Thursday 16 July 2020

W: Virginia City 100 Capped at 40 Entries; Sign up for Waiting List

Due to the COVID-19 group size restrictions, the Virginia City 100 Mile Ride is going to be limited to 40 riders this year. We expect to fill up, and fill up FAST. Please find the link to the online entry below:

If you MUST fill out a paper entry and mail it in, please reply ASAP to this email with your relevant AERC information and I will send you the form. Your spot will be held for 5 days for you to mail in the entry and payment. I will publish the list of riders and the wait list shortly after all the spots have been taken. There has been a lot of interest this year and I REALLY REALLY wish we did not have to limit the ride and could welcome everyone to this wonderful event!!

RIDERS please start planning is how you're going to do this with NO crew. If we are capped at 50 people total per the state, that means I'm looking at something like 40 riders and 10 volunteers - TOTAL. We will have a few more volunteers in key locations once the ride starts and participants are more spread out. Yes, we can/will transport crew bags to the Kivett check at 24 miles (45 min hold) and Washoe check at 39 miles (which is only a 15 min hold). Crew is not needed at the Jumbo/Ophir Grade refreshment stop or the Cottonwoods vet check, please expect the same wonderful hospitality as always at those locations. All other checks are in camp (50 and 76 miles). If you need crew to come to assist with driving before/after the ride, please plan on booking them a room somewhere in Virginia City. If the state limit remains, NO additional people beyond riders and approved volunteers who are on the list will be allowed in Ride Camp.

I'm so sorry to have to limit the entries this year, but am very thankful we are still able to host the ride. If you are not successful with getting in this year, please plan on coming back to join us on September 18th, 2021!

You may still sign up for the wait list if you would like at the following link:

Crysta Turnage
VC100, Ride Manager

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