Saturday 17 March 2018

PS: New Cuyama Ride Venue Changed Due To Weather

Dear Cuyama Riders

Once again we face a dilemma over the Cuyama ride with conditions completely out of our control. We are camped at Cuyama and have part of the trail marked. The problem is the potential weather predicted for Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Simply put, If the storm system develops and drops the predicted 2-4 inches on Tuesday night through Friday, we will have no choice but to cancel the ride. The chance of significant moisture occurring during the time rigs are pulling in will be a disaster. Of course this leads us to an agonizing decision. There is always a chance the predicted storm will fail to materialize with the present predicted intensity but delaying the decision to cancel right up till the night before could be a disaster for us all and a risk I am unwilling to take as it will severely inconvenience many of our riders. Therefore in consideration of everyone concerned, we need to make a decision now. Cuyama is an important ride with the XP year end awards and festivities planned, so cancelling it is not an option. Moving it is.

After an agonizing day of gaining approval from the BLM, AERC, land owners, veterinarians and members of our family, as well as the XP Board members we have made the following decision:

We are having an XP Ride on the weekend of March 23rd, 24th and 25th in Inyokern, California, the planned date of the 2018 Cuyama XP. The ride camp will be at the site of the Laurel Mt ride and we will be using the trails we have used previously but broken into different directions with some variations that we had planned for future rides. The BLM in Ridgecrest has agreed to permit the ride on short notice. The campsite has a stable foundation that will support vehicles with an infinite amount of rain. The desert trails will soak up the water and the footing will be excellent, even with torrential rains the night before, which are not predicted. The forecast is for showers mid week and a pleasant sunny weekend. The grass is growing and there is a distinct possibility of desert wildflowers. There are restaurants and motels in nearby Ridgecrest and Inyokern. Post entries are welcome and there is no limit on entries. The entry fees will be the same as most XP rides, which is $110/day, $65/day for juniors and Duck Riders. Annie will provide lunches but you will have make a 7 mile ride into Inyokern for dinners. Information for the ride can be found on the XP website under the Laurel Mountain Ride.

The Cuyama ride will go on but will be conducted on the same date as the Lost Padres ride, which is April 6th, 7th and 8th. Lost Padres was only a two day ride but we will have the full three days at Cuyama. Entry fees will remain the same, as will all other conditions. If you are unable to attend Cuyama on the new date and have sent a check we will destroy the check or carry it over to the new date. The annual XP awards will be given out on the new date. We will notify riders who were planning on attending Lost Padres that the venue has been changed. Since Cuyama is so important to our family and our riders we will say in advance that we will have a rain date for the new date as well.

I’m sure this will disappoint many, including myself and members of my family but the decision should allow everyone to at least be able to ride on the weekends they planned.

Should you have any questions you may call or email Annie or myself, Dave. klawockvet at gmail dot com

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