Friday 14 February 2020

PS: Introduction to Endurance clinic in Ridgecrest, California March 21 and 22

Our dates are the weekend of March 21/22, 2020. This one will be held at the Valley Riders Equestrian Center in Ridgecrest, Ca. Ridgecrest is in the desert, about 45 minutes from the town of Mojave, which is about 50 miles from Bakersfield. Ridgecrest is about 2 to 2.5 hours from Los Angeles Proper. We are trying to help our southern California friends this time! Ridgecrest is also the home of the world famous 20 mule team 35/65/100 mile endurance ride held every February. You can check out the ride website for more information and download an entry.

We are after people who are interested in endurance and want a chance to learn about it, including a real ride that is safe for any rider and horse. here's the basic description of the event:

"Come attend our all new two day clinic for people who are interested in learning about Endurance riding, as well as for beginners who have some Endurance experience but would like to learn more. Bring a horse or just yourself. 6 hours of lecture, Truck and Trailer sessions, Pot luck ride dinner, ride meeting, camp overnight, and on Sunday- two fun rides- 7 and 15 miles, with vet checks, awards, and experienced Endurance riders as trial guides. When you leave on Sunday you will know all you need to know to enter your first ride, or be better prepared to continue your Endurance career!"

Our ride manager this year is Gretchen Montgomery, and I'm the clinic host. Come join us in the beautiful desert in the spring to learn about and participate in the greatest horse sport there is!

Update on the intro to endurance clinic in ridgecrest, ca on the weekend of March 21st. we have just secured a special guest speaker, the legendary Becky Hart. Becky is, in my humble opinion, the greatest endurance rider ever. Come hear her speak! We are all looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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