Monday 22 October 2012

NW: The Haunting

October 27-28, 2012
50 mi - 25 mi - 10 mi
Ride For Your Life

RIDE and TIE has been added 10 - 15 - 25 mi

You will never be the same once you ride Halloween on Horseback at Outback Station. You and your horse’s life will hang in the balance as you flee from crazed bunny rabbits only to find your self face to face with a ravenous man eating tree squirrel. The rest is to horrible to mention. Only the bravest horse and rider’s will challenge this  Endurance ride.

Yes there will be completion and costume awards.    Otherwise this is a no frills ride  

WHERE:   Central Oregon, drive 25 mi south of Bend on Hwy 97 to LaPine then 1 mi south of La Pine Turn onto Hwy 31 – go 25 mi- turn N. into drive.

TRAIL: 50 /55 mile loop of fabulous footing in beautiful pine country. Water every 8 miles or less.   

 CAMP:  Flat wide open field with people and horse water throughout camp. MAKE SURE YOU FILL HOLES YOUR HORSES DIG AND SPREAD ALL HAY AND MANURE !!   (our horses run in the field after every one is gone)     Something TASTY will be prepared for afternoon/dinner both days.

 ENTRY:  $75.00 all distances  Jr’s ride FREE.
VET: Jenn StrelKauskes         START: 8 am 50/55-9am 25/10

Rent a corral $10.00 per night.  Quality Oat…Oat/Barley… Alf/Grass…Grass $20.00 these are pretty big bales (up to 130#)— Straw  $10.per bale Corrals and Hay must be  paid for by Oct 13th  as we need to know how much to haul in. (NO REFUNDS)   send ck to Linda Tribby 76231 Hwy 31…LaPine, Or 97739

Ride manager------Dennis and Linda Tribby 1-541-576-2442

ENTRYS Call RIDE SECRETARY Anna Sampson 1-503-829-6002

Don’t forget to look at our beautiful Sport horses ½  and purebred Sweepstakes Arab’s Bred to perform.       

INFORMATION in this flyer is subject to change without notice.

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