Saturday 30 June 2012

NW: Camas Creek Canter

The early registration fees end next Saturday, July 7th. Save money by registering online now! Thanks to those of you I have already heard from. Many of you told me that you know of riders planning to come to the ride. Remind them to pre-register! This is the only way for me to know how many awards and how much food to have on hand, not to mention the number of vets.

Why ride the Camas Creek Canter 50....
... accurate mileage, a real mountain ride, cold streams, well marked routes and a grassy camp to relax in

Why ride the Camas Creek Canter 25...
... a great way to start out a new horse on their endurance career, a well managed ride for those thinking of trying out the sport

Why ride the Camas Creek Canter Trail Ride...
... a sweet ride through the prettiest part of the trails. Well marked, great footing, a breezy 9 miles and you're back in camp for dinner!

Why ride two days...
... because you can!

Camas Creek Canter Endurance Ride - July 21st and 22nd, 2012 - Potomac, MT

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