Tuesday 30 June 2015

NE: Iron Mountain Jubilee I & II

August 28-29 2015   Ivanhoe, Virginia

The Iron Mountain Jubilee is a challenging but very doable and enjoyable mountain endurance ride. You will be riding primarily the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail and the Iron Mountain Trail with several connecting trails. The ride will start at the New River at the Ivanhoe Horse Show Grounds (Ride Camp) and proceed up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail to an away Vet Check at beautiful Camp Cripple Creek (Triple C). The 50 milers will have their second vet check in the same location.

Iron Mountain Jubilee Endurance Ride and Ride & Tie sanctioned by AERC, SERA, ECTRA, AHA and Ride & Tie Association. 
Friday, August 28 and Saturday August 29- 30 & 50 mile rides each day.
15 & 30 mile ride & ties each day 

Vet- In begins on Thursday afternoon, August 27 for Friday's ride. 
Come ride with us! 

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