Thursday, 29 December 2011

CT: Ozark Trail 75/100

May 5th, in Black, Missouri

Full Moon. 75 or 100 miles point to point Endurance Ride  in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. This ride is mostly single track trails through the woods. There is about 14,000 feet of  elevation change, but not one place that riders would get off to  tail up or lead down the trail. About 60-100 water crossings.  but no swimming:-)  There are some rocks, but this trail is multi  use and they do  ultra marathons and mountain bike events on it. This ride is challenging, but very doable. In 2011 we had 6 out of 9 complete the 100 under tough conditions. We got 8-10 inches of rain  during the ride.  Think of it as Tevis for those afraid of heights.

Every year folks from east of the Rockies suck it up and head west for Tevis. The US Highway and Transportation Department has installed east bound lanes on all  their highways, so  now western people can come east and try some of the more difficult rides there too.  I am offering free pasture layover for any western riders who  want to  to  come to ride the Ozark Trail, leave their horses at my place, and then come back to  head further east and ride the Old Dominion which will  be 5 or 6 weeks later. Come on Tevis folks. Put on your Big girl  panties and come east :-)

There are good trail maps at the Ozark Trail website. We also have a lot of pictures of the trail posted on the ride website.

See you in May.

Paul N. Sidio
KMA CHazz Piper
General Lee
Spokane MIssouri

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