Wednesday 27 August 2014

NW: Prater Mountain

Hi Everyone,
Just a reminder that Prater Mountain Endurance Ride and fun ride will be on Sept 13. Dale has done an amazing job with the trails. There is plenty of water both natural and in tubs on the trail. The fun ride is about 13 miles long, not technical, will prove to be a blast!
All vet checks are in camp, and close to the chuck wagon.
The awards are to die for!
 Elkins Resort  (‪‬  will be sponsoring the best condition awards this year, the top ten awards are unique and very cool. You won't find another like them anywhere.  The completion awards are more like top ten awards where I come from. 
 Sgt. Reckless's handler will be at ride camp to share stories about this amazing little filly. A true hero and war horse in the Korean War, this 5 year old mare carried artillery 35 miles one way on her own... Check out the video
Ride camp is level and  the view is spectacular. The trails have some elevation to them, so bring a fit horse.   If you are planning to come a day or two early please email either Dale at or  Tara at . 
This is the first time a ride has been hosted in the Priest River area. Please lets make this a yearly event. I'd hope to see many folks embrace this neck of the woods and experience the Crown Jewel of North Idaho.  Its going to be a great ride!

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