Wednesday 30 September 2015

CT: Indian Territory

The 23rd Annual Indian Territory Endurance Ride is going to be one of the best rides in a long time!  The trails were under water all summer but have dried out nicely and are free of clutter and debris.  Link has brush hogged, cleared trail, and smoothed several treacherous spots while several of us have lopped and trimmed like crazy!  The weather looks nice and the veterinarians are excited to be back out there.

The LD and 50 milers will start at 7:30 to take advantage of all the daylight hours.  The last 50 is usually in with several hours to spare; this is an excellent first 50.  You can also take advantage of the elevator option.  There will be a pot luck once the last 50 miler is in off trail so bring your favorite dish to share.

Please let me know if you're coming.  The flier is on the AERC and OCER sites with an entry provided for your convenience.  (No need to pre-enter.)  There is no camping fee but we are asking for an $8 donation for trail maintenance.  Link and I rented a skid steer to clear the trail, brush hog, and fix the wooden bridge.  The entry fee doesn't cover the cost of hauling that monstrosity the 150 miles round trip much less actually renting it.  Thank you in advance for helping out with the trail maintenance.

We look forward to seeing you all next weekend at Blue Creek Campground on Lake Oologah!

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