Sunday 13 September 2020

W: Virginia City 100 - The Ride is a GO!

The Nevada All-State Trail Riders are eagerly anticipating hosting the dedicated group of riders and volunteers for this years 53rd Annual Virginia City 100-Mile Ride on Saturday, September 19th. Due to COVID restrictions, the ride is limited to 60 riders and ALL VOLUNTEERS must be on a pre-approved list so we can manage our overall group size at the various ride checkpoints.

NASTR is working hard to make this event as special as ever and to retain that same "fun-loving" supportive casual vibe that our rides are famous for. If you want to just come watch and cheer on the riders, we can offer Virginia City tourism information as well as directions to several different locations along the trail which offer good access and viewing of the riders and horses.

The smoke - this is a bit of the elephant in the room but as of this time we DO NOT plan to cancel the ride for any reason. The smoke has typically not been as bad in Virginia City and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what the winds may do and conditions may change, including during the ride itself. But if the riders are willing to go - so are we - so let's have a RIDE.

Want to participate as a rider or volunteer? See more information at:

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