Thursday 31 October 2013

SW: Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way ride is around the corner

Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way ride is around the corner on Nov 16, in Fountain Hills AZ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way Rides at McDowell and Bumble Bee.

1. Can I vet Saturday morning?

Unfortunately no, you must vet in Friday by 5:00 PM. We have too many local riders to accommodate everyone who would like to do this. In order to give everyone the same opportunity we can not offer vetting on Saturday.
Fun riders because you don't vet you can show up Saturday to ride in the fun ride but make sure to register beforehand so we know you are coming.

2. Is there awards Saturday evening?

Historically we have only been able to get a handful of riders to come to awards. Most riders leave soon after finishing their distance. So no we do not do a formal awards after the ride. To bring back the camaraderie that is sometimes lacking we encourage everyone to attend our provided diners on Friday night along with the ever important ride meeting. We hold a horse's name drawing for fun prizes that you must be present to win. Each horse's name is automatically entered. The Renegade boot raffle will be held as well so make sure you buy your tickets before diner. We will post the ride results by the check-in area 1 hour after completion of each distance.

3. When do I get my completion award?

Please pick up your completion award after you finish. If you are in the top ten please pick up those awards as well before leaving. We will not mail these awards out.

4. Is the ride full?

As of October 30, we are not full. Make sure you get entries in by November 8 to avoid a $15.00 late fee. You can cancel up to November 12 and receive a full refund. After November 12 you will get a refund minus a $20.00 administration fee. Your entry is not considered complete until we receive your filled out entry and payment. We will then send you a confirmation email.

5. Should I ride the 50 miler or the 75 miler?

We would like to see more entries in the 75 to justify the cost and volunteers needed to have this distance. This is a perfect chance to try a longer distance. It has beautiful, well marked (by the ride and McDowell park) safe trails. Trail loops back into camp for easier crewing. Water every 7-10 miles. Cell phones work at least 90% of the trail. We will not be able to continue offering this distance if we can't get the entries. It is only 1 more 25 mile loop longer than the 50 on trails that you will already be comfortable on. Because you can! Come on, get out and ride, really ride!!

We appreciate your support and attendance to our rides. Without riders and volunteers we would not be able to continue having these rides. If for some reason you can not ride this year we are still looking for a couple of volunteers to help man the P.M. shift at check points. Let us know if you can help.

If you have any other questions go to for the entry and flyer.

Also for any last minute updates like us on facebook at!/LeadFollowOrGetOutOfMyWayEnduranceRide

We hope to see you soon,
Jodie Dukerich
& Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss

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