Friday 22 February 2019

Ride the John Wayne Pioneer Trail

John Wayne Pioneer Wagons & Riders invites you to join us in our efforts to the ongoing dedication of preserving and promoting the “Palouse to Cascades Trail” (formerly the John Wayne/Iron Horse Trail).

We invite horse back riders, wagons, carts, bikers, hikers, and walkers to come along and join us on the “Ride of a Lifetime” every spring for our annual “Cross State Ride”!

Do you think you are tough enough?

If you have participated on the Cross State Ride for a few days, as a white scarf recipient, as a teamster or a wagon passenger, a horse (or mule) back rider, bicyclist, a walker, if it’s your 1st Cross State Ride or your 37th, whether in the past, present, or in the future the club salutes you! YOU are the reason we have been able to continue to preserve our opportunity for public access to this very unique, absolutely phenomenal trail spanning across the State of Washington!

THANK YOU to each and every person who has contributed to showing how important it is to keep access to the entirety of this State Park Trail intact for future generations to come!

The John Wayne Wagons and Riders Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the Palouse to Cascades formely The John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Washington State.

The Palouse to Cascades trail (formerly the John Wayne trail) follows the route of the former Milwaukee Railroad, running east-west across the state. The trail is over 200 miles long and provides a unique opportunity for recreation.

Our Association is made up primarily of horseback riders and teamsters, but we welcome walkers and cyclists. We sponsor a two week trip across Washington each spring.

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