mounted Patrol Members will have additional patrol opportunities and information through Team Cowboy. Thank you in for considering Colorado Mountain Mettle Endurance Ride in your summer's planning!

For more information and entry forms, see:

Tuesday 2 April 2013

SW: Prescott Chaparral Endurance Ride

Welcome to the third year of the Prescott Chaparral Ride. The ride is being hosted by the L Bell Ranch in Skull Valley, Az. The dates for this year's ride will be April 13,14, and 15th. This year's ride is a pioneer ride, with 155 miles in endurance riding (50/55/50) and 85 miles in limited distance rides (30/30/25). Vet checks will be in camp for day one and out of camp on days 2,3. Lunch will be provided for riders. Lunches will be available for crew members at a small fee. Having vet checks out of camp will allow us access to a multitude of wonderful trails. Our goal is to provide safe, enjoyable trails with lots of water for the horses. We are making every effort to have as little repeat trails as possible over the three days of riding. Daily riding fees will be $100.

For each day there will be only one vet check for both the 50's and limited distance riders and lunches and horse hay will be provided at the out vet checks. Dinner will be provided at the end of day one for the riders. Crew and families may purchase the meals for a small fee.

New for 2013 Day one will be a dual sanctioned AHA/AERC ride. This was set up by Effee Conner, many thanks to her for all her hard work getting this organized. Also we will hold a 12 mile fun ride. Participants will ride the first loop of the limited distance through Sycamore Creek. Cost is $50 and completion awards and lunch will be provided. This is a great way to have some fun and learn about endurance.

The meal plan for 2013 is now officially changed. One meal per day is included in the entry fee. A on-site caterer is now going to be available. Breakfast will available for purchase from 6 to 8 am. Hot meals will be available from noon until 7 pm. The out vet checks on day 2,3, riders will be responsible to pack there own lunches and place their lunch and crew bags in the appropriate trailer.

Base camp is located at the L-Bell ranch. The ranch is located 4.5 miles west of Iron Springs Road on Ferguson Valley Road, in Skull Valley, Arizona. Skull Valley is located about 18 miles southwest of Prescott, Arizona. The ranch is family owned for several generations and currently managed by the owners Mark Finn and Leslie Cronquist. This private cattle ranch is a unique setting for our event. Please browse our website and make plans to join us to ride in the Prescott National Forest this April.

For more information, see

Many thanks in advance,
Michael and Julia

Monday 4 March 2013

SW: Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding


Just a reminder that we are coming up on the Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding endurance ride April 27 in the Caja del Rio (Santa Fe, NM). There will be a 50/30 and 8-mi fun ride. This is being put on by Listening Horse Theraputic Riding as a fundraiser. Do come out. The trails are already great for pre-riding! See the following for more info. This will be a moderate ride in terms of elevation gain, all on two track or established trails. https://www.facebook.com/events/147454685412086/

Saturday 2 March 2013

MT: Strawberry Endurance Ride

Friday 55/25 • Saturday 50/25 • Sunday 50/25
June 21, 22, 23, 2013

A RIDE & TIE will be held on Sunday, June 23
Two People, One Horse, One Fun Race
www.rideandtie.org for more info

The STRAWBERRY ENDURANCE RIDE has become known as the most scenically beautiful ride in the Mountain Region. It is located in the Uintah Mountains, 55 miles SE of Salt Lake City and just 20 miles east of Heber, just north of Strawberry Reservoir. This is a well-catered ride to enjoy in a friendly, relaxed environment. The terrain is challenging, but not difficult, with trails winding through aspens and meadows filled with wildflowers and spectacular mountain scenery.

2013 is our 11th year for Strawberry and once again, it will be a 3-DAY Pioneer Ride. We look forward to seeing eveyone again this summer. We hope everyone will spread the word about the beautiful scenery… the area is blessed with some of the most pristine, gorgeous riding terrain imaginable. At this time of year, with the spring run‑off, numerous creeks are flowing, the bugs aren't out yet, but the wild flowers and Aspen are blooming everywhere. It is a perfect time of year to enjoy a memorable Uinta Mountain riding experience.

We are looking forward to taking our riders back up to the Red Cliffs and on the spectacular high mountain trails again. Come early, stay late and savor the pure mountain atmosphere. Sightings of deer, elk, moose and beaver are not uncommon, and look for bald eagles and hawks soaring above. The scenic value of this ride is what makes it truly unique and special, and if taken at a moderate pace, this is a ride to cherish and remember forever.

LOCATION: Base camp is about 55 miles south east of Salt Lake City, Utah, with easy access. From Heber City, take Hwy 40 east, 20 miles. Go over Daniel's Pass, and once you cross the Strawberry River, which is marked, you will see a wide graded road with a turnout on your left. Keep straight on this road, north, all the way into camp.

If you are coming from the east, we are about 50 miles west of Fruitland on Hwy 40. After CO‑Op Creek and just before the Strawberry River, turn right on the graded road.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Our trails are mostly single track through woodland and open meadows, and some gravel roads. There are plenty of creeks and ponds, and an abundance of green grass for horses to snack on. Although it is high altitude, and there is significant elevation change, the trails are not difficult and the footing is mainly very good. This is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to be introduced to the sport of Endurance Riding in a friendly, relaxed, environment and there will be people around who would be pleased to show you the ropes and get you started.

The 55 and 50 milers start at 7am and the 25 milers at 7.30am. Daytime temperatures usually range from 70 to 80 degrees, and you can expect the occasional thunder shower so come prepared. The nights can get chilly so warm jackets and horse blankets are advised. Dinner will be freshly prepared and served each night free with the price of entry, and meals for crew can be purchased for $10. Complimentary sandwiches, snacks and drinks will be provided for riders each day.

For more information see:

Tuesday 26 February 2013

CT: Sooner State Challenge Elevator and Ride N Tie

There's a saying in Oklahoma, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."  The panhandle and northern OK got a nice snow storm yesterday but it missed much of us.  The weather the rest of the week for Chandler is in the upper 40's to mid 50's.  This will help to dry out the trail and make for a really fast ride Saturday!  The weather Saturday will be in the 50's so very helpful to the furry horses.

As a reminder, this is a benefit ride for OK Foster Wishes.  Riders receive a discount for bringing items for the foster children such as toiletry items, school supplies, games, toys, non-perishable snacks, back packs/totes/bags/suitcases, and so forth.  Riders also have the option of donating the money I would have spent on the completion t-shirt back to OK Foster Wishes.  Of course, I'll accept good ole money that will go to OK Foster Wishes.  Please let me know if you need a receipt for your monetary / Item donations as OK Foster Wishes is a 501c3 organization.

I've also started a catalog fundraiser Pampered Chef Show with the proceeds (my commission) going to OK Foster Wishes.  I'll have catalogs at registration and you can place your order at that time.  I can deliver your orders at the next ride or you can have your order shipped to you.

If you have any questions about the Intro ride, LD, 50, or Ride & Tie, please call or e-mail me.  (918) 685-0072 or glenn218@yahoo.com

Thank you to all who have pre-entered; we should have a good turnout!  I look forward to seeing everyone this Friday at Bell Cow Lake in Chandler, OK.

Susan Young, Ride Manager

Ride entry: http://aerc.org/Calendar/2013SSSC.pdf
Ride n Tie entry: http://aerc.org/Calendar/2013SSSCRAT.pdf

Saturday 23 February 2013


NAETC will be held at Goethe State Forest 12/13/13.  We are planning some awesome pre ride trips to showcase some of our Florida State Parks that  are like no other! Payne's Prairie is home to a wild herd of the Cracker Horse, American Bison and just a few alligators!  The warm waters of Hommosassa Springs is a haven to Manatees in the winter. These trips are optional and include transportation and lunch.  The ride camp is the beautiful Black Prong Equestrian Center which is totally fenced.  Numerous paddocks are available for your horses, allowing you the freedom to enjoy these trips, knowing your horses are safely contained. Stay tuned for other announcements.


Helen Koehler
the goethe trail

Friday 22 February 2013

MW: Spook Run

The Appaloosa Horse club will hold its Annual National Championship Endurance Ride in conjunction with the Spook Run AERC ride November 2, 2013 near Memphis, Indiana. For more information and to obtain the Entry form for the ANCER go here: http://www.appaloosa.com/trail/national-champ.htm

See you there!

Friday 8 February 2013

W: Mariposa Run for the Gold

The Mariposa “Run for the Gold” 2013

Dedicated to the memory of Richard Theodore

The Mariposa “Run for the Gold” Endurance Ride is back by popular demand and is dedicated to the memory of Richard Theodore who passed away August 27, 2010 after a short illness. “Rich” was born in Oakland, California on October 30, 1935 and moved to Mariposa in 1977 after riding the Mariposa “Run for the Gold” Endurance Ride in 1976. His family was responsible for the ride being held from 1998 until 2008.

Rich loved riding his horses and was active with the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), the Western States Trail Foundation (TEVIS), the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Posse, Mariposa Pioneer Wagon Train, Mariposa County 4-H, Mariposa Mountain Riders, California State Horsemen’s Association, and the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC).

The Mariposa “Run for the Gold” 25 or 50 mile endurance ride is calendared for June 1, 2013, in the AERC West Region of California and will be hosted by the Mariposa Mountain Riders. It is a picturesque ride that consists of trails and fire break roads along ranches and U.S. Forestry land heavy with growths of pine, cedar, oak trees and Manzanita in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of Mariposa County. It has many panoramic views, some into Yosemite National Park. The trail on the 50 miler has been rerouted so it will not be quite as difficult as it has been in the past. Elevations vary from 3800 feet to 5000 feet.

Overnight camping from Friday May 31st to Sunday June 2nd will be on the Circle 9 Ranch, a historic working ranch in Jerseydale, about 10 miles northeast of the town of Mariposa. Salvador’s Mexican Restaurant will be catering the awards banquet on Saturday, June 1st. This function will close out the 25/50 mile ride with an awards presentation which will include 1st in each category, Top Ten, and Best Overall Condition. All competitors completing the 25 or 50 mile ride will receive a commemorative award and, of course, a delicious Mexican meal.Additional awards banquet tickets can be purchased for $15.00 each.

This event is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend for the love of endurance riding, horses, and Rich Theodore.

For further information on the ride or entry forms, please go to the AERC website ride calendar or contact:

Becky Hackworth, Ride Manager Joanne Dietz, Assistant Ride Manager
Phone: 559-760-6036 Phone: 209-966-5567
Email: bechack@yahoo.com Email: jojimdi@sti.net

Jane Smith, Ride Secretary
Phone: 209-966-4003
Email: N/A

Friday 1 February 2013

NW: Eagle Extreme Endurance Ride

Eagle Extreme Endurance Ride
and Trail Ride
May 11, 2013
25, 50, 75 Mile & 15 Mile Intro Ride

DIRECTIONS: From I-84, take the Eagle Road exit and go north to the town of Eagle (about 6 miles). Continue north on Eagle Road through Eagle. From the State Street/Eagle Road intersection it is approximately 4.0 miles to ride camp. Eagle Road will become Willow Creek Road. Look for signs to ride camp.

CAMP: Camp is in a large flat sagebrush area, with plenty of room for the big rigs. Horse water provided in camp and on trail, please bring people water. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash or tied. No dogs in vet or office area. 

TRAIL: Eagle Foothills consist of two-track roads and single-track trails, with some cross-country, some elevation gains and repeat trail. Mostly sandy trails with some rocky sections, hoof protection is

VETTING: Pre-ride vetting will start about 4 p.m. on Friday, May 10th. Head vet will be Dr. Keith Ruble.

RIDE MEETING: Ride meeting is approximately 7:00 p.m. Friday.

START TIMES: 75’s start at 5:30 a.m., 50’s start at 6:00 a.m., and 25’s start at 7:00 a.m.

ENTRY FEES: 75 miles $100, 50 miles $90 and 25 miles $80. Intro Ride Entry 15 Miles - $45
Non-AERC members $15 surcharge (PLEASE present current AERC card at registration).
Juniors’ are ½ off for all distances.
Registration can be sent to: Carrie Johnson, 5380 Lowland View Place, Boise, ID 83709. Make checks payable to Carrie Johnson.

AWARDS: Potluck will be Saturday evening approximately 6:30 p.m, please bring your favorite dish.
Awards will be presented after the potluck.

RIDE MANAGER: Carrie Johnson (208) 571-8304
5380 Lowland View Place
Boise, Idaho 83709
E-mail: cjohnson@wilsonharris.com

For more information:

MT: I Know You Rider Pioneer Endurance Ride

August 16, 17, 18 near Evanston, Wyoming
3 days of Great Riding

New trails, new location, new scenery and better footing

30 & (2) 50's & 55 Mile each day with 10 mile run ride each day.

Dinner on Friday & Saturday will be provided to riders. Snacks on Saturday & Sunday for riders & crew. Non-riders can purchase dinner for $10/day.

Great awards and BC both distances.

Please RSVP with days & mileage riding to bbuzis@q.com or call 307-679-4382
For more information and entry form see:

Wednesday 30 January 2013

SW: Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding AERC Endurance Ride

COME RIDE THE CAJA on April 27, 2013
30-mile LD and 50-mile Endurance Ride
(7.7-mile Fun Ride for First Timers)

The Caja del Rio is a 67,000 acre portion of the Santa Fe National Forest. At the Caja you will be riding through pinon/juniper forests and will have beautiful views of the mountains surrounding Santa Fe.

Check in Friday, April 26th between 2–5 pm. You can come in to this Forest Service trailhead early, if you like, but water tanks will not be put out until Friday. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Equines must be 60 months old to enter the 50-mile ride. Helmets are required for juniors and very highly recommended for others. (Juniors must be 16 by December 1st, 2012 and must be accompanied by an adult. No exceptions!) Riders provide their own breakfast and lunch. Dinner will be provided for riders on Saturday evening; extra dinners are available for purchase by non-riders.

Coggins and health papers will be checked at the ride. You must have proof of a negative Coggins within 12 months and a health certificate current within 30 days if you are out of state.

The ride meeting will be on Friday after check-ins, about 5:00 p.m. Dinner on Saturday will be after all the riders have returned to base camp, around 6 or 6:30 p.m., with the awards meeting to follow. We plan to start the 50s at 7:00 am and the 30s at 8:00 am, but final start times will be announced at the ride meeting on Friday. We will have a vet check out of camp at the 1100 well for the 30s (LDs) and 50s and will haul your vet bag to that point. Of course, the particular trails can change based on a bunch of factors, but this is the plan.

Hosted by Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding
Roger Taylor - Ride Manager

Dr. Larry Nolan, Ride Vet.
Dr. Stuart McCall, Vet

For more information:

Saturday 5 January 2013

W: Tevis Educational and Fun Ride

The entry for the Educational and Fun Ride is now posted on www.TevisCup.org
Join us for a weekend of fun at the Foresthill Mill Site in Foresthill, CA on June 1st & 2nd. Riders will enjoy spectacular springtime flowers and gorgeous views along the scenic Western States Trail from Robinson Flat to Auburn.

Tevis Educational & Fun Riders will enjoy the following:

♦ Camping included from Thursday, May 30th through Monday, June 3rd.
♦ Qualified Speaker talks on related topics, including Melissa Ribley DVM, Rob Lydon DVM, Jamie Kerr DVM, Kevin Myers, Chuck Mather
♦ Delicious BBQ dinner and live music around the campfire by Delta Crossing
♦ Raffle drawing with many prizes, including a 2013 100 Mile Western States Trail Ride Entry

In addition, Tevis Educational Riders are offered:

♦ A personally guided ride from Robinson Flat to Auburn, by very experienced Tevis
mentors including Kathie Perry, Alyssa & Jennifer Stalley, Cory Solteau DVM, Rob Lydon DVM, Tom Johnson
♦ Opportunity to earn Tevis mileage credit toward the 300 mile requirement

We want to encourage you to get your entries in as early as possible. There is a lot of organization that depend  on the number of riders participating on both the Educational Ride and the Fun Ride. The earlier you get your entry in the sooner we can organize trailering to get your rigs back from Robinson Flat on Saturday and to Auburn on Sunday. The number of Vets needed as well as the volunteers needed at each vet stop to accomidate all you riders. At most rides you bring your own fold up chairs but this year I would like to have seating and tables available for the speakers, BBQ, and the live entertainment on Saturday night (a must for you to attend)