Friday 23 March 2018

W: Nevada Derby 25/50

Come join us for our annual Spring event on April 7! The first leg of the NASTR Triple Crown - the Nevada Derby ride! We also have an introductory ride for only $20 for anyone who is interested in learning more about the sport or with a young / green / inexperienced horse.

Held annually the first weekend in April, the Nevada Derby is the Nevada All-State Trail Riders spring training ride, continuing our own tradition of the Derby Ditch and Square Nail rides for the past 43 years. The trail will be of moderate difficulty. Pads and /or boots are recommended! The desert terrain varies from rocky to sandy with steep uphill and downhill, some trails, some cross country and jeep roads. Elevation varies from 4600 to 7500’. The 50 mile ride will consist of three loops, each returning to camp for control vet checks. The 25 mile ride will consist of two loops, which offer the novice horse and rider a moderate challenge, while enjoying the beautiful views from the mountain tops and the beaches of Washoe Lake. The 15-Mile Fun Introductory Ride is an opportunity to experience the trail, vet checks, and lunch without the higher stress, cost, or awards associated with a longer distance rides. The 50 mile ride must be completed in order to be in contention for the NASTR Triple Crown, which includes the Nevada Derby 50, NASTR 75, and the Virginia City 100

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