Thursday 16 October 2014

CT: AERC National Championships Needs Juniors, and Late Fee Waived!


100 mile - October 30, 2014 • 50 mile - November 1, 2014
WE are now waiving the late fee as long as your entries are postmarked by Oct. 21, 2014.
Don't miss the chance to participate in a National Championship!
AND JUNIORS WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each Junior will get reimbursed $50 after the ride from AERC & we will even waive the $50 late ENTRY FEE!!! Sign up today Juniors!! We have awesome awards already made for you!! That's a savings of $100!!!!!
As of today, we have NO Juniors entered into either distance of the National Championship!!

For more information see:

or contact
Khristin Seymore

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