Wednesday, 26 October 2011

PS: Bucksnort Challenge

October 24 2011

Join us for The Bucksnort Challenge Endurance Ride on November 5 in Chihuahua Valley, CA. The scenery is beautiful with spectacular views of Henshaw Valley, Chihuahua Valley, and surrounding mountain ranges. The ride is moderate (plus) to difficult ride. The course will include the Pacific Crest Trail, the California Riding and Hiking Trial, and some jeep trails,

Base camp is located at the end of Chihuahua Valley Rd. It is in an open field under the oaks on the Rocking W Ranch. The elevation is at 4500 ft.

You may arrive at base camp on Thursday, Nov 3; however, the gate to base camp will not open until 8:00am on Friday morning. Please contact ride management if you plan to arrive early.

For more information please contact:
Janet Worts, ride manager
(760) 685-2706

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