Tuesday 24 February 2015

W: Nevada Derby I & II


HELLO FELLOW ENDURANCE RIDERS ... Come enjoy some great Nevada hospitality by joining us for the 2015 Nevada Derby I & II Endurance Rides.

Washoe Lake State Park is now the permanent home. This is a wonderful venue for putting on a ride. Riders will be able to enjoy many of the same trails used for the Washoe Valley Rides, while participating in the first leg of the NASTR Triple Crown.

There will be a 25 and 50 mile distance for each day. We are once again offering a 15 mile fun ride on Sunday, for riders and/or horses who are not quite ready for a 25/50 mile ride. This won’t be a timed event, just a leisurely trail ride.

The Nevada Derby 50 Mile Ride (day one) is the first test in our NASTR Triple Crown - three rides, of increasing distance and difficulty, through Northern Nevada valleys, deserts, foothills, and mountains (Nevada Derby 50 / April 4th * NASTR 75 / May 30th * VC 100 / September 19th). We invite you to test yourself, and join us in the fun and challenge, as well as the special awards.

Our ride manager this year is Beth Kauffmann (775) 685-9839, Bkauffmann53@yahoo.com, and our ride secretary is Karon Dutcher, (775) 690-2033, karondutcher@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you the first weekend in April :)

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