Sunday 21 August 2011

SE: 2011 Greenway Getaway

Saturday, November 26, 2011: 25/50/75 & Sunday, November 27, 2011: 25/50
Sanctioned by AERC & SEDRA
Ride Manager: Leah Greenleaf (352-653-0353) (

Entry form here.

Base Camp Location: Florida Horse Park; 11008 S. Hwy 475; Ocala, FL 34480

Camping: Camping is primitive w/ some electric sites; electric sites must be reserved and paid for in advance. Generators will be allowed only in their own area (farthest away) where they can run 24/7. Hot showers and restroom facilities are available in the Horse Park. Stalls are also available, if reserved in advance (separate check for the stall deposit is required). Portable corrals or tying from trailer is permitted if you do not want a stall. Limited water is available in camp for horses only. There will be a bonfire on Friday and Saturday nights after meeting & awards. All dogs must be on a leash at all times – No Exceptions! Base camp will open at noon on Friday; if you arrive before noon, you will face a $15 fee. If you would like to stay Sunday night, please be aware that the Horse Park wants all persons to vacate by noon on Monday.

Trails: Marjorie Harris-Carr Cross-Florida Greenways
Helmets are required. Terrain is mainly flat with good dirt/grass footing. Trails will be well marked with adequate water for horses. All vet checks w/ holds will be held at base camp. AERC & SEDRA rules apply (your responsibility to know these rules).

Registration: Check-in starts Friday afternoon at 1pm. AERC members must show membership card at check-in to avoid $15 non-member fee. A current negative Coggins is also required. Vet-in will begin at 4pm on Friday and Saturday. Entries will be taken on site, but getting your entry in by November 18th helps us plan enough vets.

Food: Due to restrictions in food vendors at the Horse Park, no dinners will be served. So, either bring your Thanksgiving leftovers or you can pitch-in amongst yourselves to order pizza, etc. Coffee & pastries will be served for breakfast each morning and trail snacks will be provided to competitors at the holds and on the trail.

Awards: For each distance: Top 10 (NO ties in the top 10), Best Condition, and Turtle; Completion and daily “Horse’s Ass”.

Head Control Vet: TBD
Control Vet: TBD
Control Vet: TBD

Photographer: Danette Philpot
Farrier on Call: John Giannasi (you are responsible for any and all fees)
Emergency Vet Clinic: Peterson & Smith (you are responsible for any and all fees)

Ride Meeting Friday and Saturday nights @ 7pm.

From North of Ocala = I-75 South to Hwy 484; turn left (east) towards Belleview; turn left (North) on 475 (not 475A); go approximately 2.5 miles and turn left into the Florida Horse Park. Once in, follow around to the right to our camp area (follow signs).

From the South = I-75 North to Hwy 484; turn right (east) towards Belleview; turn left (North) on 475 (not 475A); go approximately 2.5 miles and turn left into the Florida Horse Park. Once in, follow around to the right to our camp area (follow signs).

Cancellation Policy: If you should have to withdraw or pull before crossing the starting line, entry fees will be refunded, minus a $20 fee ($10 for Jrs.). No-Shows/no-calls and withdrawals or pulls after crossing the starting line will not receive any refunds. Cancellations must be made to ride management in person, by phone/text, or email.

Important: Florida Law requires a current health certificate on all livestock traveling into Florida. All trailers must stop at agriculture inspection stations.

Rules @ Greenway Getaway
Florida Horse Park
This ride will comply with AERC and SEDRA rules. Ride management reserves the right to interpret these rules as necessary to ensure the continuity of these rides and to settle any question which may arise from or in connection with any incident that might occur during the event.

1. Dogs are allowed on the grounds, but must be on leash at all times.
2. Generators are allowed in their own area only and may run 24/7. NO generators in any other locations of the ride camp.
3. Electric sites are available, if reserved and paid for in advance.
4. Quiet after 10 p.m.
5. No off-highway motorized vehicles on trails.
6. Horses may not be left loose on the grounds.
7. Horses must have full time, adult supervision.
8. You may tie horses to trailers & trees (if use tree protection). Do NOT tie to fences or arenas.
9. Trash: NO MANURE, HAY, SHAVINGS OR BBQ COALS in trash. Pick up litter and deposit in trash container.
10. Upon departure, manure and bedding must be stripped from your stall & set outside of it so that door can still close or you will forfeit your $30 stall deposit. The Horse Park supplies your 1st bag of bedding; any more bags must be purchased from the Horse Park at $8/bag. There is an area behind each barn to dispose of manure as the weekend progresses. Those who use portable corrals or are tying their horse out need to dispose of their manure in one of the designated manure areas behind the barns. Scatter the few “leftovers” as you depart.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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