Thursday 23 June 2016

MT: AERC National Championships

Are you planning on coming to Antelope Island Endurance Ride (Utah) for the National Championship ride? We now have entry forms ready for you to fill out and send into us. I know we are a few months out, but this is the time to start thinking about the ride and getting it locked in on the calendar. We will have the NC50 on Thursday (8th), a NON-NC (not associated with the NC) LD on Friday (9th) & the NC100 on the 10th of September. We will be having our basecamp at the historical Garr Ranch with plenty of parking for all size of rigs. We (Tonya Cmannie, Shirley Fox Brown & Jeffrey L. Stuart) hope that you will come to "Our" island to share in this fabulous opportunity to ride ride the National Championship ride with us.

For more information and registration, see:

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