Friday 25 April 2014

CT: Pokie Oakie Pioneer

Come to the one and only Central Region Pioneer Ride May 9-11, 2014!

The ride is at Lake Carl Blackwell (OK), which is a wonderful campground with some electrical hookups. Showers and real bathrooms are just down the road at another campground. It is seven miles from OSU vet school and less than that to Walmart, Braums, and other places to restock. The trails are easy, flat, and barefoot friendly. There are no awful dirt roads to camp!
Deb Dickson is the new ride manager and she is really wanting this to be a successful ride so she is offering some SWEET incentives !

The ride fee is $100 for the 50 and $65 for the 25, but she is offering a discount of $15 for the second and/or third day! This makes it quite reasonable to bring that young horse you are starting and ride the entire time! This makes it only $150 to ride three days of limited distance, enjoy a great potluck every night, and have plenty of time to socialize with your friends! The weather is going to be great the first of May!

PS Ride Managers! Deb is offering a $10 discount to all current 2014/2013 ride managers in appreciation for your selfless work! And JUNIORS ride free! How much better can this get???

If you preenter you are entered in a raffle for a free entry!

So please, put this on your calendar and come! I know some horses in the pasture here that will be going to do a 25!!!

(at the moment the online entry is incorrect) email Deb for more info:

(printed with permission of the ride manager!)

Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Arabians

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