Tuesday 15 January 2019

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Tevis Educational Ride: June 21-23 2019


-Base Camp is located at Chicken Hawk (Pieper Junction) the site of the mile 64 Tevis Vet Check. It is a beautiful shaded camping area about 7 miles (15 to 20 minute drive) past the Foresthill.

-No qualifying miles for Tevis will be awarded.

-The entry fee for the Tevis Educational Ride is $325 and covers two days of mentored riding, shuttle service, and all talks and demonstrations beginning Friday afternoon, and the Saturday barbecue. If you do not ride both days, $150 of your entry will be converted to a tax deductible donation to the WSTF.

-A different qualified horse can be ridden on Day 2. Please notify the ride office at check-in.

-Taylored Tack will award a $100 gift certificate to all riders who complete both days of the Tevis Ed Ride and go on to complete the Tevis Cup ride for the first time this year.

-Raffle: A Tevis entry once again is the grand prize! Stay tuned for details…

RULES: The event will follow the rules for the Tevis ride (teviscup.org) Juniors, riders under 18, can ride with a sponsor over 18 years of age. A mentor can serve as their sponsor if arrangements are made in advance of the event.

FITNESS REQUIREMENT (Horse): Between January 1, 2018 and June 17, 2019 your horse must complete 50 miles of AERC Limited Distance or Endurance miles or a similar sanctioning organization. Horse and rider fitness is a must!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations received before June 10th (and horses pulled at vet-in) receive a full refund minus a $30 administrative fee. No refunds for withdrawals after June 10, 2019 or for no shows.

Base Camp is located at the beautiful, forested Chicken Hawk Camping and Staging area (aka Pieper Junction) located 7 miles beyond the Foresthill Vet Check. Camp is a 15 - 20 minute drive from Foresthill and located 1/2 mi off Michigan Bluff Rd. The turn off to camp will be well marked. Horse water and restrooms will be provided. Camp sites are level and shaded but limited in number. We are working with the USFS to increase capacity. Please share your rig/campsite with another rider if at all possible. The Tevis Cup OFFICIAL Education Ride Facebook Page promises to be a good resource to find a campsite partner. Please note: You are not required to have a campsite partner when you enter.

Camp Check-In and Pre Ride VET-In If arranged in advance, base camp will open for early arrivals beginning Thursday. Note: Horse water won't be available until Friday. Riders may stay over until Monday if arranged in advance. The ride office opens at noon on Friday. Preride Vet in begins around 3 pm.

FOOD: Guerrilla Catering will have food for purchase from noon on Friday until 7 pm. Saturday evening enjoy a yummy tri-tip barbecue that is included in your entry. Extra dinners can be purchased in advance for $15-.

Mentors: Experienced Tevis finishers will guide you over the Tevis trail and answer you questions in camp and on trail. Our goal is two or three riders/ mentor. We will make every effort to accommodate fitness and experience levels. You will be paired with your mentor on Friday afternoon.

Speakers and Seminars: Speakers and seminars will begin on Friday afternoon at approximately 2 pm. The schedule of speakers will be announced at a later date.


Riders will be shuttled to the start Day 1 and shuttled back to base camp on Day 2. Vet Checks will simulate Tevis Vet Checks

Day 1: Robinson Flat to Chicken Hawk Base Camp, 28 miles. Highlights include THE canyons, Swinging Bridge and the climb into Devil's Thumb. There is a vet check at Last Chance and Deadwood.

Day 2: Chicken Hawk Base Camp to the Lower Driver's Flat parking lot, 24 miles. Riders will see in the daylight what many only ride after dark. A rest stop is planned at Francisco's with water and snacks for riders and horses. A full Vet Check takes place at the Lower Drivers Flat parking lot - end of ride.

Ride entry is available here:

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