Sunday 25 August 2013

W: Redwood Ride

Come on out everyone!

This year the LD is 30, which allows you to see a trail the LDs have not (at least in many years) been able to see! The 50's will also be a tad different. NO going UP Elam twice. Up once, down once. Much nicer. And the loop configurations will be a tad different too, so there is not much repeat (and what IS repeat, is in the opposite direction, so will look totally different!)

The trails so far are SPECTACULARLY dry and GREAT footing (no rocks, and only 10-15% road riding, most of which is older gravel road). Come and ride at the only (far as I know) AERC ride within the actual boundaries of a National Park, and see some stunning Old Growth Redwood groves on September 14th!

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