Friday 28 February 2020

W: Tevis Educational Ride - 2020

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July 3-5, 2020
Friday: Vet-in, Speakers and Seminars; Night Ride to Michigan Bluff for an Ice Cream Social
Saturday: Robinson Flat to Chicken Hawk - 28 miles, including the Canyons
Sunday: Chicken Hawk to Driver’s Flat - 20 miles, including the section of Tevis trail ridden at night

As Last Year:

Basecamp at Chicken Hawk

No qualifying miles for Tevis will be awarded

New for This Year:

New shuttle driver arrangements - several options to choose from with a tiered entry fee (see below)

A night ride to enjoy the magic you would experience during Tevis

The Event:
The Educational Ride is aimed at riders wishing to participate in the Tevis Cup Ride in the future; to give riders a true look into the beauty of the trail and its challenges; to educate future Tevis riders as to best practices and horse care to help them successfully complete the Ride. The Tevis Educational Ride offers an opportunity to prepare for those challenges in a non-competitive environment.

Last year:
35 riders entered the Educational Ride
13 of those riders went to Tevis
11 were first-time Tevis riders
10 riders finished, for a 77% completion rate

Mentors: The Tevis trail is amazingly beautiful from mile 1 to 100! But it is also relentlessly challenging. Pre-riding the trail greatly increases your enjoyment and chances of finishing. After completing the Educational Ride you will have seen the toughest 50+ miles. You will ride with an experienced Tevis finisher who will share ways to successfully navigate the canyons Day 1. On Day 2 they will share ways of confidently riding the narrow cliffy trail below Foresthill. We will make every effort to accommodate fitness and experience levels. You will be paired with your mentor on Friday afternoon.

We purposely keep the entries low (40) so the mentor to entrant ratio is 1 mentor per 2-3 riders.

Fitness Requirement (Horse): Between January 1, 2019 and June 22, 2020
your horse must complete 50 miles of AERC Limited Distance or Endurance miles
or a similar sanctioning organization. Horse and rider fitness is a must!

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