Friday 22 July 2011

NW: Buckskin Challenge Update

July 22

Hello Endurance Riders,

With all the ride cancellations and date changes due to snow and horse illness on top of that, this has been a strange riding season! Hopefully, you have gotten to do the riding you wanted to.

The Buckskin Challenge is just around the corner, on August 20th, near Pocatello, Idaho. Our trails look great! The wild flowers are beautiful! We have a modified the 25 mile loop to make it easier for both horse and rider and we
have plenty of water! The food for the Friday evening dinner will be fabulous and is included in each ride entry and complimentary for all volunteers. Additional meals can be purchased for $10.

It is always hard to plan a ride when turn-out is such an unknown. If you are planning to come or even considering it, please go to our website: and check it out. Take a few moments to pre-register if you can. We want the ride to be well organized and as pleasant as possible for all riders, horses and crew. If you are one of the winners of a free ride entry from a convention raffle, be sure to pre-register, email or call to let us know who you are and if you are coming.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Kara Yost
Buckskin Challenge Ride Manager

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