Tuesday 19 May 2015

MT: Zone Team Endurance Challenge (ZTEC)

Zone Team Endurance Challenge (aka ZTEC) - June 6-7, 2015 - Ashland, Montana

What's it all about???

In 2007 we hosted the Zone Team Endurance Challenge. It was a one-day 100 mile ride that was open to Teams competing in AERC and FEI Divisons. We really enjoyed doing the ride - highlighting the 'team aspect' of riding as well as adding the 'pomp and circumstance' of a 'championship type' event.

For the last three years we've tried this format again and had a great time - our completion rate increased and only two horses have been treated!!! The main difference between Z-TEC this year and Z-TEC in 2007 is we're offering it for ALL of the distances we're having this year!!! On Saturday June 6th riders will have the opportunity to ride either in a 25 mile, 50 mile or 75 mile ride and on Sunday June 7th we are offering a 35 mile ride, 55 mile ride or 100 mile ride.

So how's this going to work you ask? Teams will consist of 4 riders - any 4 riders - old riders, new riders, young riders, red haired riders, riders from Montana, etc - ANYTHING GOES! Placings will be based on how well your team does with their final total ride time. Awards will be all "Team Based" - IE your team has the opportunity to stand up on the podium for their TEAM GOLD MEDAL (well, not really "Gold", but "Gold" in color!) and other goodies yet to be determined. Everyone who completes will also receive a completion prize.

Commonly asked questions we've received have been:

How do I get on a team? Teams are self-forming - call your friends, call your neighbors, call your friends' neighbors.

What if I don't have a team? Contact us and we'll put you in contact with teams who are looking for riders. We plan to have available a 'looking for team members page' so riders can fill and/or join teams.

Do I have to go FAST? Heck no, that is the beauty of this concept - riding for your team and finishing will be rewarded. The top three finishing times will be added up to create the overall finish time of the team. Teams that finish only two riders will have a 'mock time' added (total ride time allowed minus hold time) to give the team three finish times.

How will we know how we're doing as a team throughout the day? We will be posting throughout the day the team standings based on the top three ride times of each team.

Can we wear 'uniforms' and park together? Oh, absolutely! In fact, we're highly recommending 'team apparal' and 'team parking'.

Homesteaded in 1883 by Captain Calvin Howes (a former sea Captain from Massachusetts), the Circle Bar Ranch is the home of the Fort Howes Endurance Rides. Started in 1997, the Fort Howes rides have grown from a one-day ride offering a 25 mile Limited Distance ride and a 50 mile Endurance Ride to currently offering a two-day ride with 25 and 35 mile Limited Distance rides, a 50 and 55 mile Endurance Ride and a 75 and 100 mile Endurance Rides. We also include FEI divisions for both Seniors and Young Riders in the 50/55/75 and 100 mile distances. In addition, this year we're serving as a Team Trial for the US Endurance Team - riders will be demonstrating in the 75 mile ride for the new Chef d'Equipe, Mark Dial, and Team Veterinarian, Dr. Anne Christopherson.

Trails consist of Open Meadows, Cow Trails, and unimproved Jeep Trails. Riders can expect to have at least one 1000' elevation change in each loop they ride out on. Water is available out on trail every 3-5 miles. Currently all Vet Checks will all be in basecamp, however, depending on the trails we may have one check out on the 75 and/or 100 mile rides (we'll make arrangements to haul your crewing supplies out if necessary).

Basecamp is a huge open field with lots of room and plenty of horse water available. 

We will again be offering our Rancher's dinner on Friday night including steak and all the trimmings. Saturday night will include a BBQ with hamburgers and hotdogs. 

Temperatures in the early part of June range in the 40's overnight and up into the 80's during the days. Though one should always plan for anything - this is Montana after all and we subscribe to the saying "Don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it will change”. 

Online entry available at:  http://www.rideentry.org/ZTEC/2015Entry.html

See ya’ll in Montana June 6-7, 2015!

Bill and Jan Stevens

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