Sunday 21 August 2011

AERC National Championship Event Update - Ft Stanton, NM

UPDATED FLYER - We helped mark trail Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st.   The trails are super nice - challenging with very good footing.  The BLM has cut in new trails to circumvent areas that were rocky and only the best trails are being used.  The views are spectacular, rain has arrived and Ft Stanton, as well as Lincoln County, is as green as we have ever seen it.  More entries have been received and Roger was taking calls yesterday from folks saying they were coming.  Don't miss this chance to enter the AERC NC with ALL LATE FEES WAIVED!!!  
Ft Stanton is where your AERC Trails Grants and AERC Trail Master Courses got their start - this is a chance to not only participate in the AERC NC, but to see the results of AERC's wonderful relationship with the BLM.  Its not too late to get to Ft Stanton - the 100 is on Thursday and the 55 will be on Saturday, so you have time to make plans to participate in the AERC NC at one of the most beautiful equine trail areas in the United States.  Call or email Roger or Sue Taylor at the following - you can just show up, but it is so much better to let Roger know you are coming:
(If you have not met the qualifications to enter, you can still participate under the AERC NC unqualified jr sponsor program where you receive career mileage - contact Roger or AERC for more info)
Roger and Sue Taylor
Cell - 505-249-2761
                                                        AERC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 50-100
                                                                    FT STANTON, NEW MEXICO
                                                                                AUGUST 25 -27, 2011
                                                                        TITLE SPONSOR - ADEQUAN
     Please help AERC have a great AERC Championship Event by letting management know you are coming
AERC knows the heat wave and economy have had an impact on riding, but if there is one ride to put on your calendar for 2011, make it the AERC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 50 & 100 MILE EVENT.   There is no greater historic area for horse riding than Ft Stanton, NM.  Don't miss your opportunity to ride the same trails where Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, The Lincoln County Wars, the Mescalero Apaches, Geronimo, Cochise, Victorio, and a host of some of the United State's most well known historic figures and events made their impact.
The AERC NC trails will be over rolling foothills, will showcase the results of AERC's great Trail Master Courses, and offer the best footing at Ft Stanton and the least rocky trails.  Many of AERC's most experienced high mileage and fast riders, including Hall of Famers Bill Wilson & Earle Baxter, have checked out the trails and their suggestions for the best trails for a fast and challenging event have been included.  You will not be disappointed in the quality of these trails.  The rainy season finally came to New Mexico and August is the greenest time of year, including this year.  Temperatures will be wonderful for riding and a bit chilly at night.  Your trails will be on the lower elevations at Ft Stanton looping back to Vet Checks held in base camp.  You can see 12,000 foot Sierra Blanca and the 11,500 foot Capitans, but you will be riding in the lower elevations.   
More water stops than you will need - Ride Manager Roger Taylor believes you can never have too much water on the trail and he makes sure that is standard operating procedure with full time help dedicated to keeping the many water tanks full.  Same for people water.
AERC members who know these trails "inside and out" will be marking them and keeping them marked.  There will be consistency in the marking and all important turns will be well marked and manned with volunteers when possible.
Under the shadow of Sierra Blanca and the Capitan Mountains, you will hear coyotes at night and in the early morning, you will see deer and probably herds of elk, and may even spy a black bear if you are lucky.  Historic Ft Stanton, one of the best preserved forts from the middle 1800's, is a five minute drive from base camp.  Lincoln (site of the Lincoln County Wars and the focal point of most of the Billy the Kid movies) is about 7 miles from base camp, and Ruidoso with all its great tourist attractions, including the Ruidoso Downs Racetrack and Inn of the Mountain Gods hotel and casino are about a 40 minute drive from base camp.  This is a great area to spend some time having fun!!
Otis Schmitt, Sid Zarges, Carter Hounsel, Art King, and other experienced AERC Veterinarians will be judging the event.  Only experienced AERC Members who know and understand the importance of all phases of a ride will be working the Vet Checks.
Roger and Sue Taylor
500 Camino del Bosque NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
Visit the following website to get entry forms and for other information
Frequently Asked Questions
What amenities are there at base camp?
Base camp offers primitive camping with plenty of potable water available throughout base camp. There in one permanent restroom and port-a-potties at strategic locations. An RV dump station is also located at the site and available for participants. There are no shower facilities or electrical hookups except for medical reasons. If you have a need for an electrical hookup please communicate with ride management.

What airports serve this area?
The El Paso International Airport and the Albuquerque International Airport are approximately 3 to 3 ½ hours from base camp and offer full commercial flight options The Ruidoso Municipal Airport is within 15 minutes of base camp but does not provide any commercial flights. The Roswell Municipal Airport is about 1 ½ hours from base camp and offers limited commercial flights.

What is the terrain like?
The ride is through rolling hills and generally on one-track trails that meet trail master standards for sustainable trails. As can be expected, elevation changes will be rocky but are short stretches of trail.

Are there stores nearby?
Capitan, New Mexico, home of Smokey the Bear, is four miles from base camp and offers a well-stock grocery store, hardware store and two feed stores. Ruidoso is 20 miles from base camp and has considerable shopping available.

Are there hotels near base camp?
Capitan is four miles from base camp and has one hotel. Ruidoso is 20 miles from base camp and as a resort town offers many lodging alternatives.

What would be the weather expectations?
Normal highs would be in the low to mid 80s but could get up to 90 degrees. Normal lows are in the low to mid 50’s but could dip down into the 40s.

When will base camp be open for riders?
Ride management will arrive and setup camp on August 13 and leave August 29. The Fort Stanton trail is always open for camping but is reserved for our ride from August 21 through August 29. There is up to 14 days camping free allowed when our permit isn’t in effect. There is a small charge for electricity when used outside of permit.

Is there any boarding available between the July ride and the National Championship ride?
Limited arrangements have been made for boarding during this period. Please contact ride management as soon as possible if you are interested in boarding your horse during this period to assure a spot.

Are there any local boarding facilities available during the ride?
Again, limited arrangements have been made. Please contact ride management as soon as possible if you need local boarding during the ride.

Are there points of interest in the area to visit during non-riding days?
Nearby historic Fort Stanton offers a museum and self-guided tours of the fort. Historical Lincoln, New Mexico is about 7 miles from base camp featuring Billy the Kid and the history of the Lincoln County War. Ruidoso is about 20 miles from base camp and is a ski and gambling resort town that also has the History of the Horse Museum. Capitan in the home of Smokey the Bear and is 4 miles from base camp.

Are there any fire restrictions?
Yes. There are no open fires permitted at any time. Charcoal and propane grills are normally allowed but during extreme fire danger these cannot be used. Smoking is allowed only inside vehicles.

Are dogs welcome?
Yes, but must be kept at the owners campsite or on a leash. No loose dogs are permitted. Dogs, even on leashes, are not to be at meals or near the vetting or office area.

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