Saturday 14 March 2015

Endurance Clinics Abound!

Endurance 101 Clinic
March 28 2015 - 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
near Adrian, Oregon

if riding is your passion, perhaps you'd like to try endurance riding!

An unmounted/mounted clinic to introduce you to the sport of AERC Endurance Riding -- we will review how the competitions work, how to prepare the horse and rider and how to have not just success, but fun! There will be a mock vet check, metabolic checks of horses, how to handle trail emergencies, hands on look at equipment, a little bit about feeding and electrolyting, as well as plenty of time for questions and answers. Then Butts in the Saddle entrants will saddle up and go for a ride, cross water, etc. All horses must be group safe. While the clinic is geared toward riders new to the sport, either contemplating trying it, or in their first season or two of competition, I'd be happy to include more advanced info if requested such as moving up in distances etc.. We'll also address horse camping, trail etiquette and safety. I could use a couple veteran rider helpers too.

Cost:Two divisions with a "butt in the saddle" price ($85) and a "butt in the chair" no horse price ($40), we'll still get your hands on a horse for pulse and stuff though. March 28 for the clinic. Going to secure a vet or two for some speaking.

The plan is to keep it “green” and not kill too many trees with paper handouts, but will give you a CD full of information, including internet links, powerpoint presentations, and a ton of reading material that will keep you busy for weeks.

Please register by March 20, just request a registration form and I'll get it off to you. There will be a limited number of "Butts in saddle" spots, no limit for "Butts in Chairs". Thank you!! If it doesn't fill by March 20 the event will be canceled and checks returned.

Bring a chair, your refreshments, dress for outdoors, and plan to have a good time and make new friends!

Host/speaker: Karen Bumgarner
Veterinarian/speakers: Dr Tom Bergstrom DVM and Dr David Hayes DVM

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Distance Riding Clinic
April 4 2015 - 9:30 am - 3:30 PM
Serenity Farms
Byron Center, Michigan

An indoor/unmounted clinic to introduce you to the sport of AERC Endurance riding. We will review how the competitions work, how to prepare the horse and rider and how to have not just success, but fun!

Presenters: Rusty Toth, Tevis Cup Winner; Barb Kurti, GLDRA President; Dr Maureen Fehrs, DVM

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Endurance Ride Clinic 101 & 201
April 25-26 2015
Windfall Ranch - Alpine, California

SATURDAY CLINIC — Through lectures and hands on demos, we will cover the basics of the sport of endurance riding, which will include what the rider needs to know, such as saddle fit, conditioning, setting up your camp, horse nutrition, presenting your horse to the vet, taking your horse’s pulse, what to expect at your first competition, and what to do after the ride. This will benefit seasoned endurance riders as well as those interested in taking the “mysteries”out of endurance riding. Saturday is a NO horse day.
SUNDAY CLINIC — is limited to riders who have already completed an endurance ride or attended Saturday’s Endurance Riding 101 Clinic. Sunday will be an opportunity for riders to participate in a “mock” endurance ride, following a marked course on two 6 mile loops on private trails with a vet check between the loops. There will be an open forum with an opportunity to ask questions that participants may have. There will be a barbeque at the end of the clinic.

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