Friday 20 January 2012

NW: New Aspen Lake Ride

January 20, 2012

New PNER Endurance Ride: Aspen Lake Endurance Ride!

Date: September 29, 2012
at Aspen Lake, Oregon

Ride Manager: Diana Aldridge ( 541) 899-8351

Events: 10 Mile Fun Run, 30 Mile Loop and a 50 Mile
Sponsored by the Rogue Riders Horse Club

The Rogue Riders Horse club is sponsoring an exciting new Endurance ride in Southern Oregon. The Aspen lake ride was just recently sanctioned by AERC. You can go on line and check the AERC calendar for further details.

It's going to be an awesome ride in a scenic area. You may wonder how I know that? I know because my husband, Don and I live near this beautiful area. We have been fortunate enough to ride throughout the JWTR lands for years. We've especially enjoyed conditioning our horses in the spectacular Aspen Lake area.

JWTR, a private Timber company owns Aspen Lake and the surrounding area. JWTR does an outstanding job of managing their Timber lands. We noticed that they quickly replant after logging a section. They definitely go out of their way to protect wildlife. In fact you may spot several rustic bird houses if you ride around the lake. JWTR gave the local Audubon Society permission to put up bird houses. They also have many signs posted throughout their land that says, "Designated Area-Protected Wildlife Habitat".

JWTR expects us to be respectful of their property, but they also generously support horse back riding and hiking on their lands.

Yeah! We will not need to bring weed free hay to the Aspen Lake Endurance ride. Diana Aldridge, ride manager also shared that we won't need to bag manure either. Just spreading the manure will be sufficient with JWTR's expectations. Thank you, JWTR!

Don and I love riding in the Aspen Lake area. Aspen Lake backs up against the scenic Mt. Lakes Wilderness area. The views are beautiful! In certain spots once can even see Mt. Shasta and Mt. McLaughlin. The Aspen Lake area is a haven for migratory birds. In the spring and fall, we've often seen Sand Hill cranes, egrets, Bald eagles and hawks. We've also seen other wildlife such as elk, deer and black bear. The footing for horses in the Aspen Lake area is very good.

JWTR owns well over 500,000 acres of open country. The possibility for future Endurance trails is endless. In the future it is even feasible to add longer loops. There are many possibilities on JWTR land for all kinds of distances including hundred mile loops. It's wonderful that JWTR agreed to host an Endurance event on their land. Thank also go to Diana and John Aldridge for pursuing this Endurance event with JWTR and AERC. If possible please mark your calendar and plan on supporting this awesome new Endurance ride.

If you have any questions about the Aspen Lake Endurance ride, please contact, Diana Aldridge, Ride manager at (541) 899-8351.

You can probably use Map Quest to locate Clover Creed Rd. Once you find Clover Creed Rd., you should be able to easily find camp. The ride camp will be visible from Clover Creek Rd. It is going to be situated close to mile post 10 off of Clover Creek Road. Diana has also provided specific directions on the Aspen Lake flyer. Since Don and I live just a few miles east of the Ride camp so please feel free to call us if you need further directions. We ought to be available up until a few days before the ride date. ( 541) 882-5814.

Hope to see you there!

April and Don Depuy

Slide Show of the Aspen Lake area:

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