Friday 4 May 2018

W: NASTR Ride (30/50/75)

Entries are now available for the NASTR Ride (30/50/75) in the West Region.

Doing the 75 mile distance is a great way to leg your horse up for "the Big 100 that shall remain nameless".

It is the intention to hold the ride once again at Scout Camp, south of Silver Springs, NV this year - weather and river levels permitting. If this changes, we will let you know.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: All trails will be laid out in a loop configuration, with several out vet checks.

Riders will enjoy scenic canyon climbs, desert washes, natural springs, stock tanks, dry lake terrain over jeep roads, and winding single track trail along the Carson River under the mighty cottonwood trees. The majority of the footing is sandy however there are some areas of rock. The trail is mostly flat with several gradual climbs. Crews will have access to all away-vet checks. Hay and water will be provided by ride management at away-vet checks. The 75 mile ride is the 2nd qualifier for the NASTR Triple Crown.

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