Sunday 1 January 2012

NW: the Rogue Series

January 1 2012

Put on your calendar--Pacific Crest Endurance Ride (MW)--August 25,2012 and Aspen Lake Ride--September 29, 2012, and Limestone October 13, 2012. This starts the Rogue Series up again. Rogue Series--all three rides, same horse same rider, same mileage. I have posted flyers on AERC web site. They are linked when you go to the sanctioned rides and click on Pacific Crest or Aspen Lake. Any questions you can get my phone number from the ride info and call me. These are tremendous rides, not killers, not real easy, fun, great camping, lots of fun, great people to ride with. Happy trails to you and hope to see everyone at "rides".
Diana Owens Aldridge

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