Friday 17 February 2012

W: 2012 Nevada Derby I & II

Hello fellow endurance riders,

Come enjoy some great Nevada hospitality and join us for the 2012 Nevada Derby I & II Endurance rides. You can access it on the AERC calendar page,®ion=w or our web site at (under downloads). We are in the process of updating the site and making changes, so please check back frequently, to see what changes we’ve made.

Something new this year is the addition of a 25 mile ride on Sunday. In years past we’ve only offered it for Saturday, but we will have it both days this year. We are also offering a 15 mile fun ride on Sunday, for riders and/or horses who aren’t quite ready for a 25/50 mile ride. This won’t be a timed event, just a leisurely trail ride.

The Nevada Derby 50 Mile Ride (day one) is the first test in our NASTR Triple Crown - three rides, of increasing distance and difficulty, through Northern Nevada valleys, deserts, foothills, and mountains (Nevada Derby 50 / March 31st * NASTR 75 / May 27th * VC 100 / September 15th). We invite you to test yourself, and join us in the fun and challenge, as well as the special awards.

NEWS BREAK... the NASTR 30/50/75 date has changed from June 9th to Sunday, May 27th ... YEAH ... Memorial Day Weekend. June was getting way too crowded, so the club opted for the May date. It will be a perfect time of year for the ride, not too hot yet, plenty of grass, and the wild flowers should still be in bloom. Mark your calendars with the date change, and join us for the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown.

An additional bonus, both NV Derby 50 mile rides, the NASTR 50 & 75 mile rides, and Virginia City 100 are AHA sanctioned.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you the end of March.

Scott Dutcher – Ride Manager,
Gina Hall - Ride Secretary,

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