Friday 6 April 2018

PS: Fire Up

AERC 25,50,75,100 and FEI 1*2*3*

A quick update on the April 21st FIRE UP 1*2*3* in Ridgecrest, California. All AERC, FEI and Fun Riders are welcome at this event. The vets will allow AERC riders to pulse in with saddles on if they choose. AERC distances are 25,50,75,100 + Fun Ride.

The Becky Grand Hart Desert Ride Series places great emphasis on horse welfare and excellent horsemanship, so special Best Condition Prizes will be awarded to whoever (AERC or FEI) wins BC in the 25, 50, 75, and 100. Note that the Fire Up 100 mile ride is also a qualifier for the "Best of the Best".

Thank you to Gretchen Montgomery, Brian Reeves, Nick Warhol, Gloria and Ron Schultz and many other Ridgecrest friends and Valley Riders members for making this event possible. 


We are pleased to announce that there are riders and officials attending FIRE UP from the following countries: New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Romania, Guatemala, Japan, South Africa, maybe Australia, and of course the USA. At this time we have riders coming from California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and possibly Nevada and Oregon. 


Please bring your favorite casserole and some drink to share, to the Friday Potluck starting at 5PM. There will be no sit down dinner on Saturday. We are planning on running a grill Saturday from 12-7 PM with food for purchase. Also plans are underway for an AWARDS BREAKFAST EARLY SUNDAY . Sponsored by More details to come.

We will have flags from all countries attending. But if we missed someone, a crew member or friend, please bring ask them to bring their county flag so we can hang it up with the others.


The FIRE UP trail is a COC achievable trail. USEF Observers will be present assessing potential WEG Endurance Championship hopefuls. The first phase is the same as the January Fire Mountain "Pink Loop". The rest of the trail is new and mostly road with a couple inches of sand. This course is designed to be safe for horses and riders attempting to achieve a 14km average speed. All vet checks/holds are back in camp. 


Crewing will be allowed on trail in designated areas. More to come on that later. Please note that for safety reasons crew vehicles will NOT be allowed to re enter the base camp after the ride starts. Parking outside the perimeter fence will be provided. Plan to re-provision crew vehicles parked outside of base camp by foot using carts. Please plan to load and carry some of your own cooling water for your horse in your crew vehicle so we don't risk depleting the troughs on course. 


AERC riders and horses will be allowed to go back to their trailers at the vet check / holds. FEI horses will NOT be allowed to return to trailers and must remain in the designated crewing area inside the arena or immediately adjacent. Watch for crewing area signs.


Volunteers and Sponsors make this ride go. Contact if you can help volunteer. Also contact Carolyn if you would like to help sponsor the Becky Grand Hart Desert Ride Series. Many thanks go to our current sponsors: Riding Warehouse, Anne York and Catfish Moe and

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