Friday 24 March 2017

W: Nevada Derby I & II

The NV Derby ride is alive and well, and will be held on 1st/2nd of April. Entries to be found on the website.

The ride will be at Washoe Valley and although the camp is the same as the old Washoe Valley ride, the trail is *not* the same.

Because the ride is early in the season, the NV Derby ride does not include the SOBs (I know - you're all disappointed), nor does it include the exciting romp at the end alongside waves crashing on the Washoe Lake beach.

Ride manager Beth Kauffmann promises the weather will be perfect riding temperature - 55°-60° with no wind (she's tight with the weather gods).

Although the trail has some erosion, your trail worker-bees are slaving away to put on a fabulous ride.

Don't forget, Saturday's 50 is also the first leg of the NASTR Triple Crown (NV Derby 50/NASTR 75/Virginia City 100). This is your chance to earn yourself an embroidered jacket and be the envy of your friends.

A reminder that today (Friday) is the last day to receive the "early entry" rate of $90 for the endurance rides - entries must be post-marked 3/24.

This is one of the best value rides around - very few endurance rides can be found for less than $100 nowadays. Yet you'll still have stellar vets, attentive ride management, fun volunteers, and excellently marked trail!

Come and join us on 1st-2nd April.

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