Saturday 20 October 2012

SW: Top 10 Reasons to ride the Lead Follow or Get Out of My Way Ride!

Entries received by Nov 08, 2012 take $10.00 off entry fee.

Less than 1 month away.

Stephanie's top 10 reasons to ride the 75 @ Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way!

McDowell Mt. Park, Fountain Hills Arizona, November 17, 2012.

10. Ride management needs at least 10 entries to offset extra time, cost and volunteers needed. 

9. Trail loops back to base camp for easy vet checks, making crews not necessary. 

8. Mobile phones work during 90% of the trail.

7. Trail is a true 75 miles. This way you will be able to accurately rate your horses performance for moving up to 100's.

6. McDowell Mt. Park has marked trails, with your map you should know where you are at all times. 

5. Safe, groomed trails for riding in the dark. 

4. Water stops every 8 – 10 miles.

3. If the unexpected happens there are vet hospitals within 45 min driving time. 

2. Point chasers this is the last ride of the season for the Southwest region and 75 points are calculated at 1.25 compared to a 50 which is calculated at 1. Example 1st place in a 50 is 150 points 1st place in a 75 is 281.25.

1. Just because you can!! Come on, get out and ride, really ride!!

If you don't want to ride the 75 keep in mind we have the 50, 30 and 12 mile fun ride available also.

For flyer and entry go to  Any questions feel free to contact Jodie Dukerich, or Lancette Koerner, or me at

We are so fortunate to have photographer Susan Kordish to take photos at the ride. Many of you have seen her work as covers in Endurance News. Susan has been published in Endurance News, the Horse, as well as many other horse publications. Susan's photos can be viewed and purchased at her email is

Once again with our sponsors Renegade Hoof Boots “The World’s Highest Performing Hoof Boots, Made in the USA “we will be having a boot Raffle. Tickets will be available for purchase for $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00. A Renegade Hoof Boot representative will be available for questions Friday afternoon.  For more information about Renegade Hoof Boots go to


Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss


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